Who is Going Where?

Want to join me in abject dismay? http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/archbishop-cupich-will-attend-synod-vatican-source-says-57728/. What the what?! Are we all reaching for a glass of wine and a bottle of Advil now?

I hope this isn’t true. I’m just going to sit here in “Wishland” and hope that the “Vatican source” is way off on this one. If it is true, I hope the other alternate is also going. Who is the other alternate? Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone – you know, the guy who is the absolute best at defending marriage and the family. He’s also same guy who does it on practically daily basis and speaks all over the country on the topic.

If I had to guess, I’d say Cardinal Baldiserri had something to do with this, at least that’s a logical conclusion. Given his behavior at previous synods, he would have every reason to want Archbishop Cupich there to muddy the waters (http://www.catholicworldreport.com/Blog/3717/reports_card_baldisseri_ordered_interception_of_copies_of_book_mailed_to_synod_participants.aspx).

Apparently, it’s not OK to mail books to synod attendees but it is OK to approve the least qualified delegate to speak on the family. Talk about an “interference with the synod!” Sigh! By all means, let’s pick the guy that ambiguously defends (more like undermines) marriage and the family.

Like I said, I certainly hope that the other “alternate” for the synod who’s on the Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage (Archbishop Cordileone) is also going to go the Synod ON THE FAMILY! I suppose that would make a little too much sense, though!


9 thoughts on “Who is Going Where?

  1. CNS says:

    Originally selected as an alternate synod delegate, Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago will in fact be an attendee at the Vatican gathering on the family this fall, a Vatican source told CNA..The source also said that another American bishop will likely be chosen to attend as well, bringing the total U.S. delegation of bishops up to six. Six it says. (From your link above.)

    Crux says:
    The news was first reported by the Catholic News Agency and was later confirmed by Crux by a Church official who wished to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak on the matter…Francis will appoint another bishop to the US slate as well: Bishop George Murry, the leader of the Diocese of Youngstown, Ohio, who is a Jesuit like Pope Francis. Murry is one of a handful of African-American Catholic bishops…..If Cupich and Murry are confirmed, that will bring the number of US delegates to eight. Eight it says. And names the other bishop From Crux at http://www.donotlink.com/g9kh

    We know who wins in the end but golly gosh I am worried about the battle.

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  2. I received an email from American Life League that quoted several bishops who were speaking out strongly against Planned Parenthood because of the revealing videos. Of course, no quotes from Bishop Blasé Cupich were included.

    I found a link to the same information on the American Life League website HERE. I thought I would share it so we can pray for the “good guys”. But, we must also pray for a conversion of heart in the others.

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  3. Why does Cupich put an accent mark over the “e” in his first name? There is no accent. His name is pronounced like the famous mathematician, Blaise Pascal. Different spellings, same pronunciation, no pretentious accent mark. It is not only superfluous but incorrect. Maybe it is a media invention?

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  4. I haven’t seen that done, Joan (although I probably haven’t paid that much attention). That said, I wonder if it had that if it would be pronounced blah-zay? Of course, that would be ironic.


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