Deep Thoughts from Fr. Richard

Awww… The “usual suspects” in the Diocese of Oakland are, apparently, tired of being ignored in their little corners.  Trying not to be outdone by the priests of the Council of Priests in San Francisco who leaked the conversations of their meeting, one from the Diocese of Oakland has penned this for his bulletin.  Note the title.  I’m not sure how the SATs went for him if this is his definition of the “Way of Humility.”  Please read here first and then finish the rest of this post on the subject.  I could never do justice to the craziness found in his missive.

Thoughts from Father Richard


Now that you’ve read it, let me explain to you that this is just bitterness from some three-time losers. Here’s a little history re-cap for the non-Californians: the liberals lobbied for a Cardinal Mahoney-style replacement for the Oakland Diocese way back (I’ve actually had a few more kids since then), but they got the wonderful Bishop Allen Vigneron instead (now Archbishop Vigneron – BAM!). They couldn’t bring him around to their way of thinking and, when he was elevated to archbishop and moved to clean up his home diocese, they got Bishop Salvatore Cordileone.  The third strike for them was the appointment of Bishop Michael Barber.  At his installation Mass, they all looked like someone had just shot their dog.  You have to feel a bit sorry for them (or maybe not).

Why am I saying “they”?  Well, there’s a little club over in the Oakland Diocese, and where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  Fr. Mangini is one of the only ones in the little club that still has a parish and bulletin in which to spout off, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you started seeing pieces penned from the rest.  They just can’t help themselves!

So let’s look at the points of “Thoughts from Fr. Richard.”  Right off the bat, why wouldn’t Fr. Mangini allow the Knights of Columbus in his parish to “pick sides” and donate financially as a parish group to his archbishop?  Isn’t it a bit hypocritical when he just used the parish bulletin (presumably paid for with donations to the parish – maybe even from the Knights!) to pick his side?  (Yeah, that’s exactly what he did!)  Oh, is it because they didn’t pick the right side?  Got it. Do you think he even noticed that he told a parish group not to side with the archbishop???

“How has all this come to be?” Fr. Mangini asks.  Well, it has nothing to do with altar boys, oratories, priests, and brothers from outside the diocese, but everything to do with the Archbishop clarifying that they must not tank Catholic teachings in the schools (not even anything new).  He points that out as the catalyst and then spins it, a la Sam Singer, into being about anything but that.  Now, as far as the “particular philosophy of Catholic Church life” that the priests “from outside the dioceses” (insert evil organ music here) AND the Archbishop adhere to – wouldn’t that be authentic Church teaching?  Fr. Mangini says it’s not “mainstream.”  Why would we keep fishing in that stream?  (See what I did there?)  It’s as dry and barren as most of California right now!  Star of the Sea was a DEAD parish for too long before the priests and brothers arrived.  Their infectious and loving personalities are attracting people to them.  People on the ground hardly find them “weird”, but way to cast aspersions, Fr. Mangini.

And we’re back to the altar girls – again.  (Dead horse alert!)  “Fanciful presumption?”  What’s his proof of that?  He might want to look at the vocation stats on the dioceses and/or churches that employ all boys for the job of serving at the altar.  Be ready for some sober realities – for him.  Yes, Father, more altar boys equals more future vocations.  In fact, our own USCCB report shows that 80% of the graduating class served as altar boys.  ( altar boys will make for more priests.  Will altar girls spur vocations to the priesthood?  (The words “he wishes” come to mind, but that’s just a hunch.)  He might also want to look at Church teaching from Redemptionis Sacramentum that I quoted in this  blog post (  Oh, that silly Catholic Church and her fanciful presumptions!

At this point, I just have to ask: does anyone else find Fr. Mangini’s condescending tone annoying?  “And using language such as ‘gravely evil’ is not helpful or welcoming or conducive to ‘bringing people along.’”   Somebody call the Pope, because there’s language in the Catechism of the Catholic Church that ain’t helpful, welcoming, or conducive to bringing people along!  Are we really supposed to keep sticking to the very broken game plan of not telling anyone what sin is, Fr. Mangini???  Because it’s worked so well so far? I think not. Some sins are gravely evil because they kill the soul! Letting someone rot in moral decay is hardly charitable or merciful, Father.  Ask the woman who’s had an abortion if she wishes someone told her the truth before it was too late.  You are aiding and abetting in the creation of lost people.

Moving on!  Yes, Fr. Mangini, let’s talk about how the teacher contracts have been handled in the Oakland Diocese.  Gotta give some Pinocchios for the misleading statements on this one.  Real ending to that story?  Those wishing to keep doing what they wanted to do without regard to the Faith lost.  Their only option was to say “He budged!” Really? Where did the budging occur? ( Did you see that budging?  Did you see something worked out to EVERYONE’S satisfaction? (Wouldn’t that be kind of impossible?)  The point is to work things out to God’s satisfaction.  Yes, Bishop Barber and Archbishop Cordileone both sat down several times with teachers and will likely continue to do so.  Aaannnnddddd???  Do you really expect them to check their canonical duties at the door?  I think they might just be a tad more worried about God than those who seek to undermine the teachings of the Church.

