Imagine: Is This How John Thought It Would Turn Out?

I think we have seen enough people commenting on Laudato Si today.  I’m not going to touch that one.  There would seem to be a lot of different interpretations around from various people I’d tend to consider faithful Catholics.  I’ll have to hunker down and read it soon.  I, myself, wasn’t too worried, but others seemed to be in a near panic about its release.  From what little I’ve read, “Be good Catholics!” has seemingly been the message.

Instead, I am going to focus on the terrible shooting in South Carolina and what’s been coming out of the liberals mouths ever since: “Guns! It’s all the fault of the guns!”  Sorry, Mr. President and all your loyal followers, this is your fault that this has happened over and over again!  When you teach the nation’s children on a daily basis that belief in God is wrong, killing children in the womb is right, and morality is whatever you want to make of it, this is what you get.  There is no belief that life is sacred.  I’m not really sure how any of you liberals can honestly look America in the eye and call this shooting evil.  I can, but can you?  You’ve said time and again that murder is a choice and reality is what you want it to be, not what it actually is.  What did you expect?  I’m sure this young man had a reality all his own.  You rubber stamped his right to his reality so his wishes and whims superseded everyone else’s.  What?  That’s not what you meant?

Archbishop Wuerl spoke to the AFL-CIO the other day (  The speech didn’t get a lot of play, but it was, once again, actually pretty good.  I’m not yet used to “bold Catholicism” coming out of his mouth, but it is so refreshing!  Somebody always has to chime in with, “Yeah, we’ll see about that,” but frankly, I don’t care what the man did or didn’t do yesterday, he’s been kind of awesome as of late.  Keep it up Cardinal!  To the rest of us, give credit where credit is due.  One part of the speech, in particular, hit me when I heard about the shooting in South Carolina:

A number of years ago I was invited to speak at the Catholic Center at Harvard University. The designated theme was “The Role of Faith in a Pluralistic Society.” At the conclusion of my presentation, a skeptical professor who self-identified as an atheist and who taught in the law school was the first to present a question. He asked, “What do you people think you bring to our society?”

The reference to “you people” was to the front row of the audience that was made up of representatives of a variety of religious traditions, all of whom were in their appropriate identifiable robes.

Since he was a lawyer, I asked if he would mind if I answered his question with a question of my own. When he nodded in agreement, I asked: “What do you think the world would be like if it were not for the voices of all of those religious traditions represented in the hall? What would it be like if we did not hear voices in the midst of the community saying, you shall not kill, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness?

What would our culture be like had we not heard religious imperatives such as love your neighbor as yourself, do unto others as you would have them do to you?

How much more harsh would our land be if we did not grow up hearing, blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, blessed are the merciful, blessed are the peacemakers?

What would the world be like had we never been reminded that someday we will have to answer to God for our actions?”

To his credit, the man who asked the question smiled broadly and said, “It would be a mess!”

Well, America, welcome to the mess that’s been created by vilifying the unborn, the elderly, Christianity in general, Catholicism in particular, and ignoring morality. You reap what you sow, and you’ve sowed it well. Guns are not the evil that killed these people. The lack of respect for God, the devaluing of human life, and the blatant disregard of the consequences of our actions led to this tragedy. Give yourselves a pat on the back for this one, liberals. You wanted to “Imagine” it like John Lennon, and you’re seeing what it will be like if Christianity doesn’t fight back with everything they’ve got.

Cardinal Wuerl goes on to say:

Recent popes have spoken about certain social and cultural challenges in our world today, including relativism, which denies the existence of objective truth and the natural moral order; secularism, which treats religion as a solely private matter and thus dismisses appreciation of God and the importance of religious faith, values and institutions in the public square; materialism, which can all too easily focus attention on personal gain at the expense of the common good and the needs of others, and individualism which can center on the self and lose sight of our dependence on others as well as the responsibilities that we bear towards each other.

There also persist in our culture various ideologies and mentalities which view all of social life through the lens of economic class, ethnic, racial or sexual identity, ideology or political party preference. Here, we see the separation of people into competing interests.

Pope Francis with his clear words and inviting ways offers a powerful counterpoint to these forces. He speaks often in opposition to a “globalization of indifference” and a “throwaway culture” in our world today, “according to which everything is disposable. A culture that always leaves people out of the equation” – the unborn, young people, the elderly, the sick, those who are deemed to be of no use (Interview, Radio of the Archdiocese of Rio, July 27, 2013).

