Target Bathrooms & One Mad Mom

This one has shown up on my personal Facebook wall a couple of times over this long weekend with comments like “Great article!” and “Well thought through!”  I couldn’t disagree more.  Clearly, the preacher’s wife is not the activist type and misunderstands the goals of her fellow Christian homies who do believe in boycotts.  I’m sure she’s a nice lady, and she’s sarcastic, so I’d probably like her a lot, but I just think her comments on boycotts, WWJD, lukewarmness, and what “loving” means are totally wrong.

Please give it a read:

For those of us who have different experiences and ideas, hope this is cathartic.

Target Bathrooms and the Straight, Conservative Preacher’s Wife

by Jaci Lambert on April 26, 2016 in Ministry, Mommyhood

First of all, my need to write a blog to address an issue as stupid as Target and it’s bathroom policy proves exactly two things:

  1. This country is absurd.


  1. We all get our panties and underpants and gender-neutral underclothings in such tight-wound wads that it’s a wonder any of us can even breathe.

Mrs. Lambert, some things, like our children’s innocence and safety are worth getting our knickers into a bunch.  It’s kind of biblical:

Matthew 18:6-7

And if anyone hurts the conscience of one of these little ones, that believe in me, he had better have been drowned in the depths of the sea, with a mill-stone hung about his neck. 7 Woe to the world, for the hurt done to consciences! It must needs be that such hurt should come, but woe to the man through whom it comes!

My guess is that standing by and watching it happen without fighting back is probably not such a good thing in the eyes of God.

<Snipping things that don’t have much to do with her case against the boycott.  Feel free to follow the link above for the full post.>

The backstory as I understand it: Target has come out and said that they are now going to allow people to go into whatever bathroom they “gender identify” with.  So if a man identifies as a woman, he is now welcome to use the women’s restroom and dressing rooms.  If a woman identifies as a man, she is now welcome to use the men’s restroom and dressing rooms.  And the whole country has lost their minds about it.  I understand.  There’s great concern from both sides.  The left feels the need to protect the transgendered community, and the right feels the need to protect their values. They have great concern for the safety of their children were perverts and pedophiles to take advantage of this new policy.  So in response, the conservative right has started a movement to boycott Target and the liberal left is living in renewed determination to hate the “homophobic Christian community.”

Fairly accurate, with the exception that Target doesn’t see a problem with anyone “taking advantage.”  As video after video has shown, men clearly being men have asked managers and employees if they may use the women’s restroom, and they have been told, “No problem!”  This was never really a “transgender” move.  And, by the way, not all liberals or even transgendered people think it a great move.  It’s usually the ones that have children.  Sometimes, even for liberals, there’s a bridge too far.

As the Target statements show, they want everyone to be treated equally.  They don’t care if the person has evil intentions or not.  They certainly don’t care about the innocence of children.  They want us all to be equal.  We are not.  Men and women are very, very different.  Remember when we were told we must celebrate diversity?  Now we’re all supposed to be exactly the same and just accept that our bathrooms look like a scene from the new Battlestar Galactica where we’ve all been reduced to being animals.  I mean, if nobody judges the female and male dogs defecating on the same lawn, why should we care if human men and women do it?  Oh yeah, because God gave us reason and a conscience. We’re not animals.  Huh!  Imagine that.

Since we have established the basics of the boycott, let me tell you why this straight, conservative preacher’s wife and mother of four young girls is still going to shop at Target:

Target is not any more liberal this week than it was a month ago.  Target has ALWAYS been a liberal company and if Christians took even 5 minutes to do a Google search (except if you’re boycotting liberal companies, you’ll have to use a different search engine because hello Lefty-Liberalton!) they would find this to be true.  Target has NEVER claimed to be a conservative, Bible-believing company.  Because they aren’t.  They hold hands with Starbucks, another flamingly liberal company whose CEO takes a yearly vacation solely on the dollars he earns from the coffee addiction of my very own preacher husband.

And this is where her argument starts to derail.  First of all, we’re not naïve, thanks.  This is not my first go around with the Dayton Hudson Corporation.  In fact, I probably know a lot more about their liberal leanings, because I and my pro-life clan used to fire off letters to them (back when letters were done on paper with a pen and a stamp was needed).  Does Mrs. Lambert know who the heck the Dayton Hudson Corporation was? Does she know that they stopped giving to Planned Parenthood after the boycott caught on? (And that was loooonnnnngggg before the internet made a boycott pretty darn speedy.)  So, let me clear it up.  Dayton Hudson was the founding company of Target, Mervyn’s, and a few others.  In 2000, a rebranding was done and the Target Corporation appeared.

If I was willing to spend my (errrr…husband’s) hard-earned dollars at Target a month ago (when their bathroom policy was exactly the same) then there doesn’t seem to be much reason to withhold those dollars now.  *Also note the HUNDREDS of other LGBT supportive companies Christians should be withholding business from if they’re really serious about all this boycotting jazz, including, but not limited to: Amazon, Apple, AT&T, CVS, Disney, Ebay, Facebook (say WHA?!?), Microsoft, Nike, Office Depot, Pandora, Twitter, Visa…just to name a few.

Really, Mrs. Lambert, you don’t think there’s a difference?  I really didn’t care when they took down the pink and blue aisles.  Children wouldn’t notice.  I didn’t have a problem with them making some gender neutral room décor for children, because, whatever their intention, it doesn’t really fall into the evil category.  Tents with aqua coloring are hardly an affront to God or would hurt the innocence of a child (what child wouldn’t like a tent???).  However, there’s a HUGE difference between these things and a man walking in to the restroom or changing room where my child is disrobing to some degree or another.  Granted, the Target we used to shop in has unisex dressing rooms with doors and walls that are really high and go down to the floor.  I’m fine with that.  Anyone wanting to take a peep at me or my child would have to be Spider Man to achieve it.  They built them with that added protection precisely because they were unisex dressing rooms.  But the bathrooms? Much different story.  Maybe Mrs. Lambert thinks all Targets have a “family bathroom” or single stall/sink combo like, say, most Starbucks.  Nope.  It’s men’s or women’s.

