The Great Retread

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the letter to end all letters, straight from the “Concerned Parents” Facebook page!  Oh, wait… Never mind.  What a letdown!  It’s just a retread from February.  I, personally, found it ridiculous from start to finish.  I think they were trying to be poetic but it’s just nonsensical.  If you need some comic relief, here’s the link to the “Great Retread”:

Note the dramatic title:  “The Great Reversal.”  What is “The Great Reversal,” you ask?  Well, it’s a reversal from believing the teachings of the Church to not believing them.  Was that a big secret?  I’m reasonably sure people have noticed this by now.  Remember when “great” used to mean something?

 An open letter to students from concerned parents

Decades before you were born, we, your parents, grew up in Catholic and other schools where no one was “out.” We heard the term “fag” thrown around classrooms and hallways with casual cruelty. There was overt bullying and brazen gossip based on perceived sexual orientation. There was occasional violence. There was loneliness and even despair among our peers who knew they were “different.” There were suicides as well as descent into slower forms of self-destruction. There was anger smoldering beneath the surface among those who knew they would never be accepted. Our teachers and school leaders? Silent or worse.

I’m sure most of these supposed “Concerned Parents” were not in high school “decades before you were born”.  I think most of us have children in the first decade after we graduate.  I suppose more and more are selfishly putting that one off now, though.  “Gotta have my career, my car, my house – kids come last around here!”  Still, my youngest child in a long line wasn’t even born “decades” after I graduated.  So let’s just say we’re, maybe, talking about high school in the 80s.

Guess what?  I went to Catholic high school in the Bay Area in the 80s. Rampant abuse wasn’t to be found.  In fact, a couple of the kids who considered themselves “gay” and who everyone else thought were “gay” were class and school officers! While an occasional fight broke out amongst the boys, it was never aimed at these guys or girls.  It was usually the jocks fighting over a stolen girlfriend.  Here’s the real shocker!  I didn’t grow up in “progressive” San Francisco.  I grew up in the conservative ‘burbs.  There weren’t teachers hiding violence and shaming of homosexuals because it wasn’t happening.  I can’t believe the blatant dramatic lies being told to affect this generation!

You young students, our sons and daughters, in Catholic Schools in the last decade have grown up with a new reality. You have peers “out of the closet,” and you see that their human dignity is not diminished by their sexual orientation, and you indeed celebrate your unity undergirding the differences. You also have peers whose families are led by gay or lesbian parents; you visit them, they welcome you into their homes, you see their full humanity flowering in their families. Some of you live in such families, newly protected by laws recognizing civil same sex marriage. You may know a classmate who was conceived by in vitro fertilization. You do not see the circumstances of his or her conception as changing in any way the inheritance as a child of God. You include them in your circles without question. This is new, this is a blessed change.

Again, drivel. In fact, I’d have to say violence against all classes has gone up and it has nothing to do with following the teachings of the Catholic Church. In fact, it’s for the polar opposite reason. The only reason people are hyping this fear frenzy against the Catholic Church is because they want the Church to accept their way of life and to influence these kids to think the exact same way. I’ve already discussed the lame “in vitro” argument here

The canard has been repeated time and again, but who in the hell is looking at any of the groups listed in their last paragraph and calling these children evil?  Oh, yeah, nobody in the Catholic Church.  How about you stop telling your children that the Catholic boogeyman is under their bed?  If you don’t want them exposed to Catholic teaching, take them out of the evil Catholic school.  Let me tell you again, for the slower learners: the Catholic Church believes that every human life is sacred.  You people, trying desperately to convince these kids with your dramatic soliloquies, are the ones who place limits on the value of human life.  You promote fulfilling your life before you have children as if they are a hindrance to your happiness.  You promote discarding children for your convenience, because of their sex or their race, or because there are too many of them.  You degrade women by promoting using them for their fertility or renting their womb for a nice paycheck, and you don’t give a darn about depriving children of their biological parents.  Want to deny that?  You can’t, so get over your sanctimonious selves!  You are the reason that kids value and respect life so little that they are beating the snot out of each other!