Can anyone look around the world we’ve seen lately and deny that we live in a throwaway culture?  We literally throw human beings away on a daily basis! Society no longer says there is an objective truth a la Dolezal and Jenner. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone (#cardinalcordileone) knows all too well that natural moral order went out the window a long time ago for those railing against him.  Now we have 9 dead because society convinced a kid that none of the people he shot had intrinsic value.  Heck, he might not have thought them people at all because objective truth went bye-bye.  There was no thought about the consequences of his actions, let alone about God or life. People are going to have to stop blaming everything other than the what is actually causing this to happen. Plain and simple – society has made these kids this way. The liberals pushed for moral relativism, and the Catholic Church let them roll right over them for the sake of political correctness.  Basically, a few good men did nothing.  Edmund Burke was right about that one.

I’m hoping the new generation of a few good men will do something or we will just keep living in a dystopian novel of insanity and violence.  The Catholic Church has got to lead the way on this one.  Not only do they need to rally each other, they need to rally all of Christianity.  The laity must urge our cardinals and bishops to lead this fight as much as we possibly can because I hate to imagine the insanity that awaits our future grandchildren if we fail.


28 thoughts on “Imagine: Is This How John Thought It Would Turn Out?

  1. Another great piece! I’m glad that you decided to not cover the Pope’s Encyclical: it’s everywhere and I think that some people take it too personal when the Pope spoke a lot of the poor and doesn’t seem to glorify the rich. Some are seeing it as not appreciating rich Catholics and they miss the point entirely.

    It is awful what has happened in South Carolina and I am glad that you covered it from a Catholic perspective and respect for life. But I don’t think that your “gun control and liberals” angle is the correct one. Yes, this guy shoot these nine black mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and daughters because he didn’t see them as human. In fact, he doesn’t value himself to begin with and the only way for him to find an anchor it seems was through hate…Moral relativism indeed at its best and this secular society never prepared this young man to know that every human life is precious. But there’s a historical dimension here that you need to consider: he went from Columbia to Charleston to kill these people at a Church that is associated with resistance since slavery…Denmark Vesey organized a slave rebellion out of this Church and was executed subsequently. Between this crime yesterday and the Vesey rebellion, there has been a history of white supremacy over blacks that the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement put an end too…Dylan Roof seems to be reminiscing about the past and committed a terrible crime that hurts the nation regardless of color, creed, or political lines.

    That being said, there is a gun control issue here and I think it’s crass to sweep it under the rug. What if you were to look at the push for total freedom of gun ownership as the same as the push for total freedom to kill babies or the total freedom to mutilate one’s body because supposedly one is Caitlin Jenner and not Bruce Jenner, or the total freedom to kill a baby in the womb (abortion). Once you look at them all together, it’s not about liberals vs conservatives, it’s about the desire to EMPOWER some to kill and to commit evil …it’s to establish the conditions for the devil to do what he does best. Often in discussion about gun control, I find that conservatives have the same knee jerk reaction that liberals have when their pet issue is attacked and shown it’s evil or irrational. Yes, a good individual who knows right from wrong won’t use a gun to kill, but how many are there around? How many individuals can resist the devil’s urge to commit evil? Meanwhile, nine people are dead.

    Gun Control is not about preventing responsible people to own gun: it’s about preventing the mentally sick like Dylan to own guns and do harm like they did at Columbine and that kindergarten school in Connecticut two years ago.


    1. Gun control doesn’t work. If reports are correct, Dylann was ineligible to own a gun in the first place. He had a felony drug charge. It’s also illegal to make a strawman purchase for someone who has been charged with a felony.

      Also, look at Norway who had one of the biggest mass shootings exer (or maybe the biggest-don’t know). They have very strict gun laws. Sadly, where there is a will, there is a way. A couple of years ago there was a mass knife attack in TX.

      You could make an argument that anyone who kills is mentally ill but I believe there is a bit more going on here. People have been mentally ill for thousands of years and they don’t necessarily commit mass shootings. This is happening far too often. Like I said, there is no value to life anymore and society has created such monsters.


