Just Another Smoking Gun

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A Step in the Right Direction: Away From Archbishop Cordileone

For some reason, this title just seems proper and fitting. Why would I think this of something that’s seemingly so obnoxious? I think this because teachers in Catholic schools who disagree with the Catholic Church and publicly dissent should definitely move far, far away from Archbishop Cordileone! Of course, I’d prefer that they follow the teachings of the Church and follow their bishop, but in the event they don’t feel it can be done, option B is only logical and intellectually honest.

So, here we have Kassandra Ferrante, a Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep alumna:

Abi Basch, a former teacher at my alma mater, Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco, announced her resignation. For more detailed information on the cause, read this article.

I’ve already linked to Ms. Basch’s letter (https://onemadmomblog.wordpress.com/2015/07/29/magic-queer-powers/ ) so I’m not going to plug New Ways Ministry’s take on it.

I never had the chance to be a student of Ms. Basch’s, but she accompanied me on my school trip to Washington D.C. my senior year. Although we didn’t create a significant bond over those 6 days, I could tell she was an intelligent, strong, and passionate leader. Her choice to resign in the face of discrimination in our community is commendable. Yes, I went to a Catholic high school. But what made my high school so great, was how inclusive it was. The student body was so diverse; students of different races and sexualities. And so was our faculty. Archbishop Cordileone has been the center of much controversy over his proposal that teachers working for the archdiocese would be referred to as “ministers” and held to strict standards in their personal lives that would abide my the church’s rules. Ms. Basch, among others won’t stand for that.

OK, aside from the atrocious grammar (again, mine is hardly stellar), there are so many reasons to point out that Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep is lacking in many ways.

First of all, inclusivity is not a mark of the One True Faith. It is open to all and all are welcome. We are welcome to embrace the Faith, and we are welcome to reject it. If you choose to reject it, the Church will still love you as a unique creation of the Father. All of this said, people are not welcome to try to change the Faith (it can’t be done anyway) or to rail against it while claiming to embrace it. Nor are we to welcome sin. In fact, we reject sin (in principle, even if we’re stupid enough not to master that rejection in practice).

Also note that Ms. Ferrante doesn’t actually mention her love of the Catholic Church. She expresses a clear lack of belief in it. She does have a love of the false narrative created by liberal Catholics. You know – the one that says inclusivity, diversity, and all that rot matters more than the Faith.

This is all Ms. Ferrante seems to have gotten out of her time at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. Sadly, she isn’t the exception to the rule. She is the rule. Now there’s a rule that can be changed! It would be stellar if the high school graduates of a Catholic school actually knew the Faith! Might be a clue as to why Archbishop Cordileone is fighting tooth and nail to make these schools Catholic. They should be producing a life-long love of the Catholic Faith!

I am proud to see people in my high school community making a stand against such absurdities. Discrimination and exclusivity doesn’t belong in the hallways of Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep or any other Catholic high in San Francisco and beyond. We accept and love all. Best of luck to Ms. Basch on her future endeavors.

Kassandra Ferrante // Class of 2013

And here is one more smoking gun (there are way too many of those!) of the lack of Catholicity of these schools as they stand. When your alumnus thinks following the teachings of the Church is an absurdity, you know everything the Archbishop has been saying is totally and utterly true. In the early debate, we heard “I don’t know why the Archbishop needs to further define something that’s already in the handbook!” and now “The teachings are an absurdity!” The actual teachings of the Church are an afterthought, but Archbishop Cordileone is here to make sure that changes.

To the teachers in the diocesan schools who feel their schools actually do a good job of teaching authentic Catholic teachings, I say “Wake up!” The majority of your students are turning out just like Ms. Ferrante. To those who would say “This is happening due to the societal influence, not us!”, why is it that independent Catholic High Schools have a much better track record of keeping kids Catholic? Could it be it’s because they extol the virtues and foster love of the Faith?

