The Language of Dissent!

Hey, hey!  Catechist Kev’s book (see in the margin of the blog) was given the thumbs up over at Catholic Answers for his work “The Language of Dissent”!  You can hear the interview with Catechist Kev  on Catholic Answers Live here:

I like Kevin’s book because it’s a great reference book on how to answer the same old misconceptions dissenters like to throw out.  It gives nice linear responses with Church documents, the Catechism, Canon Law, and the Fathers – low on commentary and high on facts!  Easy for us regular folks.

Way to go Kevin Lents!


4 thoughts on “The Language of Dissent!

  1. I really appreciate this, OMM. :^) I am truly humbled.

    There are folks who are intimidated even by reading the catechism. However, if you read the reviews for our book, you will see catechists who have bought the book and they have gone through it just fine. (even laymen who aren’t catechists)

    It is, for all intents and purposes, mostly a reference book that answers questionable or even downright heretical statements about the faith. We have had many who have personally expressed their gratitude for putting it together (like Patrick Coffin, host of Catholic Answers Live).

    To these, like you OMM, I am grateful.

    God love you and thanks again.

    Catechist Kev

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