New Ways – Annoying in the Same Old Way!

Philadelphia seems to be where the news is as of late, so there I virtually go again! I wish I was going to the “City of Brotherly Love” for the Pope’s trip, but with the hordes of kids and school starting, it’s just not in the budget. Besides that, I’m not a big crowd person, and it looks like it will be a BIG crowd. Go, Catholicism!

Now back down to Earth… New Ways Ministry and Equally Blessed win the award for whiners of the day. Archbishop Chaput has apparently put the kibosh on their planned production during the Holy Father’s visit, and they’re not happy ( Let’s be honest, shall we? It was nothing more than a PR stunt. Once the actual flyer got to the Archbishop, it was sure to be squashed. They were just going for martyr status.

Before going on to their statements, let’s first take a gander at the flyer for their event, “Transforming Love” ( My gosh! The title alone justifies closing this one down! Now that you’ve had a look at the flyer, let’s look at what New Ways has to say about this program. First, New Ways apparently expects the Archbishop to drop what he’s doing and beg them for a meeting:

I am very sorry that Archbishop Chaput did not seek to speak with New Ways Ministry about the nature of the program…

Hey, New Ways, here’s a thought! How about you make an appointment with Archbishop Chaput and ask PERMISSION to do something in one of the churches under his jurisdiction? Why is it you think he needs to seek you out? Instead, you decided to plan something that you know full well goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church, and then you try to play the martyr card? I don’t think so. This is getting rather old, and you’re looking rather pathetic at this point. It’s not like we haven’t seen this a hundred times before.

There was no plan to have a theological discussion about gender identity.

Puh-lease! As if that matters. What you were really planning on doing was railing against the Catholic Church, right? The flyer basically says so:

Over the last two decades, the Catholic community has become extremely supportive of lesbian and gay issues, including marriage equality.

How, exactly, does this little excerpt from the flyer jive with the teachings of the Catholic Church? Oh, yeah, it doesn’t. And then we have the whole bio for Joe “Julie” Chovanes:

Julie Chovanes, a transsexual woman, was born into a conservative religious family in suburban Philadelphia. Joe (as Julie was called) played football in high school, did not dream of growing up to be a woman, but struggled with her trans identity all her life.

As a male, Julie met her wife in law school, transitioned six years ago, and is still married. They have four children, ranging in age from 23 to 15. Julie is beginning a trans legal clinic in the Philadelphia area.

Yeah, that’s so in keeping with Catholic Teaching. You know, the teaching that says that it’s peachy for the “lesbian trapped in a man’s body” to engage in self-mutilation? (Sarcasm alert!) Is this happy couple now supposed to be the paragon of the permanency of marriage?

Really, we didn’t need to go beyond the sponsors to see how in tune with Catholic teaching they are. In case some of you don’t know, here’s New Ways Ministry’s status with the Catholic Church in the United States:

Back to the PR stunt:

The workshop fills a void at the World Meeting of Families, which comes to a close just before New Ways Ministry program is scheduled, Saturday, September 26, 2015.  No speakers at the World Meeting will address the topic of gender identity.

Hold up! I thought this “workshop” wasn’t going to address the theology of gender identity.   The World Meeting is supposed to based on Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive.

Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive is a Church document that teaches what Catholics believe about human purpose, marriage, and the family. This document forms the basis for the attached children’s preparatory lessons and the event programming objectives for the World Meeting of Families. (

Hmmm….Not really sure how you can say your event was going to fill a void in an event that’s pretty much a giant theological discussion with an event lacking in a theological discussion but, OK.  Maybe you got the wrong event?

The fact is, there is no void at the World Meeting. New Ways Ministry itself is a void. Or, rather, it’s DEvoid of Catholicism. Why would there be New Ways-type speakers at the “World Meeting” when the Holy Father has said these little gems: He’s already spoken on the issue!

New Ways rants on:

 St. John’s parish had seen fit to offer space for the program based on their pastor’s and community’s belief that “All are welcome” in the parish.  It is very disappointing that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia did not have the same spirit of Christian hospitality.

 As usual, Mr. DeBernardo (GASP! Am I allowed to use a gender-specific pronoun?), you confuse PEOPLE being welcomed with SIN being welcomed. Sorry, not the same thing. Personally, if I were Archbishop Chaput, after the Holy Father jets off, the first thing I would do is to have a little chat with the pastor of St. John’s parish. I’m quite sure he knew full well what he was doing with this little stunt and this was not an innocent mistake but a move designed to try to shame the Archbishop.  Sad.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Equally Blessed is Call to Action, Dignity USA, Fortunate Families and New Ways Ministry all rolled into one. It’s a little redundant for them to also put out an additional statement, but Bob Shine (also from New Ways) says:

Unfortunately, this is yet another instance of the kind of exclusion LGBT Catholics and supporters have endured for decades. Bishops have refused to allow us to meet in our own Churches, retreat centers and colleges.

