Go Forth and Subtract???

I really can’t take too much more of these. I’m going to channel Trump and ask if the Vatican can put a moratorium on interviews until they can find out what the hell is going on!!! As a mother of a brood, I cannot tell you how utterly offensive and pathetic I find this one. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/vatican-cardinal-claims-pope-called-for-birth-control-suggests-it-as-soluti

PARIS, December 9, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – In an interview this morning, Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, said that Pope Francis “has called for a certain amount of control of birth,” while specifying that this would not include methods like the birth control pill.

Speaking to the BBC outside of the climate change talks in Paris, the cardinal suggested that limiting births can “offer a solution” to difficulties such as water and food shortages that are said to come from overpopulation and climate change.

The amount of population that is critical for the realisation of this is still something we need to discover, yet the Holy Father has also called for a certain amount of control of birth.

Well, thanks for that clarification on the pill, but, Cardinal Turkson, you’ve just handed one to the enemy. Children are not now, nor have they ever been, the problem. They are not the reason for any water or food shortages. This is completely naïve. What’s next? Are children also responsible for global terrorism?

I’d also like to remind you all of a warning several people gave about so-called “climate change.” We’ve been warned by several good and faithful servants that this was where we were headed with it – the suggestion of overpopulation and need to get rid of people as the solution.

Now, if someone offers an idea and the solution is to get rid of or prevent God’s great gift of life, how righteous can that idea really be? There’s no slippery slope anymore. We just jumped off a cliff with this one.

I remember a little command to “go forth and multiply, fill the world and subdue it.” Um, it ain’t filled and it ain’t subdued. I’ll tell you exactly who understands that and it doesn’t seem to be Cardinal Turkson. http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/12/10/pew-muslims-will-largest-world-religion-end-century/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social The facts of this article are enough reason to do just the opposite of what you are suggesting. Are you really encouraging us to give the world over to Islam – peaceful or radical? You see, they are playing the long game (the one we used to rule), but you’ve just encouraged us to forfeit and surrender, Cardinal Turkson. Limiting Catholics would be close to spiritual suicide, and in many cases, physical suicide. Like I said, they are playing the long game, and God, of course, knew all about that when he gave that command.

Cardinal Turkson, described by the BBC as the Vatican expert on climate change, said while the critical level of population remains to be determined, the pope has nevertheless called for control of births.
“Having more mouths to feed is a challenge for us to be productive also, which is one of the key issues being treated over here, the cultivation and production of food, and its distribution,” he said.

“So yes it engages us in food security management, so we ensure that everybody is fed and all of that. The amount of population that is critical for the realisation of this is still something we need to discover.”

Holy @#$@%$#! (Yes, I’ve been pushed to comic book swearing!)  I feel like I’m reading the beginning of a dystopian novel! Really, Cardinal Turkson? Think just for a moment about what you are saying. Is bringing life into this world really the problem, or is it the blatant disregard for human life which you are promoting right now? “If it’s burdensome, get rid of it” is pretty much what you are saying.

“This has been talked about,” he added, “and the Holy Father on his trip back from the Philippines also invited people to some form of birth control, because the church has never been against birth control and people spacing out births and all of that. So yes, it can offer a solution.”

Somebody get this guy a hat. He’s been out in the sun too long. Realllllyyyy??? The Church is against birth control in all its forms. What it is NOT against is Natural Family Planning for serious situations. See? Was that so hard, Cardinal? What you managed to do was to lump birth control in with Natural Family Planning, and this does not make sense. One involves periodic continence, and the other involves a defilement of the marital bed and makes the marital act closed to life. Honestly, this ain’t rocket science. Is this another wrecked soundbite or something more?

The cardinal was referencing Pope Francis’ in-flight interview on the return from Manila where the pope urged “responsible parenthood,” and chastised a woman as irresponsible for having seven children by C-section. The pope said Catholics should not breed “like rabbits.”

I’ll admit, this one has always bugged me. I mean, quite frankly, when a husband and wife, in prayerful consultation with Our Lord, engage in the marital embrace during the fertile period, “who am I to judge?” I’ve actually known people who had 7 children by c-section, and I cannot imagine the world without any of them. And, yes, Catholics shouldn’t “breed like rabbits.” Last time I checked, rabbits weren’t graced with rational thought.

While advocating control of births, Turkson specified that he was not endorsing the birth control pill. “You don’t deal with one good with another evil: the Church wants people to be fed, so let’s do what the Church feels is not right? That is a kind of sophistry that the church would not go for,” he said.

The cardinal was likely referring to natural family planning, a method of birth regulation which allows a couple to know when the fertile times of the woman are so that they might either achieve or avoid a pregnancy.

Mr. Westin is much less suspicious than I am. And, while we’re at it, let’s talk sophistry. How about the one where bringing children into the world is the root of all evil? Might there just be some other possible explanations – like ridiculous government regulations and waste, warring factions, or greed – that might truly be the root of the problem for our poor? You gotta wonder how it would go if the Cardinal suggested that Muslims think about limiting their births. I’d pay to see that one.

At this point I will turn our readers to Stephen Mosher and the Population Research Institute (https://www.pop.org/). I’m sure he’s already responded to this someplace, but he has done much research and written about overpopulation and the lack thereof. Wouldn’t it be just awesome if the Vatican consulted with him? If you haven’t perused this site, please get really educated , really fast in this area, because I’m reasonably sure one of your friends just read some lame article over at the National catholic Reporter touting Cardinal Turkson as having approved birth control.