One last thing – Let’s talk discrimination and exclusivity, can we? Ms. Ferrante is quite free to be proud of the people in her high school dissenting against Archbishop Cordileone and the Church, but this doesn’t make her close to right. In fact, she’s totally and utterly wrong. Why? Christ himself was exclusive and definitely discriminatory of sin. The problem is, as a reader recently pointed out, people now think they are their sin. They can’t say, “I am a child of God and I have sinned.” They are simply become their sin, so we (including the Church) must accept that sin or we reject them. Please show me where Christ accepted sin. It’s like Christ never uttered the words, “Your sins are forgiven,” or more importantly, “Go and sin no more!”

9 thoughts on “Just Another Smoking Gun

  1. I loved your post. So true, my children graduated from all Catholic education and they are so lukewarm about their faith. I am praying for them and continue to try to explain my views…our faith…I wish our Catholic schools took that mission seriously. Keep up the good work and informing your readers.

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  2. Keep up the explaining. I went to Catholic schools in the Bay Area for all 12 years and learned positively nothing about the Faith but I had great parents! I always felt so bad they spent so much on a Catholic education me for nothing. If it weren’t for them, I’d know less than I do!

    It would be really nice if parents could send their kids to a regular old diocesan school and have them come out knowing Catholicism vs. Catholicism Light. You shouldn’t have to homeschool or send them to an independent Catholic school to get that done! Thank goodness we at least have those options!


  3. I’ve noticed a problem springing up more and more often. At my alma mater, a diocesan high school, there was a good portion of students from non-Catholic and even non-Christian families who bolted from less-than-stellar public schools in the area. These students often caused more trouble–from fighting with theology teachers, to misbehaving and being rude at the weekly Masses, to doing sinful and inappropriate behaviors such as pranks or drugs–than students from Catholic families. I’ve seen reports hailing the growing percentages of non-Catholic students at Catholic schools (mostly because it keeps the tuition dollars flowing in, I imagine), but I wonder if we are beginning to reap the whirlwind

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  4. Just came across this. Thank you for giving my name so much press. I am very proud to be an alum of SHCP. Not every student who attends is Catholic, or religious at all. We don’t HAVE to believe in the Faith to be a student. It’s not a prerequisite of acceptance to our community- that is exactly my point. I didn’t say following the teachings was an absurdity. If you have faith and that’s what you believe, by all means… follow. But they don’t need to be forced on us, and more importantly our educators. I am proud to have spent 14 years in Catholic education in San Francisco, maybe I didn’t make that clear. But my fellow students/alumni and I are not in the wrong for wanting to preserve how great our community is, and wanting to acknowledge how poorly Cordileone is representing it.


    1. I never said any of that was a prerequisite for you to attend a Catholic school. It is a mandate of the Church to teach authentic Catholicism at a Catholic School. You are free to listen or to not listen but the school is required to teach and the Archbishop is required to make sure that it is done. Archbishop is wonderful in representing authentic Catholicism. Read Canon Law. It’s just another little something you didn’t learn in Catholic School. I went to 12 years of Catholic school in area. I know exactly what’s lacking but not because I ever heard about it in school. We was robbed!

      Why is it that you have a problem with the Archbishop ensuring authentic Catholicism is taught in the schools he oversees? I realize you don’t agree with it but you should be able to see that it would be a right and a duty for an archbishop to do so.


      1. If we must follow every rule of the Catholic Church then we should probably drop the Science curriculum and sex education as well, correct? God forbid we let students know about the theory of Evolution! The Scripture, Church History, and Ethics and Morality classes I took throughout my time at Sacred Heart were incredibly beneficial and yes, we learned about Canon Law. Don’t know what Catholic school you went to.


        1. Well you might want to drop the one they’re using if this is what you got out of it. You would hardly drop science or sex in a Catholic HS. The Catholic Church is the bomb when it comes to science and sex. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Catholic_scientists Also, where did you get the Church was against the theory of evolution. They very much rule that a possibility yet not in the insane way some do. You know the “Big Bang” theory? Guess where that came from? Yet another little tidbit you won’t find in a Catholic School. And as far as sex goes…How about Humanae Vitae (darn prophetic) and the Theology of the Body? I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one.

          If you learned about Canon Law then you should know the Archbishop is doing exactly what he’s supposed to do. How come no answer to my question?


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