Update from a Hater

Well, here’s an unexpected update to https://onemadmomblog.wordpress.com/…/dissentingclergy-mig…/

Many of the “blocked” have found themselves “unblocked” by Fr. James Martin, SJ.  I kind of thought I’d see the “haters” comment deleted but it’s still there.


Did find this clarification though:
Martin Update

I suppose ad hominem, hate and spite are pretty subjective. That said, I’m not really sure how “haters” doesn’t fall into one of those categories.  His internal forum maybe?  #colorthathypocritical


16 thoughts on “Update from a Hater

  1. This whole affair has been bizarre. Three days ago I tweeted a response to another pries that said “I generally dismiss anyone using the term ‘haters’, especially adults. Especially sad when a priest stoops so low.” I followed up with “I’ve read and enjoyed his books, but with all due respect: grow up Father.”

    This was not a reply to Fr. Martin, but a reply to a priest who had retweeted Fr. Martin’s original tweet and was critical of it. But my reply to a 3rd party was enough to render me blocked by Fr. Martin.

    Two days ago in response to his tweet about ad hominem attacks (that was retweeted by someone I follow) I replied: “I did not tweet hateful or ad hominem messages yet am blocked. Why Father? This is mercy?”

    As I was blocked I figured it was a waste of time and that he probably couldn’t even see it. But this is a man who is monitoring even third party references it seems. Last night I discovered that I am no longer blocked.

    What a bizarre temper tantrum by someone who I would have thought would be devoting more time to serving the body of Christ rather than his social media accounts.

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    1. Most of us are finding ourselves unblocked. I think it’s just the power of social media. Kuddos to Father for the unblocking but the irony between having a blocking protocol of ad hominem attacks while making them is just a little silly. Personally, name calling is a waste of time. I don’t mind when someone says something I say is idiotic, stupid, etc. because, right or wrong, it’s a subjective opinion. I might not agree with it but so be it. If I’m going to make a statement, I’ll expect some flack. Again, it’s the hypocrisy that irks me.

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  2. Perhaps his blocking wasn’t done in spite……but I think otherwise. Childish really. But then again I don’t expect either mental maturity or spiritual maturity among those who dissent. Their psyches get stuck at the level of maturity they were in when they stepped off the bark of Peter for a swim in the salty sea of self.
    Glad to have found your little neck of the woods in the Land O Blog MadMom. I intend to visit again. God bless. Ginnyfree.

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  3. Now Father Martin seems to have moved on to calumny. The Pope said that priests and bishops he knew when he was a young priest had slandered archbishop Romero. Father martin picked it up and tweeted “Until now the “slander” of Blessed Oscar Romero by priests and bishops that @Pontifex spoke of was only whispered about in church circles.”

    He appear to be twisting what the Pope said about the events of his youth to mean that some in the modern Curia or something were slandering Romero. Very bizarre.

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    1. Wow, you are really spreading it around. What IS your point? That you hate women in general and feel a need to attack them wherever you find them involved in Christian dialog? Gotta be careful here though. OMM does block people unlike AATWT. God bless. Ginnyfree.


    1. Hey OMM! Nice to “hear” from you. I saw one of your articles recommended for the week in review at the National Catholic Register a while back. Congrats!
      This weirdo is trolling and at another site, I got told to shut as I’m female and only a Jezabel would dare raise her female voice, etc. Some of his words are very nasty not only to me but others as well. I noticed he came here and said something to him. So now ya know. God bless and keep up your good essays. Ginnyfree.


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