Another Seamless Grinch

As you’ve probably figured out, I’ve been too busy preparing for Christmas to be mad.  I did see this ridiculous statement from Argentinean Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo a few days back.  Fr. Fessio took care of it with a good, clear explanation.  No need for me to waste time on it.  Just wanted to make sure you saw it!

Happy Advent and Merry Christmas from our family to  yours!  See you next week!


5 thoughts on “Another Seamless Grinch

  1. It is astonishing that Francis would surround himself with such Holy Fools boobs like he does. Sorondo, Turkson, Fischella, Roisica, Forte,R Marx( It might as well be Groucho or Karl Marx in charge of Munich and the German church) Cupich, Bonney, Kasper, Daneels, Radcliffe and Weurl etc.. . Sadly the Remnant newspaper has had to present a Petition of the Faithful to Pope Francis to uphold the basic faith and Morals sexual and or consider retirement by Francis to say the least. . I think it is needed as much as the petition to the Pope before the infamous Synod allegedly on the Family. WHAT in God’s name is Francis doing at the Vatican and who is in charge there???. .

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  2. Father Sirico’s expression in the photograph is priceless. He really looks speechless, as in “that is so most mind-blowingly stupid that I don’t even know what to say.” With all due respect, Bishop Sorondo should keep in mind the old adage: “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    God Bless you and your family, OMM!

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