Because the South Carolina Primary is Tomorrow…

I’m going to repost!  I still have hope and things a looking really good. Many astounding things have come to light in the Trump and Rubio camp and some highlights can be found  here:!  Offering as many prayers as I can!

South Carolina: Dum Spiro Spero!

For those of you not into Latin or Googling, South Carolina has a state motto that really defines me. Translated, it means “While I breathe, I hope!” They actually have two, but this is my favorite by far.

What am I hoping, South Carolina? I’m hoping that you will dump Trump and go with someone who is not trying to take you for a ride. I mean, really? Trump is ahead by double digits in South Carolina? What in the heck is wrong with you? You’re in the South, for heaven’s sake. Your polls (and no, I never believe them to be all that true) show an overwhelming belief that the guy from the North who should be offending all of your sensibilities is wildly ahead!

Please, South Carolinians, look at the events of the week and ask yourself, “Do we really want Donald Trump picking the next SEVERAL Supreme Court justices?” Hang everything else. This is really, really what it comes down to. If this happens, the South will lose the 10 Commandments, crosses will likely come down, and your court clerks will likely have to marry a lady and her cat. The Trumpster doesn’t give a flying fig about anything socially or morally conservative. He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth on a daily basis and has admitted that he’s a chameleon. How about this quote: “I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to.”? And he will as soon as he’s elected. Is this what the south wants?

Who am I rooting for? One would think, being Catholic, that I would be in Rubio’s corner. Truth be told, I was intrigued by him and I think him a solid second place in people who might actually do something to save the country. But, again, this is coming down to SCOTUS picks. Ask yourself, if you looked long and hard at Rubio and Cruz in the eye, who do you really trust to pick authentic, moral conservatives for the Supreme Court? I think we’ve already seen Rubio do a little waffling. I don’t want a waffler. I don’t want a second guesser. I want someone who’s likely got a list of twenty Supreme Court nominees he could rattle off in less than thirty seconds who are known and already vetted to be morally conservative Constitutionalists like our great and amazing Antonin Scalia – may Perpetual Light shine upon him. Cruz is the man I see when I think of this, and, apparently, I’m not alone:

So, yes, I’m officially (if anyone cares) joining the Cruz Crew. I don’t want to hear that he can’t win. We’ve fallen for this way too many times. How about we put our Faith in God, pray like crazy for God’s mercy, fast, and spend some time praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament (for those who are Catholic) for the win instead of sounding like Eeyore? Wishy-washy has gotten us into the mess we’re in, and we can’t, for our children’s sake, keep nominating a wimp or a morally lax nominee. It is pointless. Again, have some Faith and remember that, with God, all things are possible. Stop paying lip service to this notion.

Also, while you are on your knees, start thinking about the fact that Ted Cruz won running against ethanol mandates in an ethanol state. Hello! This is huge! The supposed conservative governor was against him (thanks to his brother in the ethanol industry), and they were running merciless ads against Ted Cruz, yet he won! Please don’t tell me he can’t win.

Next, think about the fact that, despite all odds, Ted Cruz came in third in NH. Third! He beat out liberal Christie and the projected possible second place guy, Marco Rubio. Rubio finished fifth, and that’s BEHIND JEB! The media wants Donald Trump and they want Marco Rubio, because Ted Cruz scares the heck out of the liberals. They know he can out-debate any of them against Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. I couldn’t care less if the polls say “Only Marco can beat them!” He can’t even beat Jeb Bush! BUSH! Wake up people. This is the reason that Trump won’t do a Lincoln/Douglas debate with Cruz. It would be suicide.

