My Letter on the Nashville Debacle

Your Excellency and staff of Fr. Ryan High School,

Just so you understand, I have been working in the pro-life world since I was 16.  This is not the course (and I have reviewed many) that will teach these kids how to revere the beauty of sex in the context of Catholic teaching.  This is indeed a “how to” course, and if you don’t think it is, you really have no business working with teens.  Sadly, Planned Parenthood supplies educators with much of the same material as shown.

Clearly there was some missing curriculum from the Life Site News article, and I attested to that.  That said, what was shown was enough.  More context was not necessary to know this course is a near occasion of sin.  And, really, you couldn’t pick a book that didn’t point to the notorious Fr. Richard Rohr?  His fan club alone should have led you to know that you were on the wrong path.

I think Fr. Ryan High School has completely disregarded this and has missed a fabulous opportunity to aid the parents instead of usurping their authority.

I highly recommend replacing this scandalous course with the materials from either Pam Stenzel ( or Jason and Crystalina Evert programs found here:  These speakers have successfully guided many teens to chaste lives and a healthy view of sexuality.

Just so you understand, I intend to help the parents of Fr. Ryan High School until their canonical rights are restored to them.  After that, I will likely keep reporting until the material and book presented are removed.

Sincerely sorrowful,

One Mad Mom

2 thoughts on “My Letter on the Nashville Debacle

  1. You are TOTALLY AWESOME OMM! OMM to the rescue. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you for doing this for those parent. May God Bless you and keep you safe. I got you back and I signed the petition.

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