Miss Me?

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been a bit MIA this week.  I have increasing computer issues which has rendered me ready to toss it across the room.  Rather than waste a piece of hardware that might just be salvageable with some TLC, I’ve just taken a vacation!

I am going to repost this in lieu of something from me.  Sadly, you wouldn’t be able to tell fact from sarcasm at my alma mater.  Not kidding.  I’m not sure I saw anything between this piece of satire and what I experienced at the high school I attended.  Yes, this is what most Catholic schools in California are like.  See why I homeschool?


15 thoughts on “Miss Me?

  1. Hang in there, OMM. :^)

    I suspect, if it has been anything like what some friends and myself are experiencing, you are under attack from the evil one and his minions.

    Fr. Z has had trying cyber attacks in the recent past. You, more than likely, may be experiencing them as well.

    A little levity is good for one’s soul! Thank you for posting it.

    Keep on keeping on, OMM.

    In His Holy Name,
    Catechist Kev

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      1. My Christian Brothers’ HS tuition is 21,200 per year starting 2016. The priest-saint who started this teaching order desired to teach all Catholic boys regardless of situation and that they grow into strong Catholic men. The CBs of today have failed miserably on both counts. They exist now as an elitist order catering to the upper middle class and upper class, and their ethos is a blend of Protestantism and Secular Humanism. Take your worst Jesuit on any given day and they reside en masse in the CBs. Undoubtedly your kids will get a great education and connections. Their whole lives will be set on a path to prosperity if they do not screw it up. But, they will no longer be Catholic as they grow into adults, and one day they will say to you, “How could you ever believe in such superstition?” and you will sit and stare at them stunned and horrified and worried that you did nothing to instill the Faith in your children, and you will worry even more about their Judgment Day and your own.


    1. BTW, how does a Trump diatribe apply here at all? Also, you know you’d have a great time getting a coffee or a cocktail with me, TT. 😉 We could have endless hours of conversation.


      1. Not sure what the Trump diatribe comment refers to but agree we would probably have a great time together as in the end we probably want the same thing for our kids but just have different ideas as to how to achieve it.


    2. To teaching tolerance: Upon retirement I wanted to teach. I spent a year subbing in public high schools, testing the waters. What I found in abundance in the students was ignorance, sloth, self-contentedness, lack of morals, and the academically-challenged. Seniors could not read a paragraph in a history text. Literally all the students self-segregated into white, black, and hispanic in the classrooms and during free time. I also found good students, but for the most part they suffered in silence because the schools did not offer them advancement, only conformity and compliance. I found teachers, most of whom were idealistic at the start, but who turned cynical and were riding out their remaining years in boredom and failure, and were awaiting the day they could retire and collect their pensions. I decided on becoming an adjunct prof and spent seven years at the local college. I loved teaching business ethics. I would say something like this on the first day of class. “Today I will begin to teach you how to be unethical in practice, not just in theory. I will put into reality what you learned intuitively in your high schools, that is, how to use against your competitors as you climb the job latter in the real world the old saying, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know,’ by making sure that YOU know what they don’t know. There are a multitude of examples in each of the chapters on how to be good at being unethical, and twenty case studies, including Enron, Monsanto, real estate lenders and the banking collapse, and government failures of the public trust and conflicts of interest. The point is that if this sounds unseemly, it is because I cannot teach you how to be ethical or moral. The text does not offer sound ethical beliefs and practices as absolutes, only as options on a broad scale. It identifies the possibilities. You must decide on your own the path you choose. I can only show you how being unethical or immoral impacts the decisions you will make personally and in your company. You know in your hearts if you are already good or bad, and the meaning of how the ends justify the means. To this end I added to the syllabus selected works from the St. John’s great works program in Annapolis and St. Thomas Aquinas college. You will learn some of the critical thinking techniques of Aristotle and Augustine and how you may use them in making decisions. At least I can teach you the realm of possibilities that you missed up until now. Now, let’s begin.” You see teaching tolerance, I am intolerant of the planned stupidity and willful ignorance that emanates out of our public schools. I will do what I can to expose students to the options.


  2. Okay you lost me with this one since you were just talking about raising an army to destroy those who are not Catholic.


    1. BTW, you paraphrased incorrectly. I never said anything about “destroying” those who are not Catholic. I’m all about self-defense though and being outnumbered ain’t the way to go about that. You might want to learn the enemy aren’t the ones who are going to vote against your propositions. They are the ones who are going to kill you for having propositions different than your own. Make no mistake, there is indeed a jihad against ALL “infidels” and they are indeed trying to establish a caliphate.


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