And, another thing, just for the record, I do boycott whoever is trying to shove their liberal crud down my throat.  So, yes, I boycott many, including Starbucks, because it’s a minor inconvenience I can give up to tell them to knock it off.  My gosh.  I mean, I really can forgo a mocha to stand up for decency.  Plus, in the case of Starbucks, their coffee is awful and I take my business to Peet’s (that’s awesome coffee for all of those outside of Northern California and a few places in Southern California.)  I’m sure they’re a completely liberal company (born in Berzerkeley) and the owners may give to some nasty organizations, but quite frankly, they don’t try to shove it down my throat by corporately taking a stance on controversial topics or corporately giving my money to controversial organizations.  Their big charity is clean water for third world countries, which is totally awesome and isn’t offensive to the decency of anyone.

I am a supporter of the Hobby Lobbys and the Chick-Fil-As and the Christian bakeries and all the other companies that want the freedom to stand up for what they believe in.  I think it is W.R.O.N.G. when they are forced to either close or comply for maintaining their values.  That being said, it seems a bit hypocritical not to allow other companies (Target, in this case) to do the exact same thing.  We can’t have our cake and eat it too…especially if the Christian bakeries all close.

Um, we’re not suing Target because they disagree with our beliefs.  We’re taking our business elsewhere.  If someone opposes what Hobby Lobby and Chick-Fil-A does, let them take their business elsewhere too. It wouldn’t bother me a bit!  Put your money where your mouth is.  It’s called free will and religious liberty.  The company can either cater to their base or choose to follow their own beliefs.  Either way, there are consequences to taking a stand on your beliefs.  Deal.  Christ did.  Should we do no less?  Not one Christian would have whined if the “Christian bakers” had simply been boycotted.  Why?  Because Christians tend to be (and should be) less whiny.  We’ve pretty much been promised that the world will hate us.  However, it’s a whole other thing when our country’s judicial system gets involved in our sue-happy little world.  Then our religious freedom goes bye-bye.

Target offers a family restroom for our family convenience that we tend to frequent.  Why? Because there are a bunch of us and when everyone has to pee, it’s easiest for this mommy to keep them confined in one small room, with a lock on the door, where no one can escape.  This is still an excellent option to be utilized, but there are others.

Like I said, we don’t all have that.  And, many liberals simply don’t want that.  Their insane goal is to make us all equals, remember?  We couldn’t possibly make a person feel bad by making them use a unisex bathroom where they can’t mingle (because, you know, that’s what bathrooms are for)! Unless, of course, they are a Christian.  You can make them feel as horrible as you like.  Always remember, Christians are horrible, awful, phobic people.

We can pee before we come, we can pee when we leave or we can pee in our pants if we’re that terrified of what we might find behind the restroom door.

Funny thing you say “terrified.”  You probably haven’t seen this:  Yep, there are  .3% (that’s point three percent) of people who are considered “transgendered” (remember when that only applied to those who had taken surgical steps to try and alter their sex?) and just about 20% of women have been raped, according to the CDC.  But, yeah, Target has chosen to stand with the super small minority and burden rape victims just a little more.  Bravo!

I am capable of accompanying my children to the main restroom if the family restroom isn’t available. I would like to pretend that I am an amazing mommy who ALWAYS goes to the restroom with her children 100% of the time, but in all reality there are 4 of them so we have been known to do the buddy system, and Mommy continues to shop.

I really can’t remember where she lives, but I live in California, the land of the sick and depraved.  The buddy system (which I have to employ with my boys, although I guess I wouldn’t have to anymore.  I can just stand right next to the guy using the urinal and wait. Sigh!) ain’t going to allow me any sanity to continue to shop. It’s “send them in and make sure the guys entering know mom is right there.”

However, I will now simply accompany my kids into the main restroom when we’re at Target because IF they ever come across a transgender person in the women’s restroom, they might be confused.  And let’s be honest, they might be a little scared.  But if Target’s bathroom policy works as it’s intended to, they probably will never know the physical gender of the person washing their hands at the sink next to them.  (Please Note: I am NOT in support of every Tom, Dick and Harry waltzing their way into the women’s restroom just because they FEEEEEL like it.  I assure you that if I have even the slightest check that something is amiss or that the person in the restroom is there to do anything other than empty their bladder or touch up their lipstick, the police will be my new BFF.)

You’re not seeing the problem.  You can’t stop it.  You just said you send them by themselves sometimes.  It only takes once for something to go awry, and the “Transgender Bathroom Policy” just made it oh so much easier for those with ill intent to accomplish their goal.  I mean, a girl was just raped in the bathroom on my kid’s college campus not too long back.  Quite frankly, it happens way too often.  Yeah, nobody saw the man go in there, but you don’t think it’s going to happen more and more when there’s no reason to question why a guy is in the women’s room?  Talk about naive.  It’s all fun and games until it happens to you or your family.

Transgender people have never hurt my children.  But believe it or not, a whole bunch of church people have.  (Oh, yes, I said that.  Hand slap.  See how that honesty bit gets me in trouble?)  What does that mean?  It means that ANYONE is capable of hurting my children.  ANY.ONE.  And it’s my job to keep them safe.  In the restroom, in the parking lot, everywhere.  But what if they did see a transgender person in the restroom?  Would the world really end?  No.  Because I would then have the opportunity to explain to my children, who don’t have any choice but to grow up in this messy world, that there are some people who feel like they are different and like they don’t belong anywhere.  We could talk about what Jesus would do and how He would expect us to love them and how we would feel if we didn’t belong anywhere.

Let’s just go back to the innocence issue again. Yes, the whole transgender issue has already hurt your children, and the “gay marriage” issue before that, and no fault divorce, birth control,  etc., etc., etc.  The kids in our country have consistently been hurt. Yeah, bad things are going to happen and innocence will be lost at some point, but our main job as parents is to fight like hell so that doesn’t happen.  That’s kind of what’s wrong with this country.  We (the royal we) have just written it off as “Well, that’s the world for you!” rather than trying to take our world back for God.  Did the saints really just throw their hands up and say “Nothing we can do!”  Yeah, not so much.  I would think the least we could do for the children of our country is to skip shopping at Target’s Dollar Aisle until they come to their senses.

The perverts and the pedophiles don’t care about Target’s policy.  Sure it’s one less obstacle in their way, but you really think a store policy is going to keep them from what they desire?  Probably not.  They can find children unattended in all kinds of places (including the Target toy department, if we’re being honest.)  And right now, they’d be stupid to step foot in a Target restroom while everybody is up in arms.