      1. I wouldn’t compare the Norway mass shooting with the issue of gun control here. It was horrific with 77 people killed in an hour and a half BUT that was an exception in a country where such killing rampages don’t occur. In 1996 a gunman entered a kindergarten school in England and killed 16 kids and teachers. Very strict gun control laws were passed after that. I haven’t heard England in the news for mass shootings since then. 20 kids are killed at Sandy Hook in Connecticut, little babies and people still justify the “freedom” to own guns…

        In any case, demanding unrestricted freedom for gun ownership is the exact same thing as demanding the “freedom” for abortion. I don’t see how one can reject one and not the other. Both of them are request to kill and Dylan’s favorite victims are of a certain skin tone. Have you seen “Bowling for Columbine”? it’s a pretty good documentary on the animus driving those on the gun control band wagon.


        1. You can totally compare Norway to the United States in regard to the fact that if a killer wants to kill he will. You can also point to other countries like China where 29 people were killed in a mass knifing there. In China, civilians aren’t allowed to possess any firearms.

          Bowling for Columbine was hardly a good documentary and held very little factual anything. I’d google that one for their stat issues. When it comes to gun stats, we rely on John Lott. He was an anti-gun stat guy who tried to prove his point using stats and got just the opposite results when his extensive stats were done. He talks about the England case here. Gun control isn’t even close to the reason why stats in murder rates rise and fall in countries. You have to take in the vast amount of factors such as number of police force, penalties for gun crimes, etc. Lott compares a lot of stats.


          1. BTW, in regards to certain skin tones…I agree. Dylann’s killing spree was racially motivated. That’s yet another thing Wuerl dealt with but what it comes down to is a fundamental lack of belief in God and the sanctity of each life regardless of color.

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          2. You can’t compare the US and Norway on this matter. The issue is not whether people in other countries kill with guns or knives…the ISSUE is why does it happen so often in this country. We can always point to a place somewhere on the planet where a violent killer has gone on a rampage. This kind of defense or argument is a tactic of evasion. True that Bowling for Columbine produces a particular point of view that does not necessarily reflect the “facts” but it did not put words in Charlston Heston’s mouth which was this primal fear of “others” … “I need my guns because I’m surrounding by enemies” and when he got pushed those “enemies” were of course racial others (native Americans, blacks).

            But let’s put the documentary aside, I’ll share these two articles which shows the statistics on mass killings in the US compared to other countries and the rate at which African Americans are killed at compared to other countries (other countries that don’t pretend to be democratic by the way)




          3. I’m not concerned with why it happens here or there. It’s on the rise world wide and I know why. Guns or other weaponry is not the issue. I agree. That said, if you are going to debate the gun issue then you need to compare apples to apples and Bowling for Columbine doesn’t even come close to doing this.

            Also, as far as the Heston quote goes…Couldn’t find it but I know that Bowling for Columbine took some serious liberties with Heston’s quotes so I always ask to see in context.


        2. I honestly say this with love: Nobody is demanding unrestricted freedom for gun ownership. We simply don’t want any further restrictions than those already in place. Furthermore, OMM’s larger point is clear: when a mass shooting occurs, political and religious leaders often demand more restrictions against freedoms for gun ownership, when in fact, the problem is not guns, but people’s lack of moral clarity and lack of belief in God. God bless and have a great wknd.
          Ted Condo

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          1. I agree with you that people’s lack of moral clarity and lack of belief in God is the root of the issue…But as a mother, I’d hate to have to go through what the Sandy Hook parents have gone through or what the families of the Charleston victims are going through. So yes, I totally believe that it’s an ethical issue here and loss of faith having to do with God. But I would hate to be shedding tears one day because someone’s access to gun could have been restricted but was not and all I’m left with is “well, your daughter is dead because there’s a lack of moral clarity and lack of believe in God” in the killer. I believe in God and I pray every time I step outside and for those that I hold dear but I pay taxes and it’s not to be killed because a preventable disaster was not prevented because of some people’s supposed entitlement to some “right”…

            I agree that no one is demanding unrestricted freedom for gun ownership. But my local walmart carries them right next to the bike sections along with ammunition. That’s not control to me. buying a deadly weapon in the same store as you buy diapers and lotion is not control.


  2. Reblogged this on Deaconjohn1987's Blog and commented:
    One Mad Mom said: “Well, America, welcome to the mess that’s been created by vilifying the unborn, the elderly, Christianity in general, Catholicism in particular, and ignoring morality. You reap what you sow, and you’ve sowed it well. Guns are not the evil that killed these people. The lack of respect for God, the devaluing of human life, and the blatant disregard of the consequences of our actions led to this tragedy. Give yourselves a pat on the back for this one, liberals. You wanted to “Imagine” it like John Lennon, and you’re seeing what it will be like if Christianity doesn’t fight back with everything they’ve got.” She’s got that right!

