Hunting Fuzzing Bunnies in Greener Pastures

Well here’s some good news for you this Super Tuesday. I wish it had something to do with Super Tuesday but, alas, it does not. So, in order to pep you up until the returns shake out, Simon Newman has resigned from Mount St. Mary’s! Apparently he has decided to leave and hunt fuzzy bunnies elsewhere. So, at least we got rid of a Trump wannabe today even if we don’t get rid of the real thing.

The school didn’t say much in its statement here: The board of trustees took far too long to pull the trigger on this one. I think the death knell was probably this article from American Spectator:

We had heard a whole lot about how the “majority of students polled” supported Newman. American Spectator kindly mentioned this little tidbit I really haven’t seen anywhere else.

It was under-reported that 40% of the student population declined to vote on the small residential campus. That Monday morning when the outcome was made public Newman appeared on the steps of the administration building with his wife to serve the students doughnuts and thank them for their support.

The numbers really never added up for me. It’s probably the homeschool mom in me but if there are approximately 2140 students and supposedly 60% them were surveyed, that comes out to supposedly 1284 students supposedly surveyed and yet we’ve heard only 951 were surveyed. Even if you take out the small minority of grad students, the 60 percent doesn’t equal up to 951. That would be less than half. Now we’re hearing 40% just simply refused to vote at all. Gee. Wonder what their vote would have been? And do you know why the students likely didn’t vote at all? And why he might just have gotten so much support? As pointed out here YOU HAD TO GIVE YOUR STUDENT ID TO VOTE!!!! What students in their right minds (sorry to the 25% who did – maybe you’re just principled) would ever vote against a guy who talks of getting rid of students who answered a survey wrong??? The whole poll was always extremely suspicious to me.

Somewhere along the way, someone finally realized that the media soundbites weren’t adding up and there was no way to show overwhelming support from any faction for Simon Newman. Maybe it took the last two weeks of February and their “listening campaigns” to hear what the rest of us heard a long time ago. Regardless, did it really take all of that for the board of trustees to ask for his resignation? The words “bunnies”, “drown”, and “glock” being uttered in a discussion of college students should have been far more than enough. And the near 97% of the faculty wanting him to go should have been the other big clue! Were they waiting for God to come down and tell them personally that Simon Newman probably wasn’t the best fit there (or really anywhere in the vicinity of the realm of education)? BIGGEST. NO BRAINER. EVER.

As I’ve said before, if I had to guess, somewhere, some outrageous contract between Newman and Mount St. Mary’s was probably signed leaving them on the hook for some serious cash upon resignation. If so, I hope the people involved with brokering that deal wander away from Mount St. Mary’s too. Hopefully they will learn from this huge mistake lest it be repeated. If they want a golden parachute, they’re probably going to use it and they certainly don’t have the students’ interests as their foremost concern. Repeat after me, Donald Trump is not the best person to run your school. Look what he did to his own!


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