They’ve already used this issue to step into the women’s restroom, honey!  Turn on the news.  Yes, this does make it a whole lot easier.  I don’t just care if they get caught, I care that people never become victims in the first place.  Like I said, it’s all fun and games until it happens to you and your family.  And again, it’s about preserving innocence in some place that’s supposed to be private.

But if they do, if the perverts and pedophiles decide to hang out in the women’s restroom, Target will have Hell to pay for their decision.  That’s on them.

Yeah, sorry, you don’t get to wash your hands of this because the dollar aisle is appealing.  If you sit and do nothing, it is most certainly also on you.  Please think about that from now on when you see a story about some sort of pervert.  The very fact that you’re saying “No big deal!” and that people are somehow hypocritical for boycotting is helping Target’s cause to further the LGBT agenda, which is, frankly, quite uncharitable to the LGTB crew as well as to the innocent.  Your fingerprints are all over every crime that has been or will be committed.  God’s not just going to ask us what we did.  He’s also going to ask us what we didn’t do.  Know how I know that?

Ezekiel 3:18-21

18 When I threaten I the sinner with doom of death, it is for thee to give him word, and warn him, as he loves his life, to have done with sinning. If not, he shall die as he deserves, but for his undoing thyself shalt be called to account. 19 If thou warn him, and leave his rebellious sinning he will not, die he shall as he deserves, and thou go free. 20 Or if the upright man leaves his innocence, and I take him unawares in his wrong-doing, dies he for want of warning? Die he shall, his good deeds all forgotten, but thou for his undoing shalt be called to account. 21 Thine to warn the upright man against the marring of his innocence; and he, sin avoiding, shall owe his life to thy remonstrance; thy duty is done.

Mrs. Lambert suggests:

Women and children need to be paying attention to their surroundings just like when they’re at the park and when they’re at the grocery store after 10pm and when they’re at church (shoot, I can’t even help myself).  Pay attention to your surroundings because perverts and pedophiles like other places besides Target.

Again, duh.  My kids are armed in some fashion.  I’ve told them on more than one occasion, “Don’t be a victim!”  While I worry about them becoming physical victims, I also worry about them becoming spiritual victims of the society in which we live.  You’re seeing things in only one dimension.  Once a child’s innocence has been stolen, there’s no going back.  Sadly, it’s happening earlier and earlier these days.

THE BIG ONE: This boycott is doing more damage to the Christian cause than it’s helping.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in standing up for our rights and in what we believe in.  But this isn’t a “right.”  This is a privately owned company setting a policy in place.  They are free to do that in America.  Whether we agree with it or not.  And we are free to take our business elsewhere.  But with a public temper tantrum?  For the sake of what?  Of proving a point?

As I’ve already pointed out, some boycotts do work.  It’s not about a public temper tantrum, unless you consider the Revolutionary War a temper tantrum.  How about not being so darn condescending?  If you’re going to go down this route, you should just take a seat every time someone does something immoral.  Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.  If you do, how is it that you feel free to judge anyone else for taking a stand?  If you don’t, well then, you missed more than one part of the life of Christ and the Apostles.

Don’t you see that the other side, the side that doesn’t know Jesus, the side that looks to Christians as the hands and feet of a Savior, don’t you understand that all they see is fighting?  Is hatred?

Don’t you see Christianity in this country is slipping away because too many Christians have just become complacent?  Did you miss the part in the bible about Christ and the money changers?  How about His talk of millstones? How about the command to shake the dust? (Maybe you didn’t know it, but that was an insult to the culture they were in.  Shaking shoes in that part of the world is a big insult.) Yeah, Our Savior spoke out against sin, protected the weak, and never said “It’s enough to be nice!”

I understand both sides.  I really do. But do you really think this boycott is going to grow your church next Sunday.  Do you think this display of “Jesus” is going to make the lost think “Oh yes, I want what they have.  They are such a loving bunch.”  I don’t think so.

I’m not really sure that you do understand my side.  In fact, I’m quite sure you do not.  So, does this mean your husband should never stand with the Truth because it’s going to hurt attendance?  You know what kills the Church?  Lukewarmness.

Maybe continuing to shop at Target isn’t about laying down to the left but about responding differently to those who are different.  Instead of a boycott couldn’t they know us by our love?

Love doesn’t mean rubber stamping evil to be nice.  That is a very false notion.  Like I said, this isn’t the loving move for the LGBT community nor the innocent.  You perceive a boycott as unloving, but maybe it’s unloving to keep supporting bad policy.

Wouldn’t that be a different, BETTER way to handle this situation, an unexpected response?  Wouldn’t responding in love turn the head of the critic?  Wouldn’t there be a better chance that he might say, “Oh.  They aren’t throwing stones at me.  Maybe they do have something different to offer.”

Please, please, please watch the video I posted above.  Watch it all the way until the end when the man who is “transgendered” says this is a bad policy.  He is a parent.  Like I said, liberals can be a bit different when it comes to their children.  Wouldn’t the best thing to say be the truth?  “We love you, but we believe that this is a bad policy for women and children, and it’s not great for you either.  God created you with full knowledge of your inner self, and He doesn’t make mistakes.  You cannot separate your soul and your sex.”  Why is it people don’t believe you can speak the truth and still be loving?

Jesus specifically said in John 13 that “they” would know we were His by our love for each other.  You don’t really think He intended that we exclude “them” from that love, do you?  He never said they would know us by our boycotts, by your stubborn stance for policy and procedure.  Somehow that sounds a whole lot like the Pharisees He fought against, not the messy people with whom he purposely spent His time. And I just really think that if He were here, if Jesus were walking the Earth today, He would be standing outside that Target bathroom…not to freak your children out…but to tell that transgender teen who is so confused and alone that He loves him, that He died for him, that He has more to offer him than anything he will find here on Earth.  I think He would much rather be inside Target with people who are broken and messy than outside of Target signing petitions to make the outcast feel a little more shunned.  Also, with all the Christians gone, it seems like Target might just be the best mission field in all of Suburbia.

But what do I know.  I’m just a straight, conservative preacher’s wife.

Sigh. Remember, again, Christ and the money changers and the millstones?  Can you not see the difference between how Christ treated the sinful but contrite, and how he treated the Pharisees and money changers?  It’s a tired canard to compare Pharisees to Christians speaking out.  Christ NEVER said you cannot judge.  He said not to be a hypocrite and to take the plank out of your own eye FIRST! So, Mrs. Lambert, I think I need to point out that you’re judging when you judge others for judging.  LOL!  Yes, we can judge, and no, Christ likely wouldn’t have a problem with us standing against evil.  In fact, it’s biblical to do so:

Psalm 94:14-16

For the Lord will not cast off his people: neither will he forsake his own inheritance  For judgment shall return unto righteousness, and all the upright in heart shall follow it. Who shall rise up for me against the evildoers? or who shall stand with me against the workers of iniquity?

