Another Epic Fail by Bishop Lynch

I have always thought Bishop Lynch of St. Petersburg to be an awful bishop and he just proves that theory time and again.  He just re-affirmed my thoughts again this week.

I was with a group of friends when we heard about this massacre.  I should clarify that I was with a group of Catholic friends.  You know what we didn’t do?  Believe or not, we didn’t celebrate that there were 49 less homosexuals in the world and that 53 others were injured!  Shocker!  I know.  So what did we do?  We stopped, took in the horrible news, and prayed for the souls of the departed, the recovery of the injured, the families of all and our country.  You know why?  BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT CATHOLICS REALLY DO!  Why?  BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN THE INTRINSIC VALUE OF EVERY HUMAN LIFE.  While we knew this was a “gay” nightclub, we didn’t give a thought to this when we prayed.  We didn’t pray for the “LGBT” community like Fr. James Martin, SJ and Archbishop (#noredhat) Cupich think we need to do.  We prayed for the people and their families, not the labels.  Labels are what divide us.  We see beyond the labels.

So, along comes Bishop Lynch with this stupid comment where he chose words which were divisive and didn’t help the country to come together in a tragedy.  He chose to take the opportunity to take people to task (people who had ZERO to do with murder) instead of comforting all of us in such a time of great sorrow.  He chose to lay blame at the feet of Christianity.


Today I write with a heavy heart arising from the tragedy which occurred in the early morning hours yesterday at a Gay, Lesbian, Transgender night club in Orlando, our neighbor to the east. Yesterday, the best I could muster was to send these words by text message to my brother, Bishop John Noonan, bishop of Orlando: “John, I am so sorry. With love to and for all.” Today with a new dawn, I once again have some thoughts which I wish to share.

Our founding parents had no knowledge of assault rifles which are intended to be weapons of mass destruction. In crafting the second amendment to the Constitution which I affirm, they thought only of the most awkward of pistols and heavy shotguns. I suspect they are turning in their graves if they can but glimpse at what their words now protect. It is long past time to ban the sale of all assault weapons whose use should be available only to the armed forces. If one is truly pro-life, then embrace this issue also and work for the elimination of sales to those who would turn them on innocents.

And Cain had no idea of an assault weapon when he killed Abel with a rock.  Get it through your thick skull.  Guns are not to blame here.  Evil is to blame here.  Do you focus on that at all?  No.  Let’s see what you do next.

Second, sadly it is religion, including our own, which targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people. Attacks today on LGBT men and women often plant the seed of contempt, then hatred, which can ultimately lead to violence. Those women and men who were mowed down early yesterday morning were all made in the image and likeness of God.

Well, you got one small section right.  We truly are all made in the image and likeness of God, but where you go wrong is the fact that it’s not religion that is bad and it’s never the Catholic Faith that is bad.  It’s evil that drives men to do evil things.  IT’S THE DEVIL, plain and simple.  The Catholic Faith doesn’t breed contempt for people with homosexual orientation and, personally, I think the Holy Father should give you a time out for suggesting so.  The Catholic Church is the answer to the World’s problems, not the cause of them.  If you don’t believe that then what are the heck are you in the Church at all?  My guess?  Undermining it from within.

We teach that. We should believe that. We must stand for that.

Really, Bishop Lynch?  YOU are being totally hypocritical here.  Do you remember Terri Schiavo at all?  Honestly, how do you sleep at night?  You made it ever so much easier for someone to be starved and dehydrated to death.  You didn’t fight for Terri who was made in the image and likeness of God.  You whined about civility in a “Can’t we all just get along?” moment.  You made no effort to protect her life.  You just wanted the “family” to agree on ending it.  So, please, spare your quotations of Church teaching when you refused to protect even the most vulnerable. Your lack of cogent teaching is one of the reasons this country is in this mess.

 Without yet knowing who perpetrated the PULSE mass murders, when I saw the Imam come forward at a press conference yesterday morning, I knew that somewhere in the story there would be a search to find religious roots. While deranged people do senseless things, all of us observe, judge and act from some kind of religious background. Singling out people for victimization because of their religion, their sexual orientation, their nationality must be offensive to God’s ears. It has to stop also.

Uh, Bishop Lynch, MURDER is offensive to God PERIOD!  This is what you fail time and time again.  You preach against religion and you preach against guns.  How about you do the right thing and put the blame squarely where it lies with people who listen to Satan?  How about you fight Satan?  How about you preach against MURDER and leave out the qualifiers?  How about you stand for life in your own diocese?  Hey, how about you stand for God in general?  I mean, you are the man who banned perpetually adoring God in the Eucharistic (For those of you who didn’t know that, google.  It happened and yet he can’t see why these horrors keep occurring!)    

