Children! Drop Those Crucifixes at the Door! We’re Becoming Atheists!

I was going to write an entire rant on this but this guy did a pretty good and snarky job just like I like it!

I would also add that lumping Christians in with a faith that throws people off roofs for being Christian, gay, etc. in many parts of the world (Heck!  Even Bill Maher gets that!)  might not be fairest test of “religiosity” and altruism.

I would also like to point out that it seems the authors of the study do not think it’s altruistic for these children to be concerned about kids pushing and shoving in line.  That’s simply “judgmental.”   Anyone see a problem with that?  Methinks it didn’t fit into their narrative.

Thanks, William, for saving me some time!

2 thoughts on “Children! Drop Those Crucifixes at the Door! We’re Becoming Atheists!

  1. Well, I have to wonder if William is your brother from another mother…or maybe just plain your brother from the same mother. Or the same writing teacher. What style!

    I recognize the header picture of that blog. I know I have visited it before and I have the feeling I enjoyed reading his post…but for the life of me I can’t remember what or when.

    Those scientists are what someone I know calls “educated idiots”. Heck, I call ’em that, too.

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