@DissentingClergy – Might Want to Think it Through Next Time! #JoinTheBlockParty

Holy moley! I am a Facebook gal through and through, but Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, Fr. James Martin, SJ, and their buddies are having a complete meltdown over on Twitter. They’re blocking people from their Twitter pages left and right, and I cannot help but be entertained by the comebacks from the faithful. It’s absolutely hysterical! I’m sure, at some point, these priests wished for a plethora of followers on Twitter. I’m thinking “not so much” now.

It’s like these priests aren’t quite used to social media yet. As a matter of fact, I think they’re darn shocked by it. All of these years they’ve been able to free range, but now the laity aren’t taking it anymore. They’re proudly sporting hashtags like #JamesMartinSJBlockParty and #RosicaBlockParty. It’s not just the laity either; it’s diocesan priests and priests of various orders, too. If you are on Twitter, it really doesn’t take much to join the block party. With one tweet you can likely qualify to use the same hashtags, and you’d be in some darn interesting company. Just to make it a little easier to join the club: @JamesMartinSJ, @FatherRosica, and let’s throw in @ArchbishopBlase for good measure (No surname there. Isn’t he cool? I’ll get to him in a minute. )

What sparked Fr. Martin banning everyone under the sun? He wasn’t too happy about the response to this tweet:


Haters? Are you 15, Fr. Martin? Anyone notice the irony of calling faithful Catholics “haters”, talking about mercy, and then turning around and blocking all those “haters?” Where’s the mercy for them? Oh, yeah, they don’t deserve mercy, since they aren’t cheerleaders for sacrilege against the Eucharist and making people comfy with their sins. Now, I really don’t care if someone wants to give me a derogatory label, although it might be nice if it was something appropriate for their advanced years. For instance, I would say he’s a hypocrite. What annoys me is the actual hypocrisy of blocking people who disagree with one’s definition of “mercy.”

Then there’s Fr. Rosica. I find it hard to believe he’s taking a “block everyone” posture after the debacle earlier this year when he threatened to sue a blogger (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/catholics-shouldnt-sue-one-another-cardinal-burke-comments-on-fr.-rosicas-l). The beauty of this day and age is that nobody gets to hide in their ivory towers anymore. If you’re going to throw down on Twitter, you’d better be ready to deal with the consequences of Facebook people posting, tweeters tweeting, and bloggers blogging about it. Blocking people isn’t going to do diddley. Threatening to sue a blogger with whom you didn’t agree is going to do even less, as Fr. Rosica found out. It just screams for about 3,000 more blog posts and tweets to follow. Quite frankly, blocking is akin to throwing a huge temper tantrum and I have zero hesitation telling you so. The only time someone gets blocked on my social media outlets is for profane or pornographic posts. I actually welcome conversation from people who may disagree, even if they strongly disagree.

Now, I don’t know if Archbishop Cupich has been blocking people, but late last week, he got quite the lesson in asking silly little questions on Twitter:


Exactly what did he think the response to that question would be? Actually, I’m reasonably sure that he didn’t think before tweeting that. Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty! My response would have been “A world where our cardinals, bishops, and priests make it their goal to help everyone attain heaven!” How about, “A world where our bishops stop trying to put abortion and euthanasia on the same plane as poverty and war?” Or “A world where our bishops don’t encourage same-sex marriage with ambiguous teachings?” Yeah, you see where that thread probably went. People answered that one pretty honestly, I’d have to say. I’m pretty sure he thought it rhetorical.

Oh, one last thing for Fr. Martin (and Fr. Thomas Reese, SJ, who decided to retweet the divisive tweet below). Take your pandering to women elsewhere. It’s a load of hooey. (Twitter strikes again. Should have blocked us all from America Magazine, too.)


I’m pretty sure you figured out I can defend myself, father. I don’t need you urging us to misandry (aka hatred of men) when it comes to our clergy. You can scream sexism and misogyny all you want, but you’re the one who just blocked a whole lot of women from your Twitter page. What? We were overlooked by the synod, but our voices can’t possibly be heard by you and your posse on Twitter? Peddle it somewhere else. I’m pretty sure you were the one who labeled those women you blocked as “haters.” We won’t be used as your pawn for the division you like to sow.