Ephesians 6:11-20

11 You must wear all the weapons in God’s armoury, if you would find strength to resist the cunning of the devil. 12 It is not against flesh and blood that we enter the lists; we have to do with princedoms and powers, with those who have mastery of the world in these dark days, with malign influences in an order higher than ours. 13 Take up all God’s armour, then; so you will be able to stand your ground when the evil time comes, and be found still on your feet, when all the task is over. 14 Stand fast, your loins girt with truth, the breastplate of justice fitted on, 15 and your feet shod in readiness to publish the gospel of peace.[1] 16 With all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the fire-tipped arrows of your wicked enemy; 17 make the helmet of salvation your own, and the sword of the spirit, God’s word.[2] 18 Use every kind of prayer and supplication; pray at all times in the spirit;[3] keep awake to that end with all perseverance; offer your supplication for all the saints. 19 Pray for me too, that I may be given words to speak my mind boldly, in making known the gospel revelation, 20 for which I am an ambassador in chains; that I may have boldness to speak as I ought

Ephesians 5: 11-13

11 As for the thankless deeds men do in the dark, you must not take any part in them; rather, your conduct must be a rebuke to them; 12 their secret actions are too shameful even to bear speaking of. 13 It is the light that rebukes such things and shews them up for what they are; only light shews up.

Titus 1: 9-11

9 He must hold firmly to the truths which have tradition for their warrant; able, therefore, to encourage sound doctrine, and to shew the wayward their error. 10 There are many rebellious spirits abroad, who talk of their own fantasies and lead men’s minds astray; those especially who hold by circumcision; 11 and they must be silenced. They will bring ruin on entire households by false teaching, with an eye to their own base profits.

Matthew 12: 34

34 Brood of vipers, how could you speak to good effect, wicked as you are? It is from the heart’s overflow that the mouth speaks; 35 a good man utters good words from his store of goodness, the wicked man, from his store of wickedness, can utter nothing but what is evil. (Here’s a perfect example of “WWJD?”)

Acts 13:9-10

9 Then Saul, whose other name is Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, fastened his eyes on him,[2] 10 and said; Child of the devil, versed in all trickery and cunning, enemy of all honest dealing, wilt thou never have done with trying to twist the straight paths of the Lord? (A warm hug from Paul!)

1 Corinthians 5: 1-3

1 Why, there are reports of incontinence among you, and such incontinence as is not practised even among the heathen; a man taking to himself his father’s wife. 2 And you, it seems, have been contumacious over it, instead of deploring it, and expelling the man who has been guilty of such a deed from your company. 3 For myself, though I am not with you in person, I am with you in spirit; and, so present with you, I have already passed sentence on the man who has acted thus.

Galatians 2:11

11 Afterwards, when Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him openly; he stood self-condemned.

And the final words from the preacher’s wife:

*A Final Note: Everyone, let’s keep open minds.  I wish we could all step back and take a moment to walk in someone else’s shoes.  But for real.  Both sides need to set their stubborn pride down and breathe.  This is the reason Lamaze was even created.

I’m starting to feel like she thinks we’re all about twelve.

To the left: please listen to yourselves.  You throw out the word “tolerance” like it is your love child, conceived and birthed in some spectacular fashion.  You carry it around like your trophy, your greatest contribution, but as soon as someone voices a differing belief (most notably for religious reasons) you turn around and use your tolerance trophy to bludgeon them into a bloody pulp.  Then your stance for tolerance is no longer credible.  Because you can’t demand tolerance and never truly offer it in return.  It’s not tolerance if you always agree with those you tolerate.

Tolerance is completely over-rated.  We’re supposed to tolerate an annoyance, not sin. Maybe you should give a good read.

To the right: I know you’re freaking out.  I know you don’t feel heard.  I can hear every single one of your arguments running through my head like a broken record.  I live in your world and I agree with many of your things.  But please be careful.  You’re allowed to stand up for yourselves, but watch the attitude in which you do it. I know some of the left can be abusive to you and what you believe, but don’t return abuse with abuse.

Uh, hang standing up for ourselves?!?  See what I mean about you not quite getting it?  I’m a Catholic.  We’re a Church of martyrs, but we don’t run around yelling “I’m a martyr!  I’m a martyr!”  Like I said, we know how the world will treat us and expect it .  Now, that doesn’t mean we simply sit on our hands as has been shown above.  We are to stand up for the weak, innocent, morality, decency and the laws of God!  THIS is what this is about.

I had a Christian, someone I actually know, call into question the salvation of people who continue to shop at Target.  Legitimately.  And I quote, “if you’re really a born again Christian you will not even cast your shadow on their front door.”

Psh, girlfriend!  People say all sorts of silly things.  No need to put down the whole lot of Christians as over-reacting because someone made a judgment call out of their purview.  It’s a red-herring to the Target boycott situation.

 And 27 people just went to Hell because after reading that they don’t want your Christ.  They don’t want Him if this is how He treats people.  So PLEASE!!!!!!  This is about more than being right or wrong!!!!

Yes. It. Is.

This is about how we handle ourselves!  This is about REAL LIVING PEOPLE IN NEED OF THE JESUS THAT WE KNOW (or say we know).  All I’m asking is that you show kindness when making your decision.  I don’t care one way or another if you ever step foot through the doors of Target again, but for the love of all that is holy (seriously) PLEASE be kind.  And offer mercy.  And grace.  And love.  That is not the same thing as having your beliefs trampled on.  Just walk it out in love.  REALLY step back and ask yourself how you think Jesus would handle this whole thing.  And then walk accordingly.  But remember who you represent, because that includes me.  And I know too many people who are too important to lose over something as eternally insignificant as Target and their bathroom policy.

