Magic Queer Powers!

Hoo boy! I just couldn’t let the week go by without commenting on a letter from the now former Sacred Heart Cathedral teacher, Abi Basch ( While reading it, my first thought is, “Yeah, none of these teachers have an agenda and all just want to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church.” (I almost typed all that with a straight face!) Basch is the epitome of what’s wrong in the SF Archdiocesan Schools right now. I actually applaud her for being honest, for once, although she simply should have left because her ideologies clash with the teachings of the school she is supposed to represent. She clearly made no effort to teach her students about the Catholic Church, nor, as you can see from Hugh’s letter found at the link above, did she make an effort to correct his misconceptions of Church teachings.

From Basch’s letter:

Yes it’s true — I am leaving SHC and moving to Los Angeles to teach at the Buckley School.

(By the way, Basch is also the person who registered the infamous domain name. Hon, since you are leaving, can I have it now so I can put it out of its misery?)

Also true — I am doing it in large part because I do not want to work without state and federal workplace discrimination protections that most Californians enjoy. And another truth — I AM LGBT. Now that I do not work for Archbishop Cordileone, I can say to my students, their families, my colleagues — without fear of losing my job: I am not only your ally. I understand your magic queer powers and the dangers you face when others fear their might — because I have them too.

Look out for those magic queer powers, people! This kind of bizarre quote is one reason people like me are opposed to teachers like her. No, we don’t want the phrase “magic queer powers” used in the classroom by our social studies teachers. Does somebody really think there’s a problem with that objection? I mean, really, this is one of the voices of a supposed movement and we get, “They’re scared of our magic queer powers!” It’s just, well, sad.

 Hugh Mac Neill — you wrote me such a beautiful open letter for the #teachacceptance Phil Ting hearing yesterday — thank you for letting me post it here. (Everyone read it! You will cry, I promise.)

Oh, you’ll cry alright. Not a single word about the Faith except to misquote it. No mention of God. The only person ever on a cross to this young man is Miss Basch.

I am so proud of you for being who you are and standing up for justice. I am moved by all of my students and colleagues, the parents (!!!) and gay and civil rights activists that have rallied around the #teachacceptance cause. I have learned boundless amounts from you. You have taught me about integrity and strength, and made me a better, fiercer, more compassionate human.

Lady, you just used the term “magic queer powers”. If that’s fierce and compassionate, you’ve missed some part of history in your “social studies” education.

I am grateful to SHC for the many ways it has tried to protect its LGBT population, even in the face of pressures from the Arch. And I am very much looking forward to being at Buckley, where my sexual orientation and experience fighting for social justice have been not only welcomed but celebrated. My love and support will continue with all of you.

Give me a break! You’ve all been whipped into a frenzy, but you are the one who has created pressures. Clearly, you just wanted to bring your “cause” into the classroom of a school which was established by a Church innately opposed to your efforts because she cares about souls. Not quite sure if you believe in souls and an eternal afterlife, Miss Basch, but your employer does. So, please, toddle off to corrupt young souls elsewhere with your lack of knowledge or conviction of the Catholic Faith, just don’t do it in a Catholic school. That has been the point all along. If you have an agenda, go to a place that welcomes it. Don’t expect to rail against an employer and have that employer give you the thumbs up!

You had a perfect “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in place, Miss Basch, but that’s not what you wanted. You wanted to openly undermine the teachings of the employer for whom you worked. I suppose this isn’t totally your fault. You and your ilk got away with it for so long because nobody ever seemed to care quite enough about the eternal souls of the children in the diocese. Clearly, Archbishop Cordileone does because he’s willing to go through hell to ensure these students are going to receive the One True Faith instead of the watered down version they’ve clearly been receiving up until now. Thank you, Archbishop Cordileone, for leading our Church through these difficult times.


16 thoughts on “Magic Queer Powers!

  1. How can we keep them from getting away with comments like this one made by little Hugh: condemning me and my community as “gravely evil.”… It’s not the person for goodness sakes…it’s the actions. Yeah, I know. It helps to play the victim because you identify your self as being your actions. Why would they need to play the victim if they have Magic Queer Powers™ anyway?

    And then Miz Abi blurts out: I AM LGBT!

    That makes me wonder if these people are claiming to be lesbian. gay, bisexual and transgender all at the same time? No wonder they’re confused. And for sure what was she doing teaching in our Catholic school?

    (I’m sorry, it’s past my bedtime and I’m probably giddy.)