Listen, we’re never going to have a chat on the phone. We won’t get together for coffee. You will, however, hear from me and thousands of others like me. Why? Because your tweets, Facebook pages, articles, and publications have encroached on the world where my husband and I live with our kids. You don’t get to muddy their path to Heaven with your, to be blunt, garbage. We already have to protect them from the murkiness your kindred spirits sowed before and after Humanae Vitae. You’re not going to get away with this quite so easily anymore.

So gentlemen, if you’re going to decide to come down here with us common folk on social media, you’d better put on your big boy pants and realize there’s these things called “screen shots.” Throwing temper tantrums while using hipster lingo is doing nothing to make us take you seriously. What’s the phrase? It’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Clearly blocking people is doing nothing. Instead, bring on the dialogue and transparency that you tout only when it suits you, oh, hypocritical ones! As I’ve said before, #meetthelaity!



37 thoughts on “@DissentingClergy – Might Want to Think it Through Next Time! #JoinTheBlockParty

    1. Really? Fr. Martin saw no femmes? That’s funny, I did see a lot of Princes attending but there was no lack of queens abounding either.


  1. Another good one, OMM! The responses to Abp Cupich’s “rhetorical” question are absolutely hilarious… and awesome. Thanks for the heads up on this stuff! I have to admit that I’m discouraged by the direction in which the Church seems to be moving. Why is it that so many of the priests and bishops seem so eager to adopt policies and doctrinal positions that effectively destroyed liberal protestantism 30 years ago? In keeping with +Cupich’s environmental theme, the insane desire among some of our clergy to transform the Catholic Church into a sort of de-ritualized Episcopalianism is roughly the equivalent of chemical industry executives in 2015 pushing their company to go into the DDT business. And, yet, when I see the laity biting back in the twitter posts you cite, it gives me some small hope that those who seek to destroy our Church won’t be able to succeed without a fight. And as for women voting at the Synod, I actually wish that they would have given 100 votes to that female doctor from Romania who blasted the liberals and marxists within the Church. Somehow, I’m guessing, though, that Martin, SJ, doesn’t have her in mind when he talks about wanting to see women vote at the synod.

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    1. LOL! Yeah, I’m reasonably sure that Fr. Martin wouldn’t want me voting either. Just a guess.

      Why are they pushing for all of this? The devil loves confusion.

      Have hope! There are many more far more eloquent bloggers, fb posters and tweeters out there!

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  2. Well done!

    Fathers Martin and Rosica, et al., are presumably unmarried and apparently aren’t familiar enough with the phrase “hell hath no fury…”


    The pope told us to “make a mess,” and priests/bishops want an active, vocal laity. Well, they got what they wanted, although perhaps not quite in the WAY they wanted.

    Keep up the good work! Don’t let up and DON’T be intimidated by rank. Your family comes first. Remember: “We are Church” now!

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  3. I’ve been a proud member of the #MarkSheaBlockParty for years! If you haven’t been blocked yet by that rat, you ain’t doing it right, lol.


  4. I guess you told them. I could not have said it better. I can’t help but wonder why they are preist and not a preacher from an other church. If they do not like the teachings of Christ and the doctrine of the church then the should LEAVE, right?

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    1. That 140 thing is the bane of my existence. LOL! Still have a lot to learn about Twitter. I’m more of a bystander. I did post to the Frs. Rosica and Martin page for research. I think I was blocked before the tweet even made it through. LOL! Fr. Reese hasn’t blocked me yet. He might have realized it’s not the “merciful” thing to do. 😉

      Personally, I don’t get it. I like to talk to people who disagree. Like I said, if we can keep the porn and profanity out of it, bring it on!


  5. As the kids say, oh, schnapps. Or is it snap.
    Take them to task on their Bravo Sierra. All of these prelates’ pandering to sodomitical behavior leads me to believe they have a dog in the fight. You know what I’m saying. Assault+Plight.

