Mount St. Mary’s Update

Thanks to OMM reader Mary’s son, we have an update on the situation at Mount St. Mary’s.  Sounds like sanity might prevail and the fuzzy bunnies will be protected.  Also sounds like faculty may be rehired.  Personally, the three who voted against this might want to look at a facility more suitable for their lack of sensibility.  Kudos to the faculty for their charitable wording.  I probably wouldn’t have been so kind.



4 thoughts on “Mount St. Mary’s Update

  1. In my younger days, for about twenty years in the 1970s and 1980s, I took the family on trips to the Grotto above the college. Everything was attuned to nature. We walked the stations on the paths, prayed the rosary (me mostly), prayed at the foot of the cross of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and ventured above the Grotto to the nature trails beyond. The giant golden stature of Our Lady on campus has been used by helicopters to guide them at night to Camp David and as plane markers. Everything about the college, Emmitsburg, and the rolling hills and pasture lands around leading up to Gettysburg was traditional American, and of course, there was the Catholic presence. Now it’s mostly gone. An air of slow corruption fills the air and the minds. Let us hope that the man in charge does the honorable thing and leaves. Let us hope that the Board also does the right thing, it that’s at all possible in this day and age.

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    1. Catholics visiting the Grotto or the Catholic church in Emmitsburg aren’t likely the ones changing. It is the ones who do not attend the Grotto and Church that are likely changing. As with many traditional Catholic colleges the attitudes and thinking of those walking around inside the institutions are the ones reshaping beliefs. Which is a shame because the area is rich in Catholic history. .


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