    Thank you, Mad Mom, for pointing out little Hugh’s speech and Miz Abi’s letter. Great insight into the #TeachAcceptance mentality. With that and the Satanic unveiling in Detroit and the Planned Parenthood exposè videos I need to know that there are still Catholic believers out there.

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    1. It’s one of the fallacies of the heresy of Modernism: You are your sin. So if someone preaches against your sin they are attacking you.
      They are so far off reality they fail to see that beyond our concern for the young souls they are corrupting, that we are concerned with the state of their souls too. I no more want to see Ms. Basch a guest of the Evil One for eternity than I do one of her young charges, irregardless of the fact that I am glad to see her exit from a position where she can continue to corrupt the souls of diocesan students. I continue to pray her confusion will be cleared by God’s grace.

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  2. Not much you can do about what they say. They’ve all been raised on “If you say it enough, it’ll be true!” All you can do is to call them on it. I’m reasonably sure Hugh hasn’t actually cracked a catechism in his classes (I know I never did and I’m pretty sure it’s worse). Generation after generation have been mislead. There isn’t any wonder why Archbishop Cordileone is running into craziness. The patients have been running the asylum far, far too long.

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  3. A+ for your post! Nothing more to add other than an echo of your concluding sentence: “Thank you, Archbishop Cordileone, for leading our Church through these difficult times.”

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  4. OMM,

    When someone starts talking about their magic queer powers, you’ve got to ask yourself what sort of spiritual reality they are talking about, for there are many spiritual powers at work in the world. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12). In fact, as we all know this struggle is not at root intellectual or political, and not against flesh and blood, either. With their magical queer powers, whatever they are, these people are playing with spiritual fire.

    The MQP, whatever they are, are probably the soul of the LBGT. Or am I taking what is merely a silly phrase too seriously? Personally, I think it would be a mistake to write it off as merely silly. Insanity is not silly, and these people are truly out of touch with reality. A big part of the problem is that they are out of touch with reality massively and together and are under the sway of forces that would like to take them and us and our children together with them to perdition. Evidently these forces have in some way manifested themselves as powers at the disposal of the Queer community. That I do not doubt for a minute.

    Like the N word among blacks, the Q word is much used among the “LBGT” community but somehow it is offensive for outsiders to make use of it. Surrendering to this element of political correctness is a strategic mistake imho. It’s the same sort of mistake we made post Jan 22, 1973 when we in pro-life were at pains to use the “correct” diction and referred to the unborn as fetuses, when we should have been referring to them as babies from the get-go. The emotional and rhetorical weight differs greatly in these two terms.

    The same sort of thing goes for “queer.” For me the classic argument against the homosexual juggernaut is that they want us to accept “queer” as normal, but if we accept queer as normal, then we ourselves would be queer by definition. We should emphasize that “queer” is their term for themselves, but we prefer to be normal. Most people want to be normal, normal above all. But you cannot be normal and queer at the same time, just like you cannot be male and female at the same time.

    The “LBGT community” is their term for our use, as is “gay,” but if we use it we are playing by their rules on their turf. Not a great strategy for victory. (To be clear none of the above re diction is commentary on your columns or diction, since I have not been here every day and have no idea). Rhetorically speaking it seems that using “queer” is the way to go, since it is shorthand for many truths.

    Anyway, OMM, thanks for all you do.

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  5. I think Terry is right on the money. There is no difference between the person and the sin anymore. In fact, there is a belief that there is no sin – just what feels right to them and what they want to do. It’s a dangerous way to live.

    I find it interesting that we are supposedly the divisive ones. Personally, I want to be known as a faithful Catholic. I don’t want to be known as gay, straight or any of the other cliassifications people like to come up with these days. This us against them mentality is truly crazy. Just more reasons why Catholicism equals sanity. There is one Truth to believe and not a revolving door of truth which, of course, is not truth at all.


  6. How can I open up NCRegister, New Advent or Drudge and find this site? I do not know how you do it, and do not yet totally understand the local ‘politics’, but you ma’am are a genius. I will donate somehow. Keep on keeping on. God Bless.

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  7. I am looking for the for the applause button but can’t seem to find it. Just so you know I am here in my pyjamas giving you a standing ovation. I couldn’t agree with you more!

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  8. Magic queer powers? What the heck is that. Oh, does that mean the power to hold children hostage and try to engage them in immoral acts! Because the only power that Ms. Basch will ever see IS THE POWER OF GOD OR SHOULD I SAY THE WRATH OF GOD. Or how about we know say, “MAGIC ARCHBISHOP CORDILEON CATHOLIC POWER”. YAHOOO! Thanks One Mad Mom!

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