Then there’s the Catholic Church. Here’s what she says:

2270 Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.

Note, it doesn’t say “gay” human life, straight human life, black, white, or any other color human life.  It’s ALL human life.  The Catholic Church doesn’t place limits on the value of each unique soul.  That would be you.

“There is no going back.”

Going back to what?  The farcical portrait they’ve painted of the Catholic high schools “decades before their kids were born?”  Please.  The Catholic Church has been constant. The “Concerned Parents” are the ones twisting themselves into pretzels.  They are the ones who show such abject disregard for life that suicides, brutality, and severe lack of respect for their fellow human being are running rampant.  The Catholic Church has been telling us this would be the end result of selfish, anti-life behavior for a long, long time.  You wanted to disregard the teachings of God?  You got death.

However, the language currently proposed by the Archbishop for your faculty’s handbook, in which active homosexuals, including those in marriages no matter how loving, are labeled “gravely evil”“ — that language is what is now repulsive to you.

OK, the “Concerned Parents” Facebook page might want to link to something a little more current.  First of all, “gravely evil” and all of the teachings cited in the original handbook (you’d better sit down for this!) come from the Catechism of the Catholic Church!  Next, the Archbishop actually removed the words “gravely evil” and just spelled out more of Catholic teaching on the subject.  Also, the Archbishop never said anyone was gravely evil.  Please drop the Sam Singer move.   As we’ve explained, time and again, only actions are called evil.  All those opposed to Archbishop Cordileone can come up with is a bunch of retread articles and the same three arguments over and over again.

What a reversal! Stay faithful to your new perception — and thank the current generation of teachers who have helped inform your consciences and boldly inspired you to believe that human dignity is indivisible. Stand with them, and start by learning more about human beings from all the disciplines you study, and most especially from your study of the Gospel of love, from the God who liberates slaves and all those oppressed, from the Spirit that stands with the truth of Church teaching based on the saving presence of God’s grace and mercy in our lives.

Remember, students, they are opposed to the Catechism.  They are repulsed by it, they want you to be repulsed by it, and they freely admit that the teachers are teaching the students to be repulsed by it.  Thanks for the honesty!  What happened to the teachers supposedly NOT teaching against the teachings of the Church?  And how about just a bit of a mention of learning what the Catholic Church teachings really are?  You also kind of left out the itty bitty part about SIN! That is precisely the problem these folks have.  They either no longer believe sin exists, or they believe sin is anything that disagrees with them.  Sorry, not reality. Sin is not based on your preferences.

Beware that your resistance to this handbook language does not get lost in anger or in a judgmental grudge against the Archbishop. We believe in loving even our opponents. We also know that God is God and we are human and we make mistakes. Believe in conversion, the turning of hearts and minds. As the Gospels exhort us: Be the salt of the earth, the light unto the world. Search for the pearl of great price and cherish it. Continue to put your arms around those of your peers who are most vulnerable to those and all hateful words, bring them close, wrap them in layers of protection and reassurance. They need and deserve your loving embrace.

Um, have they seen their Facebook page???  Their resistance was buried in anger and a judgmental grudge a long time ago!  Sadly, they are hoping Archbishop Cordileone and the rest of the faithful are going to convert to the secularized faith they hold dear.  That isn’t going to happen.  They missed the part of the Bible they cherry pick so well that says:

Sin offers death, for wages; God offers us eternal life as a free gift, through Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23

We’re going to choose to follow Christ Jesus our Lord!


13 thoughts on “The Great Retread

  1. Another good one, OMM! Way back in the ’80s, I was a student at the sort of school where The Great Reversal’s author might have taught. Okay, I’ll ‘fess up. It was THE school where he taught. I don’t believe that ‘gays’ were marginalized or bullied back then (anymore than anyone else). In fact, I remember a few of them receiving some of the school’s highest awards. However, unlike now, they weren’t viewed as heroes on account of their proclivities. The overwhelming majority of students wouldn’t have approved of the idea of two dudes getting ‘married.’ The overwhelming majority of students would have been disgusted by the very idea. So, yeah, things have changed. There has been a ‘great reversal.’ It’s not progress, though. It is a reversal from a traditional, common-sense outlook based on natural law… to degeneracy. And it’s mainly the result of the mass-media brainwashing.

