Club Dissent at it Again!

I’d advise giving this a quick read:

Anyone else tired of on-line petitions? If this one was a true “thing,” they’d ask for a whole lot more than 15,000 signatures. And who will be those signatories? Will Pastor “I’m Gay and Divorced” Robinson (so much for homosexuals doing fidelity better) be one of them? Maybe Margie Winters ( What about that super devout Catholic, George Soros? Will it be what’s left of the National catholic Reporter’s readership? Inquiring minds want to know how many non-Catholics or dissenting Catholic will let the Holy Father know how mean that old Archbishop Vigano is. Please. Stop.

Anyone who knows him, or even knows of him, would understand he is a very humble and faithful man who has done nothing but serve us well. In reality, though, he’s an easy target for the dissenting Catholics, because they know darn well that he’s hit the magic 75 and is required to submit his letter of resignation (as all bishops are supposed to do, with the exception of the Bishop of Rome). Actually, Archbishop Vigano is probably dying to leave the dismal position of dealing with obnoxious American dissenters. The Kim Davis kerfuffle just caps off his tenure here with more of that reality. He probably arrange the meeting so he could show the Holy Father how people in America are suffering religious persecution. I mean, that’s kind of the reason the Pope comes to visit a country, isn’t it? It’s a way for him to get to know the lay of the land. I wonder why none of the members of Club Dissent aren’t starting a petition objecting to the Pope meeting with the Little Sisters of the Poor? My guess is that the sisters evoke more sympathy than Kim Davis.

Anyway, these moronic petition hacks, backed by an atheist, are trying to say that Archbishop Vigano was trying to undermine the Pope’s message by inviting Kim Davis to meet with the Pope. How so? Did the Pope somehow say gay marriage was the bomb and we all missed it? Nope. Did they hear the Holy Father’s remarks on the plane? Let me refresh your memories:

So, let’s see. The Holy Father said, “Thank you for your courage,” so clearly he knew a bit of the situation. We also know the Holy Father believes and teaches that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. To top it off, we just heard the Holy Father say, “I can’t have in mind all the cases that can exist about conscientious objection, but, yes, I can say that conscientious objection is a right that is a part of every human right. It is a right. And if a person does not allow others to be a conscientious objector, he denies a right.” So why in heaven’s name would Archbishop Vigano be in any sort of trouble again? Oh, that’s right. It’s because we suffer from squeaky wheel syndrome here, where the billion dollar squeakers squeak so much that people will do anything to shut them up. I certainly hope this isn’t the case with Archbishop Vigano. It would be rather ironic for the Holy Father to fire him in the Year of Mercy. The most merciful thing he could do for the Church in America is to relegate the dissenting children to the corner and let them think about things for a while. A merciful parent doesn’t placate the spoiled brat. That would only serve to further stunt their growth.

On the bright side, here’s one refreshing piece about the visit to show that there are some of the liberal bent who are intellectually honest about the situation. I’m going to link directly to this one, because I’d really love the author to get credit for her honesty. Clearly, she and I would agree on little, but I can respect her for doing what so many in the media refuse to do: write honestly: I would, however, like to suggest the “backlash” that has come didn’t really materialize until the Vatican downplayed the meeting. It happened. Own it. There was nothing wrong with it. For goodness sake, he’s the Holy Father. He can meet with anyone. Does anyone remember a little island called Cuba?

Austin Ruse has called for the Church to apologize to Kim Davis ( I think he should have been a bit more specific. The Church is too broad a term. Instead, it is Fr. Lombardi and club who should apologize to her, as well as to Archbishop Vigano. They are making the Vatican look, frankly, like the U.S. Republican party whose need to backtrack has had them in reverse for quite a while.

Please send Archbishop Vigano a note thanking him for all that he does.


17 thoughts on “Club Dissent at it Again!

  1. The position of nuncio is very important, in that bishops are usually selected from a list supplied to the Holy Father by the diocese, but endorsed by the nuncio. That is how we got so many weak bishops for so long under St. JP II, because they were recommended by the nuncio at that time.
    So it is important that the nuncio by a strong orthodox bishop. I will hate to see Archbishop Vigano go when he retires.

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    1. I’m not sure I’d be so quick to pin Cupich on Vigano. It’s likely more like despite Vigano and because of Cd Maradiaga. As of late, we’ve had some pretty awesome appointments and a few not so great ones.


        1. I did read. I know people who can actually get a phone call with him (solidly Catholic people) who do not feel this way about him. BTW, I like Magister but I simply don’t agree on this one. Regardless, on the issue of Kim Davis, he is getting the short end of the stick. The spokesmen have handled it badly.


    2. I like to think that Archbishop Vigano had something to do with San Francisco getting Archbishop Cordileone. It has been awesome seeing (and hearing) both of them at the podium at the West Coast Walk for Life!


      1. I have no information to the contrary. And Arch. Cordileone is a real gem!

        What we all have to understand though, is that there are clerics who are “careerist” with Francis being the prime example. When we have a good pope like Benedict, they act responsibly. When we have a bad pope like Francis, they act irresponsibly.

        The problem becomes when they do things to advance their careers rather than “laboring in the vineyard of Our Lord”. And unfortunately, the Nuncio falls in that category.


  2. Some comments from the deacon: another good expose of the heretics of Northern California. In the California Catholic Daily blog today, there was a good description of an ex-pastor from Pleasanton who said gay marriage is o.k. in his homily. It looks like the Diocese of Oakland has some problems also. You mentioned the “squeaky wheels” are at it again. I would prefer to see them squeal like stuck pigs! Just came back from a retreat in the San Fernando Valley. It looked like there were a few good Catholics that are afraid to take them on. I told them to take a look at Romans 1:17-32, to see how St. Paul dealt with them.

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    1. Oh Danielson…The things I could say about him could fill the blog for a year. I’m not going to comment too much now because I think this is being dealt with at this moment. I will say that people should drop Bishop Barber a line at just to give him a little more ammo. I’m of the mind that it can never hurt. I’m personally tired of seeing these things published every time the bishop goes away.

      You have hit the nail on the head though. Good Catholics tend to complain without action. Time to rise up and support the good and stick it to the bad all the while praying for both!


  3. I did send a “thank you” email. In my note, I wrote that the president had his welcoming group that was completely embarrassing and that I was glad the Archbishop included someone with backbone. Also, that One Mad Mom asked us to say thanks, which is better than a petition.

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    1. Excellent! Everyone just needs to fight their niche and fight like heck! Never think there’s nothing to be done! For some it’s going to be Adoration and others it’ll be Twitter! So many different roles to play!


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