The Tale of Two Things

Two interesting things ran across my desk last week. The first is a video of Assemblyman Phil Ting’s “hearing”: Please give it a good watch to see the crud we deal with in the SF Archdiocese, but make sure you don’t eat right before you watch. The teachers seem to have a problem with the newly discovered (by them) words of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Why? Probably because they have never bothered to study the teachings of the Church and understand how they are there for our spiritual well-being. This, of course, is not limited to those with same-sex attraction. They also have no regard for the Catholic Church’s teachings on life or sexual morality in general.

Contrast that attitude with an email I received last week. I am reprinting it with permission from “Tom from Michigan.” I asked his permission because I feel it describes the truth of the Catholic Church’s teachings and her love for our brothers and sisters with same-sex attraction. I know it exemplifies the love of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone!

I want all people suffering from same-sex attraction to find the peace and love Tom found in the arms of the Church. Tom has clearly gone past the sound bites and studied the actual Church teachings. Thank you, Tom! Personally, I hope you might start a blog on your journey to the Church. Like I’ve said before, when I want to learn how to deal with struggles in my married life and raising children, I find people who have dealt with the same struggles. I hope more people with same-sex attractions that have found hope, comfort and peace in the Church can help those with the same struggles.

Tom from Michigan writes:

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your comments.

I would also like to share something. I am a 56-year-old man who suffers from same-sex attraction. I was initiated into the Church on June 1, 2014. Before September, 2013, I had never stepped foot inside a Catholic church. I was, in fact, an agnostic secular humanist. God used Pope Francis to light a fire in me, and the more I learned about the Catholic Church, the more I realized it is the true Church of God and where I wanted to be.

In my two-year journey, I have encountered nothing but kindness and acceptance in the Catholic church and her members. In fact, I feel safer as a “gay” man among Catholics than I do as a devout Catholic among “gay” people. I haven’t told everyone about my sexual orientation, but those who I have told have accepted me with open arms (including one Cardinal who is general portrayed by the media as “hateful”–he is in fact one of the kindest, charitable men on the planet). My few remaining LGBTQI (it’s hard to remember all those letters) acquaintances have not been at all supportive in my journey of faith.

My point in sharing this is that people should not assume that Dignity and New Ways speak for all Catholics who suffer from same-sex attraction. Nor should they assume that every one of us (Catholic or not) identifies as a member of the so-called LGBTQI community, or that HRC and GLAAD speak for us. Personally, I belong to Courage and I wish every bishop in America would support Courage and its mission.

Keep writing! Keep defending the true faith and the true Church! Keep defending Archbishop Cordileone!

God’s Blessings, Tom

Wonderfully written, Tom! Thank  you so much for allowing me to share.  For everyone else, if you are suffering from same-sex attraction, please look into the Courage Roman Catholic Apostolate at I know several of the priests involved in my area, and they are all wonderful, holy, men! We are all in this Catholic life together and the Catholic Church has something for everyone to help us lead a life of heroic virtue no matter what life throws at you!

8 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Things

  1. I will watch the video of Phil Ting after breakfast has digested.
    Tom! The Truth does set you free! Thank you for giving permission to OMM to share your email. She is like a voice crying out in the wilderness these days and it was so good to hear from you. Take care and God’s blessings!

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  2. Thanks for the warning, nancy b.

    Tom, thank you for your heartfelt words. I believe I know some men who see things as you do, but since they carry their cross without advertising it I support them in prayer. God bless you!

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  3. Tom,

    There’s a blog called, “That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill” which was started a number of years ago by a British man with same-sex attraction It’s excellent. He has spoken of his own journey from being part of the gay life-style to his return to the Catholic Church. The man is very pro-active in fighting for the faith. He also is chairman of the “Guild of Titus Brandsma”. He writes beautifully (why are so many English people able to do that?) and I think you’ll find it a blog that offers a great deal of spiritual nourishment. Here is the link:

    Lawrence recently married, so don’t think that the above information is incorrect if you see him mention that.

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  4. Thank you, everyone, for the kind remarks, and thank you, “madmom,” for not letting people get away with lies and falsehoods about the true Church and its faithful leaders. God Bless.

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  5. How long will they permit Tom to use the phrase “suffering from same-sex attraction”? Here, in California, can a parent go to a licensed therapist and say “can you help us? Our son is suffering from same-sex attraction. He needs to get control of this; it will destroy his life?”

    On a shake of a dog’s tail CPS will be knocking at their door.


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