Why Buy the Cow???

I just couldn’t pass up commenting on this but it hardly needs an ocean of ink.  


Can I just say that this is the worst money Soros ever spent?!  I mean, seriously, Archbishop Cupich and Bishop McElroy would have done exactly what Soros wanted for free and have on multiple occasions.  Doesn’t Soros have researchers???  Personally, I’m surprised they didn’t ask Soros for help.



2 thoughts on “Why Buy the Cow???

  1. My late, uncle a WWII veteran, like to use that phrase. Unfortunately, my lapsed boomer siblings (female) and cousins (female) never understood what he was talking about until it was too late. But it is an apt phrase.

    The recent Kasperite Vatican appointments have been very disheartening and demoralizing (as have other recent developments: https://shar.es/1wbjo5), and one can only pray for God’s intervention (and continue conforming to the will of God, praying the Rosary, doing adoration, good works, going to Mass, and generally partaking of the Sacraments etc.).

    And every faithful Catholic should read “Phoenix from the Ashes” by H.J.A. Sire.

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  2. Archbishop Charles Chaput wrote a column last week and this, equating Trump’s “brashness”–which disqualifies him from receiving the vote of any Catholic–with Hillary’s forty years of abortion fanaticism. And Chaput’s other theme? Income inequality.

    Precisely the two priorities Trump was pushing with the bishops. It’s obvious that no one who is obsessed with abortion is going to get a red hat.


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