I get the Trump appeal. Really, I do. We’re sick of watching wimps. That said, don’t trade the wimp for the snake. Let’s pick someone better. If Trump wasn’t in the race, we all know that Ted Cruz would be labeled THE anti-establishment, don’t-back-down guy. He’s not the type to roll over. Don’t let The Donald’s narcissistic bombast fool you. I’m sure some of you are thinking (as the media has told you) that nobody in Congress likes Ted, and therefor he won’t get anything done. First of all, SCOTUS, SCOTUS, SCOTUS. That is THE most important thing the next president will do. Next, baloney! Many people, even those that disagree, like Cruz and have publicly said so. In fact, he’s so likeable that even The Donald has said he likes him and thinks he would make a good VP. This is all media spin. I’ve met a lot of people who know Ted Cruz personally (those not living in the “mom cave”), and they have great hope in Ted Cruz. He’s picking up endorsements daily. I also think, as more and more candidates bail out of the race, Cruz’s campaign will get stronger and stronger.

As far as Cruz being a liar about Rubio’s record…uhh, I see the same things in Rubio’s record. It’s public record so feel free to call me a liar too. I think him pro-life, but I don’t think him as dedicated to the cause nearly as much as Ted Cruz. He missed some crucial votes, although it seems some pro-lifers around the country are quibbling on the crucial-ness of the votes he missed. Sorry, every other candidate who considers life precious made those votes. They were there to lean on as many people as possible. And as I recall, they were only short seven votes. Marco would have made it six, and who knows how many we may have lost not being united on it. Marco was MIA! Too busy campaigning. Next, Rubio just said Cruz didn’t speak Spanish (kind of using the liberal tactic that Ted’s just not Hispanic enough)! Umm, pot meet kettle. I think Cruz just owned Rubio on that little inaccuracy. So, Marco, when crying “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” you might want to keep your house in order.

And let’s talk about the resume. My gosh! Please spend a moment and really do some background checking on this. Ted Cruz’s resume blows everyone else away: Cruz can sway people to his understanding. Notice that I didn’t say “his way.” He doesn’t want to get his way. He wants to show people what America can be. Now, with the House and Senate in our corner (or supposedly in our corner), he should be able to get a lot done. If not, I have little doubt he will make his case to the people in the same way Ronald Reagan blew past Tip O’Neill and went straight to the people, who in turn pressured their congressmen and senators to vote with him. Is Cruz Reagan? Personally, I think him better than Reagan in many ways.

Lastly, how about ground game? Cruz is running circles around all of them. He learned from Obama and the silly, old Republican guard’s last loss and went high tech. I’m not sure why Republicans can’t figure out that data analytics are important. I actually saw a story the other day saying “Cruz uses data mining to find out about your personal behavior!” as if the info isn’t available to EVERYONE, and as if smart candidates everywhere aren’t already using it. Take off the tinfoil hats and embrace micro-targeting, people. All of your retailers do. It keeps them (and candidates) from wasting time and, more importantly, money. I think that shows how Cruz can embrace innovation and should make him super cool to the hipsters who develop these dang programs. Cruz has been able to spend far less of his supporters’ money with better results than the rest of the candidates. Might that translate in how he’d spend the nation’s money? I think “yes!”

So, South Carolina, what do you say? Can you have a little faith and buck the media narrative for your state? If South Carolina won’t do it, hopefully the rest of the South will put them to shame. While I breathe, I hope!


5 thoughts on “Because the South Carolina Primary is Tomorrow…

  1. In all due respect, I live in Iowa, and am married to an Iowa farmer. I would like you to know that you are misinformed on ethanol. You live in California. You do not understand what is going on in Iowa with agriculture and ethanol. In addition, I caucused in Iowa. You have no clue what Ted Cruz did here in our state. There is no way I would get behind Ted Cruz. No. Way.


    1. Once I listened to over 200 Supreme Court oral arguments. After that, I found there were four people who stood out as outstanding lawyers. They were bright, honest, knew how to separate the wheat from the chaff, and knew how to convince people by using logic and appealing to their brains. Ted Cruz was one of those people. I had never heard of him before, and was surprised when he became a Senator. Since then, everything I have learned about him makes him seem impressive. He stands for something. Very few others really do, and Trump is a complete moron. He has a guiding star and a coherent theory of life. HE may be a little young, and perhaps a bit too polished, but I think he is the worlds best bet. Trump is the worlds worst bet, and seems unable to get more than a third of the votes. He is a sure loser in November, because after all, he is just a jerk with a big mouht who likes to lie to his supporters.

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