Third, responding by barring people of Muslim only faith from entering the country solely because of their stated faith until they can be checked out is un-American, even in these most challenging of times and situations. There are as many good, peace loving and God fearing Muslims to be found as Catholics or Methodists or Mormons or Seventh Day Adventists. The devil and devilish intent escape no religious iteration.

First of all, you were likely jumping to conclusions.  This murderer was already here.  Has nothing to do with Muslims entering.  Next, lots of indications the murderer was, himself, homosexual.  Lastly, do you really think your lack of distinction and reverence for the Catholic Faith is going to make matters better here?  Nope.  The Catholic Church is the institution Christ left us to aid in the salvation of the world.  If you were smart and really wanted to end evil you would encourage to the hilt the Catholic Faith.

 Will we ever learn? I hope so but until the above three points are taken seriously by society, sadly, tragically, we can expect more Orlandos. May the souls of those faithful departed who met their God early Sunday morning rest in peace, and those recovering from deep wounds heal, help and hope.


Apparently you will never learn.  You can’t even get the definition of faithful right.  What we need to do is pray for God’s mercy on their souls and to bring all souls to Him.  Again, Bishops like you are the reason we have such a disregard for life and for God.  You’re on your way out the door to retirement.  I hope that you spend this final portion of your life making up for the lives you haven’t defended as a shepherd of the Church and that you give much thought to Our Lord – maybe even in Perpetual Adoration.

May God protect and heal our country and may our fellow countrymen see that Christianity is the solution and not the problem.  Thanks to those cardinals and bishops who sought to unite us in this aftermath rather than to divide.  May your voices be heard above all others.



9 thoughts on “Another Epic Fail by Bishop Lynch

  1. I very rarely call any bishop a moron, but I am afraid I have to make an exception here, because it is true. Notice how he references ‘Our Founding PARENTS” rather than “Our Founding Fathers”. That bit of nonsense tells you everything you need to know about America’s very worst bishop.

    He stood by and did and said nothing while they starved Teri Schiavo to death

    He has had lots of homosexual scandals in his diocese.

    Now, he blames normal, Good Catholics who basically prayed for all those concerned, and blamed this violence on the Catholic churvhc, whose position he defames.

    He should not be allowed to retire, he should be removed.


  2. Dear Jim,

    I suspect Rome is sitting by the fax machine/email/phone… what-the-purgatory-ever, waiting for this… um, “bishop”‘s (?) retirement/resignation notice.

    Dear Lord have mercy… especially in this “Year of Mercy”.

    Catechist Kev

    PS: Dear OMM, keep after it! We are in the middle of travel baseball and our time is limited perusing your great stuff!


  3. I appreciate your informed judgement on the bishop’s non-Catholic and anti-Catholic utterances. Yet are you yourself willing to accept Catholic teaching on unrepented sin, and on the grave sin of sodomy?

    I know we have been conditioned to avoid speaking harsh truths taught to us by the Catholic Church, but this would be exactly the problem you so eloquently identify in the article. It is of relevance here that the murdered people (in the place of Sodom and Gomorrah) were unlikely children of God (by practising sodomy they rejected Him), but His creation that chose a different father, the father of lies. Unless they managed to repent before dying, we are taught by the Church, there is no reasonable hope that they will ever be with God. They will be in hell. Even if they were nice and just wanted to have a good time, so were the Sodomites God punished for disobedience.

    The harshness of this teaching is likely the reason why the bishop rejects it. It makes one feel bad to believe such hard teaching at such a time as ours. One exposes oneself to accusations of being a hater, a backward brute.

    Yet does a Catholic have a choice but to believe the Church? If he or she doesn’t, they cease to be Catholic.


    1. I’d suggest reading more of the blog before you come to conclusions. You’re rather off base if you assume I accept sodomy and unrepentant sin.

      Also, you are wrong about people dissenting from Church teaching no longer being Catholic. This isn’t Catholic teaching. Baptism is an indelible mark. Once a Catholic always a Catholic. People who dissent, people who become apostates as well as people who are excommunicated are still very much Catholics. They are simply disobedient, sinful Catholics. This is why people, other than the excommunicated, simply need to receive the Sacrament of confession when they repent of their sin and follow the Church teachings again.


    1. And where would one go? To a man-made church. No thanks I’ll follow Christ and his church and pray for the conversion of its shepherds. Blessings

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