This, of course, is what I think is the underlying problem with this whole piece.  Mrs. Lambert thinks that showing people love and mercy simply means being pleasant.  I don’t even think she really means it, but this has been the running thread of this post.  There’s so much more to it than that. It’s about truth. Sometimes it means being tough.  Sometimes it means fighting like hell.  As I regularly say, I don’t go with pleasant or tolerant when my child is about to touch a hot stove.  Am I not loving when I scream at my child in an effort to keep him/her from harm?  Of course I am.  I’m totally willing to sacrifice pleasantries to protect him/her.  Maybe, just maybe, the “transgendered community” might actually pause to ask themselves why Christians feel so strongly about it.  Regardless, innocence gets the priority.  If you’re willing to go the tolerant route to the deficit of the innocent, can’t really help you.  America is standing right in front of a big, hot stove and is about to put their collective hands on the burner.  I’m going to make a bit of a fuss and I would hope my fellow Christians would do likewise!

I’ll leave you with this final thought:

Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions. ~G.K. Chesterton


38 thoughts on “Target Bathrooms & One Mad Mom

  1. I have to say I couldn’t read through all this, blah, blah, blah, but I am somewhat disappointed that you haven’t commented on AB Cordileone’s tepid support of the Sisters of Mercy’s lack of condemnation of the transgender teacher. What gives?


    1. Awww…missed you too,TT!

      Mercy HS isn’t a diocesan high school like Marin Catholic. It would rather be akin to the AB making a statement on USF. Mostly useless to argue with the insane. Of course, I’d probably do it anyway! They are an order and are subject to their superiors who are probably cheerleaders for them right now and then the order is subject to Rome. He could threaten their Catholic identity but they’d probably blow right by that one (liberals gave up obedience to their bishops long ago) and then it’s a long drawn out battle. I think he’s got enough battles going on under his immediate jurisdiction.

      Also, I personally don’t know “the plan” the sisters relayed to him. Been trying to find that one out if it makes you feel better.

      BTW, you seem to have trouble with the definition of “condemnation.” I can pretty much tell you that nobody thinks it’s their job to condemn anyone. Then again, I’ve only said that about 100 times or so, correct?

      I most certainly can tell you what I would have done. Probably would have been futile but I would have done it anyway to avoid confusion. Then again, I’m not dealing with the load of hooey he has to deal with on a daily basis.


    1. I’m pretty sure she thinks of it more “You will know them because they are pleasant.” Quite frankly, a smile is sometimes what it takes but not when children are being thrown off the cliff of innocence into the deep end of the lake of wordliness. Not time to be pleasant. I mean, you don’t have to be mean but you also don’t have to smile and give the thumbs up. Yell those objections or at least boycott them until the CEO is replaced by someone a little more rational.

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  2. Actually Mad Mom, I agree with quite a bit of what the Preacher’s Wife said. She seems authentic and well reasoned in her stance. Her writing is well measured and flows. She gets her points across, and I agree with much of what she says. Ecumenically speaking, it would probably be easy to dialog for a while with her as there is much that can prove fruitful, God willing.

    Now, I don’t boycott Target. I simply don’t shop there. There are two near here and if the occasion arose to enter their stores, I’d probably do so, and I’d do so 100% guilt free. God will not fault me for where I spend my money if I have no real ulterior motive for doing so, i.e. I’m shopping there BECAUSE they support the LGBTQs and in my heart if I chose to do so to “secretly” help them in their cause, etc., that would be a major sin. You cannot support the LGBTQ agenda and remain worthy to receive the Eucharist. That was boldly said last June by both Cardinal Burke and Dr. Peters, among others, so I’m not alone in my instinctual assessment of that little problem. Jesus cannot deceive nor be deceived, so the secrets of men’s hearts deceive only the men who hold them there.

    On a slightly different note, knowing that I could become “less innocent” in such ways as to fall for a faulty argument as is demonstrated in the Preacher’s Wife’s article: “I had a Christian, someone I actually know, call into question the salvation of people who continue to shop at Target. Legitimately. And I quote, “if you’re really a born again Christian you will not even cast your shadow on their front door.” And 27 people just went to Hell because after reading that they don’t want your Christ” Politicizing the Gospel Message is a sin in my mind. So is furthering it. It is the same thing as when some idiot tells me if I don’t vote, I’m going to Hell. Hello? People fall for this every day. There is something hugely disturbing in that very fact. So, Prudence tells me to simply be a Christian wherever I go, in the bathroom and out of the bathroom, in whatever store I happen to find myself. It will do my Church no harm if I continue to shop in places that have publically and semi- publically displayed support for the whole gay agenda. Boycotts are not the answer. Living authentic witness to the Gospel is. Christ is all that matters.

    No, MadMom, my whole focus is on my own personal sins and how to avoid them so as to enter into eternal life. If I am called to Martyrdom by God, then I know the graces necessary for such a final test will be poured out upon me at that hour, as Jesus said, Lk 12:12, Mt. 10:19-20, Lk 21:15, Mk. 13:11, etc. The Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude is part of this and that is what I need to cultivate by begging God for it and acting on the graces He sends in His Spirit. MadMom, I cannot fathom in anyway a boycott being a movement of the Spirit in a genuine way, so, conclude what you need to from that.

    Before I stop my own rant, here is a link to a talk by Cardinal Burke at the Rome Life Forum this year. I hope you take the time to listen to this Prince of the Church. To me he is a living Saint and I do much that he tells me.

    God bless and thanks for the opportunity to “chat it up a bit” Good dialog. Ginnyfree.


    1. Make no mistake, Ginnyfree. I’m not judging those who do NOT boycott Target. I think I made that clear with my comments to her on her friends who tell her you can’t truly be a Christian if you shop at Target.

      I am annoyed by those who say that those who do boycott are less than Christian. We’re all called to tackle the ills of society in a different way. Like I said, I am not perfect in my boycotting but I try wherever I can because it has been effective in stopping insane moves like this. So, on the latter, I completely disagree with you. A whole lot of money was taken away from Planned Parenthood by diligent boycotters and letter writers.

      You seem to be focusing simply on the LGBT crowd as she does. That was the other point. This goes, far, far beyond that. Even the “transgendered woman” in the video I posted agrees. Is he wrong too?

      So, where I think the Preacher’s Wife has a problem is not whether she boycotts Target or not. I don’t think she’s clear on why people are doing it. In fact, I know she’s not from her post. The problem lies in detracting from those who have chosen this action as less than Christian and acting as if only she has thought the whole thing through. Think about it. She’s saying ALL those who are boycotting only have their family’s interest at heart AND they haven’t thought it through. Really? Might it be that some of us just feel this is super important and this is where our fight lies:

      Titus 1: 9-11

      9 He must hold firmly to the truths which have tradition for their warrant; able, therefore, to encourage sound doctrine, and to shew the wayward their error. 10 There are many rebellious spirits abroad, who talk of their own fantasies and lead men’s minds astray; those especially who hold by circumcision; 11 and they must be silenced. They will bring ruin on entire households by false teaching, with an eye to their own base profits.

