One More Thing to Consider…

I posted my last blog less than 24 hours before the attack in San Bernadino.  I was trying to stay away from the topic of “jihad” for the most part.  In hindsight, I might have wanted to propose we consider that one a little more.  Expand the whole section on assimilation and radicalization.  Clearly this is going to be a bigger issue in the upcoming days.  Please note, I have no knowledge of these people being refugees.  How much harder is it going to be for them to stay away from radicalization?  This couple were apparently citizens, with a baby and jobs.


2 thoughts on “One More Thing to Consider…

  1. It’s all about religion and the lack of respect for other’s beliefs. Who knows who is right…If you can’t tolerate someone else’s belief, we will have problems.


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