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    1. Right. We didn’t treat them poorly at all. It was more of a “whatever” kind of attitude. If they were nice to you, you were nice to them. They didn’t, however, push their agenda on anyone else.


  2. Very powerful Mad Mom. Thanks so much. They write: ” Continue to put your arms around those of your peers who are most vulnerable to those and all hateful words, bring them close, wrap them in layers of protection and reassurance. They need and deserve your loving embrace.”

    I would (in vain) suggest to them to add: “Also, review Romans 1, 22-32, because if you indulge in homosexual acts or fornication you will end up in hell. You will also be lost for eternity if you promote or condone this immorality.”

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  3. Again God Bless you One Mad Mom for putting the truth out there for these confused people. YES, I agree, if you don’t like the Catholic teachings and think that it is evil or wrong then TAKE YOUR HAPPY LITTLE KIDS OUT OF THE VERY CHURCH/SCHOOL YOUR GRANDPARENTS WENT TO AND TRIED TO TEACH YOU THE VERY FAITH THAT YOU NOW HAVE TURNED AGAINST BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MEET YOUR WORLDLY NEEDS! I’m sure your grandparents taught you to have respect for the very Priest, Archbishop that now are trying to guide you back to our true faith. For 50 years the Catholic Church has been LAXED in it’s teaching and this is proof of it, your disrespect of the very Church God himself gave to Peter to build. I personally I’m ashamed of you actions and I’m ashamed that the teachings of the church for the last 50 years has steered you wrong and lead you astray to the evil one. Now the evil one has a hold of you and has made you hateful all the rest of us can do is PRAY FOR YOU. Pray that you embrace the teachings of the faith of your fore fathers and you learn that the Archbishop is only trying to protect you from evil as he prays for your souls wetter you like it or not. Now who is evil??

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  4. My dear OMM,

    Once again, all I can do is tip my St. Louis Cardinals hat (no offense Giants fans), and my head, and applaud.

    Nicely done!

    Do not think that you are not leading souls to the truth. You are. Thus, as Fran, Neto and others said above the *need* for the truth to be told, in season and out of season, is of paramount import.

    It is for the salvation of souls. In the end *that* is all that matters. Period.

    Catechist Kev

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  5. Again, right on! Public hiigh school in the early 1970’s was pretty similar to the parochial school in town for me; because we had values. As far as we were concerned, it was “live and let live:” no embracing diversity, I just wish everyone in authority would keep their private lives to themselves. Another related bible verse is Joshua 24:15, “And if you be unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Let them go the public schools and play their diversity games.

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  6. Thank you Mad Mom, I have been reading your articles and I pray for you and your family as you follow God path. I have also notice that the ‘concerned parents’ should be a bit more concern about that poor Mister Singer as he is on the side of the construction company that built the building where the six Irish students fell to their death in Berkeley.

    “Segue Construction, the Library Gardens general contractor, was involved in two San Francisco Bay Area lawsuits in recent years involving allegations of dry rot and substandard balconies at condo and apartment projects in Millbrae and San Jose. Among other things, Segue was accused of improperly waterproofing balconies.

    Both cases were settled in 2013 with Segue, developers and other parties agreeing to pay millions.

    Segue spokesman Sam Singer said such litigation is common on large projects and “has no bearing on the tragedy in the Berkeley.”

    “They are completely different projects. They are completely different types of balconies,” he said. Singer said of the balcony collapse: “Segue Construction has never had an incident like this in its history.”

    Where in the hearts of those concerned parents is their moral compass. It has been degaussed a long, long time ago.


    1. Oh my goodness! That was such a tragedy. Yes, Mr. Singer does need our prayers. It’s sad when you will do or say anything for the almighty dollar! Hope you don’t mind if I post this to the facebook page and twitter. Prayers for those children lost.


      1. I don’t mind and yes, you are so right on the prayers. I too have college age kids and my heart brakes for the families and friends. The sadness cuts deep into ones heart and soul.


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