      We should focus on our personal sins. Definitely. That said, we do not live in a bubble. Cardinal Burk doesn’t say “I’m just focusing on my sins and I’ll be quiet about the rest.” He’s an activist. He fights sin on his own personal front and he also fights the sin of the world. Does that mean everyone has the call to public activism? Nope. Some are called to be “contemplative activists.” That’s just peachy. I don’t tell a person they must go out and do something to publicly thwart evil but I also don’t expect someone to tell me “The only thing God wants you to do is to pray and be nice.” Both ways are needed and I’m not going to tell the contemplative they’re doing it wrong.

      So, in summation, I don’t think the Preacher’s Wife is wrong for not boycotting. I think that where she’s wrong is for detracting from those that do. Wouldn’t you say the world would be just a slightly better place if a boycott worked and innocent children weren’t freely subjected to immorality and the rape victim weren’t further traumatized, etc.? Might God just bless our country a little more if we actually fought for morality (in whatever manner we are called to do) instead of worrying about what people thought of the Christians? They’re going to think ill of us anyway in this topsy-turvy world. We cannot be silenced because of that. If the western world defends the Islamic world who throws people off roofs if they are homosexual or stones adulterers but says Christians are evil for wanted men to to use the men’s room and women to use the women’s room to protect women and the innocence of children, so be it. We must still speak out against immorality, abortion, euthanasia, pornography, etc. Boycotts are just one way to raise our voices.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually MadMom, I’m not against boycotts on the whole, just this particular one on Target. They are a huge company and part of their success lies in their unique ability to feel out their target customer base. They do this exceedingly well. They know their customers well enough to predict with accuracy what they will buy and that has built them up and made them what they are today. Their purchasing strategies work and they keep their customer base loyal. They employ psychology very well. All that being said, they thought which side of this line to fall on long and hard and simply made a decision that those who shop there are more supportive of the gay agenda than against and so went with the flow. If they’d looked over their customer base and found a conservative Christian base with little deviations, then they would’ve acted accordingly and found reasons to refuse to modify their bathroom policy. Theirs is not a religious decision. It is purely a business decision. They made the one that seemed most appealing to their loyal customer base. Unfortunately there are others for whom the Target’s move was simply something they should copy because of Target’s reputation as being able to gage customer responses so well. They’ve got respected business savvy. What the rest of us think has little to do with this. I suppose if a boycott could be successful, then those promoting it would have to contact their customers and work it from there.

        God bless. Ginnyfree.


        1. Ginnyfree, actually it is not a business decision. It is moral.

          Target stock is tanking ($87 to $64 or 20%) and sales are down hundreds of millions of dollars because of the boycott and the CEO, Brian Cornell, stated he doesn’t care since the moral issue is more important than business.

          They are willing to sacrifice, literally, 100’s of millions of dollars and put their company on the line for the sake of the moral issue at stake. Which he sees with perfect clarity.


          1. So you know, I got an invitation to join in the Boycott of Target yesterday from TFP. They send me an email newsletter each day with many opportunities to participate in petitions, protests, letter writing campaigns, boycotts, etc. If I choose to do so, it is usually in concert with them, Voice of the Family, America Needs Fatima or Lepanto Institute. I don’t do things on my own, but with the help of others.
            As for the “moral” decision made by those running Target, their morals aren’t my concern. I don’t have any expectations regarding them. I’ve been well aware of their liberal, left leaning positions for years. It has never effected whether or not I shop there. My main concern when shopping is quality and price, not the ethic of the person at the register. I tend towards spontaneous evangelism. If I never shopped there, then the one-liners about Jesus I use would never get said in their darkness.
            One other part of the picture: I think if I had the misfortune of having to work there in their deteriorating environment, I’d probably start looking for another job. That is the real problem: employees forced to promote an ethic on the job that they may not agree with. Thousands now walk into the store and assume that all the employees are deviant or deviant supporters. What of the honest Christian of any persuasion who has to work there? I wouldn’t want some hypocrite of a Christian looking down on me at my register because the freak at the other register is my co-worker. Yeah. This whole mess has hostages.
            Just suppose the boycott causes sharp sales drops? What will that do? The immediate answer: they will lay off workers, and they WON’T do so based upon who is for the LGBTQs and who isn’t. So, people will get hurt by this and it won’t effect a change in the laws of the land. So, why should I participate? Simply because other Catholics do? That isn’t a good enough reason for me. I tend to support the little slobs in the little jobs who suffer whatever their employers impose on them. But this is just they way I see it, my two cents worth and it is worth every penny you just spent to read it. God bless. Ginnyfree.


        2. I was the loyal target base until their attempt to make an attack against innocence and morality happen and their willing to to aid and abet evil acts against women and children by those who seek to do evil. I had a bi-weekly shopping excursion there. There’s a reason they’re hemorrhaging money and it has to do with large Christian families going bye-bye.


          1. Ginnyfree, Target crossed a line. They are forcing us to participate in that line crossing with them, which we do when we shop there under their new policy. They clearly and proudly announced their queer theory bathroom policy. And we agree with their queer theory policy, no matter what we say, when we continue to shop there, perhaps use the bathroom there, perhaps with the opposite sex now standing there with us, under the new rule.

            The other side, the anti-God side of our society, is much more ruthless than we nice Christian people. They are more than willing to take an old grandmother (in Yakima WA for example) and destroy her florist business and take all she owns as a public example in their cultural war. Poor, lonely, brave grandma. This freezes the opposition in fear. We don’t want to lose everything, destroy our family and lives, over a flower arrangement?! Maybe it is more loving to just provide the wedding flowers to the happy, homosexual grooms. Just this once.

            They see it as war. They are winning because we remain in our rocking chairs as they advance across the field.

            The next phase will be government compelling queer-theory bathroom policy in all public bathroom facilities; compelling participation in queer-theory marriages and the like. Slowly, now quickly, and surely, the Christian edifice that guarded our rights to live our everyday lives as Christians is being destroyed and replaced by an atheistic, anti-God, amoral, queer sex edifice that compels, by the force of its internal logic, that we rebel against our deeply held beliefs in small ways, then, later, large.

