Not So Strange Bedfellows

This is about as much surprise as Hillary being evil.  In other words, NO SHOCKER HERE!  Quite frankly, I’m reasonably sure that Fr. James Martin, SJ, likely has ties in there somewhere, too, because he’s mentioned in a whole lot of articles with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, but can we just start off with this most obnoxious speaker, Dr. Arthur Fitzmaurice?

What we’re all wondering now is what the faithful bishops are going to do about it?  I mean, come on! John Podesta gave them a big ‘ol gift-wrapped package by stupidly putting in writing what many of us already knew.  Are you a bishop who’s wanted to get rid of this guy and his organizations for a while?  You now have the perfect reason to clear house and it’s a reason the average person in the pew can grasp.  Please don’t pass up this chance!  If we can’t get rid of a guy listed in the staff directory of an organization that John Podesta says is meant to overthrow the Church in America, we must be a bit suicidal as a church.

Now what will the response be on Fitzmaurice’s part?  “I didn’t know”?  Please.  He’s stated quite plainly his contempt for Church teachings.  Of course he wants to overthrow it.  Let’s just look at him again:

“ Fitzmaurice made news in March of this year at an annual conference for religious educators in Los Angeles when he denounced Church teaching on homosexuality as “abusive” and “gravely evil.” The gay ministry has a history of conflict with Church teaching. In 2012, the ministry’s board members defied their bishop, then Salvatore Cordileone, and refused to sign an oath which would bind them to “strive to clearly present Catholic doctrine on homosexuality in its fullness” and “profess personally to hold and believe, and practice all that the holy Catholic church teaches, believes and proclaims to be true, whether from the natural moral law or by way revelation from God through Scripture and tradition.””

Dear Arthur and his merry band of lesbian planners of the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress have their fingerprints all over the dissent at the “Congress”, as we locals call it.  Archbishop Gomez has given them a chance for reform, but he just need to overhaul it or shut it down.  How about some new administrators for the Congress?  All they do now is seek to undermine him yearly.  Honestly?  I think even they are a little shocked that he still lets them manipulate it.  Every year they seem to be trying to go out in a blaze of glory by notching up the dissent and outrageousness just a little more, yet they’re still there.  Last year’s list of undermining?  How about bringing in some transgendered young adults to extol the virtues of being Catholic and transgender? Or how about using the homosexual couple and their child as gift bearers in the offertory?  Cannot wait to see what’s in store for this year!  Maybe a marriage blessing for the lesbian organizer?  Why not? How else would they top the 2016 Congress? 

While it’s impossible to make them go away, at least the Oakland Diocese has disallowed Arthur Fitzmaurice’s other group, the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry, from operating with the blessings of the Church after Fitzmaurice and the CALGM club refused to sign an oath of fidelity to traditional Catholic teaching on homosexuality.  It was a no brainer.

Seriously, Archbishop Gomez, I’m sure this level of insanity has been hard to grasp, but grasp it you must.  It’s very real.  The Oakland Diocese used to be THE biggest exporter of heresy in the country, but after our succession of three great bishops, I’m reasonably sure that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and their Congress might hold the title now.  You need to make a few calls and organize a new board for the Congress.  We all know the key players who could successfully pull off the transition and install some true religious education.  Unfortunately, right now it appears 2017 is slated to be another dissent education bash. 


3 thoughts on “Not So Strange Bedfellows

  1. Aren’t these people in alliance with Saul Alinsky, the communist? Alinsky was featured on EWTN. This should have shamed those priest for even being in alliance with him. Saul Alinsky was putting communist in the church to infiltrate to change the teachings of our Lord and Savour Jesus Christ. To accept abortion, homosexuals, divorce, etc…

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  2. Bear with me, please. . . .By way of analogy, I once became aware of a Wicca workshop that was scheduled to be held at a diocesan facility in another diocese. I wrote that bishop a short letter laying out the facts, the name and address of the facility, who was the superior there, his phone number, the name of the Wicca organization, etc., together with the request that this event be cancelled. It was cancelled, but the bishop never responded to my letter. Or rather, the cancellation of the event was the response. No one is going to jump over the net and congratulate anyone for piping up, not unless the bishop wants a flood of correspondents.

    Since we live in such a politicized environment, we are apt to make the mistake of thinking that the same principles which apply in the body politic also apply in the Church, that the way to get things done is essentially the same, but this is not the case.

    For one thing, think of the extraordinary quantity of information that must cross the desk of Archbishop Gomez, the great quantity of things which only he can address.. It does not go without saying that he is even aware of the Wikileaks story, that he reads the California Catholic blog, or horrified expressions of Catholic opinion. You may well say that on a matter of such seriousness, he SHOULD be aware, but that applies to a very great number of issues, events and personalities, especially in times such as these. He has many board meetings to attend and to prepare for, homilies to give, people to meet, lawyers, accountants and architects, donors to consult, acknowledgements to make, etc.. Granted these may be secondary to his more serious responsibilities, but they have to be attended to anyway

    My point? The way to move the ball here is by a brief one page letter to the Archbishop loaded with pertinent information and with a request for specific relief, with the names address and phone numbers of the relevant parties, and with copies to the apostolic nuncio and to the secretary of the appropriate Vatican congregation.. In defect of response, the next step is to write the apostolic nuncio. No anger. No prophetic stance, no emotional language, just naked relevant facts, with request for specific relief.

    Yes, you and every other Catholic has standing to make such a request. It is not required to be a member of the Los Angeles Archdiocese.


    1. I believe the article cited gave the contact information for Archbishop Gomez. I’m quite sure he knows what happened at the last Congress. There is a need to be shrewd in removing people like Fitzmaurice without creating a “martyr.” This is always a delicate balance but this information provided gives yet another reason to disconnect that, as I said, even the regular person in the pew can understand. I do not ever expect an explanation to me when a bishop takes corrective action. It’s totally unnecessary.


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