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  3. Spot on! My only objection is referring to the killer as a ‘kid.’ He is an adult. If the shooter had been an 18 year old black man we would be insisting he be called a man.


    1. I’m a mom. I’ve reached the point where anyone younger than my kids is a kid. 😉 You are technically correct that he is an adult. I just can’t see him that way. Maybe it is just my age and I really don’t think this about my kids but it really seems like the young adults today (for the most part – always exceptions) are stunted in their maturity. The race thing isn’t an issue for me. Again, I think it’s the fault of society. A lot of these “kids” have been living in a world with no consequences for their actions so why should they ever give it a thought.


  4. Playing devil’s advocate, may I submit that, prior to the rise of liberalism in this country, lynchings, torment, and other forms of discrimination were all to common.


    1. It’s either right wing extremists or liberals, right? They’re just the opposite sides of the same coin. Neither are following God nor respecting the intrinsic value of all humans. Interestingly enough, the extremes of both these sides seem quite intent on race baiting, they also seem to both have fascination of drugs, death and cannot seem to get past history. Actually, I think you could come up with a long list of similarities. That’s pretty much how you turn out when you ditch truth and morality. That said, the “skinhead” crowd hardly has control of the national media or the educational system. That’s all the liberals and they are very influencial to our young.


      1. Actually the skinheads do have their people in government. The judge who sat at that terrorist (I’m not gonna refer him by name anymore and insult the victims) bail hearing is on record hurling very racist words to a defendant. The Confederate flag which to any one with common sense is a symbol of hate and the belief that one has the right to own another human being is flying high on the state Capitol in Columbia. So the skinhead really do have their people in power locally and nationally.

        You know, this country is going down the drain not because of liberals but because of self-identified liberals and self-identified conservatives who refuse to think from the heart when confronted with difficult issues. Neither group can admit when what they stand for is intrinsically wrong and doesn’t benefit the common good. You persist in calling this terrorist a “kid” and say that he reminds you of your own “son” but my question is would you call a young Muslim or black kid a “kid” after he or she had committed such a heinous crime?


    2. Thank you!!! I didn’t want to state the obvious because I didn’t want this to be about liberals versus conservatives. But to see Dylan’s case in isolation is to reject the history here which is that the defense of gun ownership is tightly linked to this country’s racist past which is not the same to say that gun owners are racist, far from it.


  5. First of all, you have no idea if Dylann Root believed in and respected God. Lot’s of people who profess a belief in God also commit racist acts. People throughout history have committed atrocities in the name of God time and time again.

    Also, there is something else I don’t understand. You think it’s okay for people to have guns. I assuming that’s because you think people should be able to protect themselves in the event of a crime. By protecting themselves, they kill the person assaulting them. Why it is okay to kill that person? You say a woman who has been raped shouldn’t have a choice to have an abortion. Why should you have a choice to use a gun to kill someone who is committing violence against you. He is also a child of God. Why do you have a right to use a gun to kill them?


    1. Oh yes, I do know he didn’t believe or respect the True God. That’s evidenced by his actions.

      TT, read the catechism. I’m not really sure how you can condemn a religion you don’t even know. Self-defense follows the Gospel of life. Killing an innocent human being does not. Catholic 101. Choosing to kill a baby conceived by abortion is blaming the child for the sins of the father. What kind of society should rubber stamp that?


  6. TT– The fact that one possesses a gun might just prevent the hypothetical assault that you put forth. Especially if the perp thinks you might be armed. And yes, if someone is coming after me (or my family) to inflict harm, I will defend myself with what I have at hand.

    What would you have a person do? Surrender completely? That doesn’t always save a life these days.

    Is this what you call tolerance?


    1. So why should a woman who is pregnant through rape, a violent crime, surrender completely? Either a life is sacred or it is not.


        1. Good questions, tg.

          This is why the Church teaches one can never commit an evil act… even if a supposed “good” may come from the action:

          “It is therefore an error to judge the morality of human acts by considering only the intention that inspires them or the circumstances (environment, social pressure, duress or emergency, etc.) which supply their context. There are acts which, in and of themselves, independently of circumstances and intentions, are always gravely illicit by reason of their object; such as blasphemy and perjury, murder and adultery. One may not do evil so that good may result from it.” (CCC 1756)

          The Church teaches this because Christ taught it.

          God bless you tg,
          Catechist Kev


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