            Do you not see how QUICKLY this is moving? At SOME point we will have to take a stand. Because they will never, never stop coming. I will not offer incense to their idols. Not one whiff.


          2. Brian, if you want to start drawing lines in the sand, go right ahead. But please don’t try to speak for all of Christensom.

            Perhaps you aren’t seeing clearly the distinction you are making here: “They clearly and proudly announced their queer theory bathroom policy. And we agree with their queer theory policy, no matter what we say, when we continue to shop there, perhaps use the bathroom there, perhaps with the opposite sex now standing there with us, under the new rule.”

            Now, are you implying that every person who shops at Target henceforth after Brian the Great has laid down his ultimatum, that only good and faithful Christians will shop elsewhere, and so ONLY those remaining Target shoppers will be the condemned and by shopping at Target will be announcing to the whole world they are either LGBTQ or their supporters. And what about all those who continue to work for Target? Are they too on Brian the Great’s list of Condemned Persons who can no longer call themselves Christian? Life according to Brian is not possible. Labeling people is bigotry, no matter who the labels get made by and for why.

            I suppose you could get a new hobby: sit in the parking lot of your local Target store and glare at all the people who shop their as if they are the filth of the country. Perhaps you could throw stones, as you are certainly without sin in this regard.

            Your divisiveness is exactly the kind of bigotry that those who are on the other side of the problem point to when they stop to bother about us. It turns into a hate speech and that can get Christians hurt. So you might want to tone it down a bit Brian. It could have consequences for others. If you think boycotting Target is right, then support those Church organizations who are rationally doing so. But please don’t hijack their proposal to voice your own hatred and bigotry. You are giving the rest of us a bad name.

            I am not part of the opposition Brain. I do not support the agendas of the LGBTQs. I do not shop at Target as I’ve already said, but you’ve ignored all that and are attempting to label me because I’m not cheering you on. Hello? All I’ve done is try to give others more to think about then the black and white of it.

            God bless. Ginnyfree.


          3. Whoa! Lots of activity! Ginnyfree- feel like we’re two ships passing in the night! LOL! We’re usually so in sync.

            First, Brian didn’t draw the proverbial line. God did. Some of us feel compelled to fight this one and make some sacrifices in our Target shopping and some do not. Again, I DO NOT HAVE a problem with that. I also don’t think anyone is trying to speak for ALL of Christianity – neither me nor Brian. I have NEVER said that Christians still shopping at Target are less than Christian. I will state that Mr. Target CEO will see that as tacit approval of his decision even though it’s likely not. There is the “whatever” crowd of lukewarm who really don’t care but I think most Christians are disturbed.

            Like I said, in the blog post to Mrs. Lambert:

            “Psh, girlfriend! People say all sorts of silly things. No need to put down the whole lot of Christians as over-reacting because someone made a judgment call out of their purview. It’s a red-herring to the Target boycott situation.”

            See? I don’t agree with saying someone isn’t Christian. My whole point is that Mrs. Lambert (and you) were missing the reason why we feel so compelled to boycott and that boycotting does have its place (and I don’t think you disagree because you said you participate in them sometimes).

            Now, as far as good people losing jobs? Yeah, that happens A LOT in moral fights. It’s VERY sad that a company is so hell bent on immorality it would put its workers in that position but that is not a reason that we should sit down and shut up.

            So, I honestly can’t see where you feel like you’re being judged by us explaining why WE feel so compelled to boycott. If it’s not your shoe, don’t wear it! I’m not handing it to you and telling you to put it on. Re-read Brian’s posts. Do you really see him judging you for saying you won’t boycott? I don’t know Brian at all but I don’t see that happening. I, again, see him making his case for boycotting. I saw one uncharitable post and that one has disappeared (or at least I can’t see it this second) so maybe he reconsidered what you rightly said about good people still shopping at Target and, really, it’s just not right to consider harm to anyone a win.

            You said this which is kind of akin to the someone saying you are less than Christian for shopping at Target: “MadMom, I cannot fathom in anyway a boycott being a movement of the Spirit in a genuine way, so, conclude what you need to from that.” Shaking the dust is a command from Our Lord and the boycott is a modern way of doing just that. Doesn’t mean we don’t love them. Means we tried. They’re intent in their ways and we need to move on. I don’t see why it’s so hard to fathom that people are inspired by the Holy Spirit to do so. Again, doesn’t mean everybody is but why it’s so easy to condemn the act is beyond me.

            Love ya, Ginnyfree!


          4. Well, that was well said. I suppose I come across as very frustrated. I am.

            Not much I can do about all of these issues you ably write about week to week. I take care of my family as best I can. I try to remain personally faithful. I converted to the Catholic faith about 8 years ago and frequent the Sacraments and try to live my remaining years so that God is pleased with me at judgement. In my own way, without going into detail, I pursue acts of “commission”, pleasing to God.

            And all around me, I see the edifice of Christian civilization crumbling and that includes the Catholic Church which is deeply troubled. I have a large family and I am concerned for them. I am concerned for myself, when the State reaches out to me and demands things I cannot grant. This is, IMO, within the realm of reasonable to consider such things. It is already happening; increasingly happening.

            And so I read and write for leisure, and to connect to others that are faithful to maintain my spiritual bearings and sanity. FYI, I never wrote or retracted anything uncharitable toward “Ginnyfree”. I wish her nothing but the best, and truly, God’s blessings on her.

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          5. Well, I’m “One Mad Mom” so I get it. LOL! Sometimes anger is very, very just.

            I just simply didn’t see what Ginnyfree thought you to be saying. Might just be the gremlins in the internet this week!


  3. Preacher’s wife says The left feels the need to protect the transgendered community, and the right feels the need to protect their values.

    It not just their “values” that people who want to boycott Target want to protect. And note that I didn’t use the label “right”. As far as the other side goes, I don’t think it has anything to do with “protecting” the transgendered community.

    Too bad she had to point out (several times) that she was being sarcastic. But that’s what “nice” people do I guess. Who am I to judge?


