More Awesomeness from Bishop Olmsted!

As a follow up to “Into the Breach” by Bishop Olmsted ( – and if you haven’t read it, you are missing out – the Diocese of Phoenix has put out this FANTASTIC video called “A Call to Battle.” 


It seems that Bishop Olmsted is skipping the band-aids to fix the problems in our Church, the country, and the world.  He’s now just going for the full-out heart transplant!  I am so thankful to him, because it’s so dearly needed.  I’m seeing the world my kids and grandkids will have to live in, and it’s terrifying!

So many say, “We should be focusing on the poor and homeless!”, or “We should be focusing on drugs!”, or “Let’s stop human trafficking!”, but quite frankly, we need kill these ills at the root.  Pruning the bush does nothing.  The crud just grows right back.  Can we just stop banging our heads against the wall and admit where the real problem lies?  It’s the complete and utter destruction of the family.

Who’s to blame?  Pretty much most of society played a role at one point or another.  As a society, the Faith went bye-bye.  Feminists hurled the word “mysoginist” around like a verbal tick.  Men were relegated to their corners, afraid to open their mouths.  Masculinity went out the window for many men and grew in women.  The sexes were pitted against each other instead of working together.  We wonder why young men of the West are being sucked in by the radical, Islamic element?  They have a natural desire to being manly, and all they can find is this horribly disfigured version of it, because their own fathers are gone, on drugs, too busy with porn, completely emasculated, society tries to shame masculinity, etc., etc., etc.

Who’s going to fix it?  Bishop Olmsted knows. Time to “man up,” men!   From the time of Adam, you could’ve and should’ve fought the evil in the world.  And for those of you women who are offended and about to wag your tongue at me, save it.  You have a role, too.  Encourage the men in your life to be manly, whether it be your husband, brother, priest, friend, or son.  Stop opposing them, undermining them, and contradicting them.  I get so frustrated when I see people who want their husbands to be the leader of the family and then contradict them the second they do it.  Are they always going to get it right?  I’m sure that’ll happen just about the same time we women always get it right.  It doesn’t mean you can’t discuss it with them, or that you should keep your concerns to yourself, but you can do it in a non-opposing, non-undermining, and non-contradicting way.  Is it always going to be appreciated?  Probably not.  However, the reality is, the more you do it the “Corinthians way” (based in love and not pride), the less it occurs, because you won’t be seen as an adversary but a friend, and you can really hear each other.

Unless we turn back to God and embrace the true nature of our vocations, no matter what they be, we will continue to watch this world decay, and you can take on all of the charitable acts you’d like, but it’s doubtful any true gains will be made.




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