15 thoughts on “Go Forth and Subtract???

  1. Scary thought that Turkson and Fischelia are promoted and listened to by Pope Francis. Their Stupid public statements are at a new low formerly reserved for Lombardi, , R Marx,Forte and Roisica etc… I CRINGE whenever any of them or sad to Say Francis opens his mouth at a public gathering .

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  2. It’s dispiriting to hear neo-Malthusian garbage spouted by high-ranking Catholic prelates. “Too many mouths to feed?” Seriously, Your Eminence?? The late, great economist Julian Simon proved again and again that ‘overpopulation’ was nonsense. Every ‘shortage’ (whether in food, metals, timber, water, whatever) has been and will be overcome by human ingenuity. God gave us brains for a reason. Sadly, though, discredited ’70s cliches are what we seem to get these days from the Vatican. In my lifetime, I’ve never felt less confidence in the leadership of the Catholic Church, as a group. For too many of these guys, the answers are not in the Catechism but rather on the pages of The New York Times or, more precisely, the Italian-Commie flagship la Repubblica. We’re confronted with ecclesiastical leaders who are so indoctrinated with the spirit of the world that they likely don’t even know how utterly brainwashed they are. Kyrie eleison.

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    1. Thank you OMM for another grand slam assessment of what is wrong AND offering what is right in true Catholic teaching!

      I laughed out loud after I completed the article with your play on words in the title of said article. Of course, one realizes the story’s not so funny in reality, but another sad case of a very confused leadership. DId I just criticize Church leadership? Better keep my mouth shut, or I’ll be excommunicated! https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/canonist-to-vatican-archbishop-no-church-law-doesnt-excommunicate-papal-cri (ya can’t make this stuff up!).

      I will continue to pray for them today and this wknd on my Miles Christi (Soldiers of Christ) silent retreat. Christe eleison!

      + JMJ +

      Have a great day and God bless!

      Ted Condo

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  3. Check your blood pressure OMM; I am going to have to start medication and I have always been healthy! But since 20213…. Thanks for the link about Stephen Mosher!

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  4. I’m reminded of Satan’s temptation at the root of all sin, suggested at the fall of Man and carried on to the end of time: “you shall be like God”.

    God regulates life. God authors life. God sustains life. It is not for Man to decide.

    Anyone who fears excessive life does not believe in God; not really. Fear of life and overpopulation indicates a belief in humanity’s god-like power and control over Gaia which is all there really is.

    Belief in God necessarily places trust in His benevolence to regulate His gift for His good and therefor our good. Belief in God is knowledge that earth is not the end and the ultimate meaning; heaven and Beatitude is and life here means more joy and Beatitude There.

    Card Turkson and the Pope need to thoroughly reject satan …. and ALL his pomps.


  5. Please….i want to hear your thoughts on the Vatican’s light show on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. No one seems to be touching it?


    1. Karyn,

      The producer of this evil was a man named “Android Jones”. Check out his Facebook page. His masthead is Masonic. His ideas and beliefs are clearly presented there.

      If OMM will permit me, here is a link to an interview he gave about his beliefs:


      This is the man chosen by our Church to present Her views of Mercy on one of our Holiest Days, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

      I am beyond anger. To a certain extent, I just clearly see the enemy, which has infiltrated the highest levels of our Church, and I am simply determined to resist.

      Clarity is a wonderful thing.

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  6. A soul in the State of Grace is worth far more than all of natural creation and more glorifying to God. Why would one ever begin to sacrifice the greater for the lesser or the end for the means. Once we begin to speak of the world which was created for man being greater than him we have lost our way. Back to paganism and sacrificing children to the gods,—idols and demons—-of nature.

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  7. Dear Karyn,

    Do not despair! It is *exactly* in times like these souls are being honed for sanctity and holiness.

    Our Blessed Lord said that we would have trouble in the world. Yet He then said for us to take courage because He has conquered the world.

    Souls are being honed – at this very moment – to be Saints. These souls will be asked for intercession to our Blessed Lord for centuries to come. Believe it!

    During the Protestant… um, revolt, there were Saints being raised up for virtually *every year* during the 1500s. (Sometimes more than one or two per year.)

    No, things don’t look so good for us… I am no Pollyanna. Yet it is in times like these our Lord said we should rejoice (see Mt. 5:10-13). Do your best… pray, fast, give alms… you know, *be* a Christian in the little “world” our Lord has placed you in.

    Do *not* despair. That is a tool for the enemy. To Hell with him!

    I will say one for you at my bed time.

    God love you,
    Catechist Kev

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    1. Or as St. Thomas More famously put it: “Heaven was not won on a feather bed”.

      Or, “Whom the Lord loves, He chastens”.

      We really should be thankful to God for giving new meaning to the requirement that we “take up our cross daily, and follow Him”. Somehow, this life has to prepare us for eternity. We have one chance to alter our eternal destiny, and it is while we live. Suffering in union with Jesus our Lord is a sure path to happiness in the next. Sure, these are dark days. But they were far darker when our Lord was in the Garden before He began His path to the Cross.

      We are with Peter on the stormy sea and the boat is behind us; keep eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, only Jesus.

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    2. I agree. Don’t despair. Get active. Write, blog, tweet, share, discuss, teach, etc., etc., etc. I guarantee there have been many faithful to go before us who thought their time to be the absolute worst and yet the Church still stands. Much, dare I say, corruption has attacked the Church in the past 2,000 years. It’s all in how the faithful reacts to it that has a lot of bearing on how long those periods last.


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