    I’ve heard this attributed to Aristotle, but anyway, the author was on to something, ‘men start revolutions for reasons pertaining to their private lives.’

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  6. Thank-you one mad mom! I’m a mom too and just can’t take it anymore! Young adults especially need to be challenged with The Truth of Our Lord, and the Teachings of The Catholic Church. When they are coddled in their sin, by priests, they leave the Church.

    My yongest son told me that Father seemed annoyed that he (my son) frequents the Confessional so much. I told him next time if Father seems annoyed, find another priest.

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    1. Maybe he thinks your son should be learning from his past sins and not repeating them so much! Yes we are all sinners but at some point we should be making few of them. I’m enjoying the humble brags on this post.


      1. JPII went to, at minimum, weekly confession and many other saints went to daily confession. Talking about a repetition of sin would be something that would be helped by confession, not hindered. Also, don’t you think it a little ironic you are commenting on confession when you aren’t a practicing Catholic and do not participate in the sacrament?

        “15 Then they brought little children to him, asking him to touch them. The disciples saw them and rebuked them for it: 16 but Jesus called the children to him, and said, Let them be, do not keep them back from me; the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 17 Believe me, the man who does not accept the kingdom of God like a little child, will never enter into it.”


        1. Maybe he shouldn’t have been the Holy Father if he was sinning that much! Just getting your goat. To me, going to confession that often means using it as an excuse to sin. “oh, I can always go to confession and get excused”! I’d rather people didn’t need confession as much. I remember going to confession every week and making up sins “I told my sister I didn’t like her” I said shut up… etc


          1. Yeah, lying in confession not so good. You’re just not getting it, TT. Keep trying! Might want to try the book Catechist Kev suggested for a better understanding of the sacrament.


          2. He was made a saint by a man, the pope. I see that you don’t question that act yet you feel free to question the current pope because you don’t like what he is saying.


          3. Actually, not so much. He was a saint. He was just investigated and declared to be such. By the way, why don’t you offer a little proof of what I don’t like the Pope saying? If you’re going to make statements, back ’em up.


          4. “A firm purpose of amendment” is required to obtain absolution. If you plan to continue the sin, you obviously don’t have it. Thanks for playing, TERRYE.

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  7. It’s amazing how far leftists, liberals, progressives, whatever name the cultural marxists are hiding behind today, have gotten with their idiotic schtick. Racist, sexist, phobe a phobe… blah blah blah. It’s all a stupid joke that too many people continue to fall for.

    Enough already.

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  8. I took a look at James Martin SJ’s Twitter feed. Looks like he is peddling his books. You know how they say the dissidents stay in the Church because that is where the copy machines are? Well I think he stays because that is where the suckers are that will publish his drivel and pay to read it. I would never let him around my children, and I would call him an idiot to his face. Jesuit agenda aside, he’s not fooling God.

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  9. To cupich’s inane tweet…A world where the priests and bishops lead us to worship our Lord and God in Spirit and Truth…thus leading to our attaining our Heavenly reward.

    Is that too much to ask for?

    I am pretty adamant about not accepting iniquity as a good.Call me judgmental….but is not repenting and then confessing the actually merciful path?

    As opposed to traveling with the unrepentant on the wide path to Hell.

    Now that is just hateful!!!

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  10. Say – aren’t block parties kind of a traditionally gay thing? I know they are not exclusively gay, but they seem to be things that gay people use a lot.


    1. Uh, I live near SF and I’ve not heard of this. Are you thinking “street fair”? Regardless, I don’t really feel like more regular folk lingo being taken over by crazy liberals. 🙂


  11. Bad-a-boom! Time for growly Mamma Bears and Gramma Bears to roar. We are Howard Beale-ish “mad as hell” ‘n not gonna take it anymore. We love the Church! And all Her teachings. Those who don’t, kindly find your integrity, pack up your tents and go away. There are thousands of inclusive denoms who will happily tolerate your manipulative nonsense.

    Mamma Bears, Gramma Bears: Pray. Fast. Pray always. And let these wily wolves hear your roar.


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