  4. “But what do I know. I’m just a straight, conservative preacher’s wife.”
    Three thoughts:
    1) She knows very little. And in a lot of denominations, it doesn’t take all that much to get called a preacher. No training required.
    2) She wants to be a Christian, but still hang with the cool kids. It’s the “I’m religious but not fanatical or anything” argument. Let’s see how that lukewarmness works out in the end.
    3) This is a perfect example of why we need to continue the celibate priesthood. Because then you get the “preacher’s wife” phenomenon. No study or certification necessary, just marry into the job and start throwing that title around to add weight to your arguments. “You can’t argue with me — I’m a preacher’s wife.”

    Liked by 2 people

      1. No. Her post was written about a month ago and just hit my friend’s walls. She did post a follow up post about it being no big deal and people thanking her from all walks of life.


  5. Since only lefties and their families will shop at Target now, only THEIR safety and privacy will be endangered in the Ladies Rooms! KA-CHING! I call that a double-win!


    1. Hello Arnold. Do you really think that all those who now shop at Target have a specific political affiliation, moral outlook and lifestyle to show it? And do you think that “lefties” don’t deserve personal safety in the toilet? Your comment seems triumphalistic and condescending to me. I’m wondering if your Christian charity only extends to those who meet your standard. Am I seeing an attitude that isn’t there? God bless. Ginnyfree.

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  6. Most good hearted people don’t realize that a moral war is going on around them. “Be calm. Don’t get your panties all knotted up in a ball”, ( how irritating is that?). In this moral war, you can’t see the bullets. If you are not paying attention to your soul, you may not sense the danger. But these invisible spiritual bullets and the advancing armies that are firing them are even more deadly; the moral war they fight more consequential. They fight. We sit in our rocking chairs, “remaining calm”.

    Target planted a rainbow colored, “trans”, queer-theory flag on my foot and dared me to do anything about it. Pastor’s Wife recommends I calm down, forgive the offense, ignore the store’s new queer ethos and pretend all is well?

    The martyrs of old were told they could practice their faith in full, any way they pleased, if they would just once, (ONCE!), offer incense in homage to a Roman god also.

    Many, many apostosized and did so. Others did not. They gave their lives in honor of total integrity to their Lord Jesus Christ. I think we can stop shopping at Target as a simple first step down that glorious path to true and complete martyrdom; which is SURELY coming to all faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the war that is upon us.


    1. I agree. The minimization of an evil act is a really, really bad thing. Evil doesn’t get a pass. Does it mean that we have to curse or condemn a “transgendered” person. Of course not but we do need to say “No!” as we would to a child who is putting their soul and others in jeopardy. Yes, there is a threat of increased physical harm to women and children from people with evil intentions but the spiritual harm to society is even greater and is a reality and not just a possibility. It’s already here.


    2. Brian, just so you know, I’m much more concerned about the new “Our Lady of Guadalupe” statue that has made its way into my local parish Sanctuary. It is an interpretation of the original that barely resembles the original. The true problem is the rainbow stripping on the clouds beneath her feet. I’m very offended by it. It is obvious that our Pastor has found a “reason” that this particular statue needs to be seen by all now. It is ugly and a distortion of what a real statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe actually looks like. This rainbow striped version is an aberration and does make the statement it is meant to. I will be leaving for Mass in a few minutes and this statue will be there disturbing my peace, if I let it. It is meant to and that is my Pastor’s idea of evangelization. Oh well. God bless. Ginnyfree.


      1. THAT is precisely what I’m talking about. The advance of this “Beast” is reaching all corners of our lives; it is in the very Sanctuary of God. That is an abomination, what you describe. In Moses’ day, Moses broke the Holy Tablets inscribed by God himself; in anger he threw them to the ground and shattered God’s holy work when he saw the golden calf his people were worshiping. Holiness demanded an angry, violent response to the sacrilege. God swallowed up the calf and all unrepentant Jews into the earth in an earthquake; killed them all, He did. An act of Mercy, as justice.

        I am reminded of the maintenance worker at a Parish in Minnesota who finally had enough and cut the strings holding “Mary Poppins” hovering over the Altar of God and it crashed into pieces all over the sanctuary. Glorious! His Priest installed her in God’s Temple. That simple, brave man tore her down. His Priest pressed charges; but I think God was very pleased.


  7. Okay everyone. Pay attention: I, Ginnyfree, only shop at Target maybe once a year, if that. So what I do in regard to them is not going to have much of any impact. I’ve moved recently and they are farther away than they were before my move. The Walmart is closer, so I go there and I only do so maybe once a month. Maybe. I shop elsewhere. Previous to my move, I may have gone to the Target about 4 or 5 times a year. That’s it. So, it really doesn’t mean much to me either way. Nor would my boycotting them have much of an impact.
    Like I mentioned before: sin is more important to me. If a person DID decide to shop at Target BECAUSE they are in favor of the LGBTQ folks then they’d be sinning and perhaps even mortally. It is a factor.
    God bless. Ginnyfree.


  8. They started filling movies with nudity and gratuitous sex.
    They told us “Don’t get your undies in a bunch”

    They started teaching young girls to go on contraception and have lots of sex.
    They told us “Don’t get your undies in a bunch”

    They supplied porno to every young boy on earth.
    They told us “Don’t get your undies in a bunch”

    They told us gays who refused to live monogamously were exactly the same as regular married couples.
    They told us “Don’t get your undies in a bunch”

    They used TV and movies to demonize Christians.
    They told us “Don’t get your undies in a bunch”

    Target decided that men should go into the bathroom with little girls.
    They told us “Don’t get your undies in a bunch”

    And as Western Civilization slowly crumbles in the dust
    They will say “Don’t get your undies in a bunch”

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  9. I’ve seen so many things on my Facebook wall about this – a local worship leader even posted “hey I just went into Target and didn’t lose my salvation…” I wanted to say “GOOD FOR YOU! YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT!”
    Of course you aren’t going to lose your salvation for going into Target, but where are the Christians with the guys to make a stand against perverted laws?! The reason things are getting worse in the world are because of silent Christians.
    And boycotting? Yes, I get to boycott Target because I have a choice. If I was an atheist and didn’t like Hobby Lobby’s big out-burst then I would boycott Hobby Lobby; however I get the CHOICE. That means I get to say “Hey Target, if you do this, I’m not shopping there…”

    That preacher’s wife I’m sure had good intentions, but guess what? The highway to hell is paved with good intentions. I’m not saying she is going to hell by ANY MEANS – I’m just saying that good intentions do nothing.

    Good article and good for you in speaking up and speaking out!

    (Glad I came across your blog. lol. Excited to be following now!)


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