Why would that be? I mean, your ideology is totally in line with the Catholic Church, isn’t it?  Not so much. On and on it goes. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, and it will likely be continued ad nauseam for the foreseeable future.

Any chance you could just drop the endless whining?! It’s really getting on my nerves! You also might want to look around and see that the rest of us sinners aren’t whining. You are as free as every other Catholic to participate in the Holy Father’s visit. You can go to the talks, CONFESSION (Hint! Hint!), and the Masses. Just like every other Catholic, you can even receive Communion if you are free from mortal sin! What you can’t do is expect to come in, flaunt your sin, and subvert the Catholic Church’s teaching. But guess what? This applies to ALL CATHOLICS!!!

This is really what annoys me about the alphabet soup crowd (AKA the LGBTXYZ posse). It seems they are such prima donnas that they believe their sin should be overlooked and accepted. They’ve got that two-year-old, baby-of-the-family mentality that the world revolves around them and their (in their eyes) “precious” sin. The New Ways club says they “want to be treated just like everyone else.” Guess what? The Catholic Church actually does that, but they don’t like it!  Go figure!  What New Ways and their supporters really want is the “I’m so special I get a pass” treatment. They just need to go peddle their sin elsewhere, and let us enjoy the Papal visit in peace!


9 thoughts on “New Ways – Annoying in the Same Old Way!

  1. They’ve got that two-year-old, baby-of-the-family mentality that the world revolves around them and their (in their eyes) “precious” sin.

    Perfect definition of the mentally insane crowd. It is high time that we return them to the asylum where they belong.

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  2. Well said. Oh, how I wish I had your gift for writing brilliant opinion pieces. That being said, as a new reader, I am BRILLIANT at reading and enjoying and AGREEING with your opinion pieces. Let the sharing of, continue.

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  3. Wow. The cv’s on that pamphlet say it all. “delfin bautista is a native of Miami, Florida,
    and of Cuban and Salvadoran heritage. delfin identifies as trans*, specifically as twospirit
    or gender queer.” The whole program is geared to accepting “queer” as normal, but that is the very definition of insanity. delfin would be comparatively well off if he were only the habitation of two spirits, but one suspects the population is somewhat larger.

    “Vilma was raised as a Catholic and raised her children as Catholics. Since 2010, she and Nicole have been members of the Anglican Church because of the openness and compassion they found there.” How does leaving the Church count as a credential for leadership in a so-called Catholic organization.

    “Come to our meeting and take one baby step out of your mind and out of the Church.” That would be truth in advertising.

    Looking at the picture of “Nicole” makes me wonder if before long young men are going to need to see a physician’s report of a physical exam before asking what they hope is a young woman out for a date. What a nightmare we are creating for ourselves in this country.

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  4. The alphabet people are trying thereally hardest to destroy the teaching of the faith to suit their immoral lifestyles. That is the long and short of it. The Preist that let this happen in there church should be chastised for allowing such sinfull things to happen. The preist needs to go back to catechism to learn the faith and come back to his parish to teach the faith properly and help the alphabet people to stop there immoral ways. Thanks again One Mad Mom for you great reporting.

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  5. Straightforward essay and interesting comments. Just another reason these “so-called Catholics” should just excommunicate themselves from the Church and start their own splinter ecclesiastical community (i.e. women-priests).

    Anyway, “gender dysphoria” is a real psychiatric disorder for those wanting to be the other sex. It’s unfortunate that those who suffer from it go to the pagan therapists and surgeons who will mutilate them for a fee so as to make them happy. It’s unfortunate they don’t seek out faithful professionals. It was sad to see recently on television the reaction of Bruce Jenner’s children when they “lost” their father. Chalk it up to another casualty of the “me generation.”

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  6. I think your point that there is nothing special about their sins is a valid one and something that the Church needs to keep repeating.
    There are list of sexual sins that are to be avoided, no more and no less.
    This whole problem comes about because of the word ‘homosexual’ and the belief that it is some kind of identity marker.
    It ain’t. These people have just acquired a bad habit, aka a vice, and of course it is hard to break it when the world tells you not only is it OK but part of your biological make-up.


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