“While the bishop may have the juridical authority to teach and to lead in the Church (how nice of Fr. Mangini to acknowledge that an archbishop actually has authority), to do so arbitrarily and without collaboration or consultation is suicidal…”  Really?  Suicidal?  (As in grave? Wait a minute – I thought that wasn’t helpful???)   I realize it’s been a longtime theory in the Diocese of Oakland that the Church rules by consensus (or at least some believe it should), but I’m reasonably sure this isn’t in Canon Law, the Catechism, nor anywhere else, and actually runs counter to Catholic teaching.  “Let’s all take a vote now – do we believe this is Truth or not?”  Yeah, no.  How many of us think that the Archbishop walks into his office in the morning, stares out the window, and makes his weighty decisions with no consultation except from those lofty theologians?  (I’m sure someone is saying “Me!” right now.  Sam Singer, perhaps?  Some people have their own version of reality.)  Now, the Archbishop has consulted, consulted, and consulted again, and has still come to the conclusion that the Church teaching is what it is.  How shocking!  To say that the Archbishop hasn’t consulted with those involved is just silly and really just outright misleading.

Oh, and the Oratory of St. Philip Neri… What IS the big, stinking deal here?  This really annoys some of the priests.  I mean, really, really annoys them.  I mean they’re foaming at the mouth at a place hardly known of by Joe Parishioner.  Where is this bizarre jealousy coming from?  My theory is that the patients have been running the asylum a bit too long.  The paranoia is setting in.  I have yet to see one order from the archbishop to the other churches in the diocese that they must have anything to do with the oratory or must do anything just like the oratory.  Anyone else?  Did they take away a super prize from somebody else?  How dare they give this overflowing parish to someone from “outside the diocese”!  Oh wait, the average attendance was less than 60 at each Mass when the oratory arrived. Hardly a prize of which to be jealous.  What then is the problem?  If you simply see people from outside of the diocese as a threat, you have some insecurity issues. There are several priests “from outside the diocese” (cue the evil organ music again) working in the Archdiocese of San Francisco on loan for various reasons. Why aren’t people fuming about them?  Nope, it’s just the Oratory of St. Philip Neri that’s the problem.  That should tell you that there’s a little more to the story.  Again, see blog post linked above!

Last but not least – and this was a hoot – where is this “group of wealthy, conservative Catholics” who got us three faithful bishops in a row and how do I get to know them???  Next, where were they almost 40 years ago when it all started to go so wrong?  Heck, where were they before Archbishop Cordileone?  Did they magically fall out of the sky?  I know, it’s the Koch Brothers, right?  Would they like to sponsor a snarky blogger?  And one last thing – what the heck happened to San Diego?  Did the wealthy conservative Catholics from up here not contact the wealthy conservative Catholics down there?  Drinking the conspiracy theory punch much, Fr. Mangini?

I realize using the words “wealthy” and “conservative” are the key to many a successful campaign (which, have no doubt, this is), but it’s getting really rather trite, and I’m surprised to see the desperation of using it when talking about a bishop or archbishop.  It is rather ironic to float the “wealthy” and “conservative” after the group of wealthy and liberal Catholics just took out an ad against Archbishop Cordileone.  Were they not so wealthy until this year?  Why didn’t they muster a little campaign of their own after seeing what was going on in Oakland for the past 10 years?  Talk about stirring up a rumor mill.  It’s rather sad to see a priest involved in it.

Let’s all send up some prayers for the awesome Knights of Columbus from this parish who seek to support the very good archbishop!  The Knights do such great work and are vital to every parish.  Sorry your pastor chose to call you out (as if you were trying to do a bad thing) in the parish bulletin along with the archbishop and that mean ol’ Oratory.  Fr. Mangini would  probably call out his own family.  Oh wait… he already did in the open letter to his cousin, Cardinal Levada, as well as the man whom Cardinal Levada replaced, none other than Pope Benedict XVI, so you are in good company. (  Let’s all remember to pray for Fr. Mangini and his posse.  If the rest of them decide to “not pick sides” in Fr. Mangini fashion, I’ll mention them later. If you feel so inclined, please let Fr. Mangini know how you feel about his letter at .  Might be nice if he knew more than just those “wealthy, conservative Catholics” love Archbishop Cordileone, Fr. Illo, Fr. Driscoll, and the rest of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri.

Sam the Spin Doctor

I’m starting to realize that San Francisco can keep me in blog posts for the better part of the year.  I really have a thing for ranting about hypocrisy and outright lunacy.  Heck, Sam Singer, alone, could keep me in sarcastic remarks for months!

For those who missed my first outing in the blogosphere, Sam Singer is the guy whose reputation is now on the line if he doesn’t deliver Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s head on a platter (oh yes, she did reference Herod and John the Baptist).  I’m not really sure why he thought that would be a cake walk but he seems to be getting mighty frustrated tweeting he “won’t give up until Cordileone is gone.” (I don’t know why but “I’ll get you and your little dog too!” comes to mind when I read that one. Anyone else?)  Clearly he lives in a very myopic world and thinks everyone thinks like the “One Hundred Prominent Catholics” with whom he dines.

So let’s take a look at Singer.  I went to his website just to get a feel for what makes him proud.  You can see on his site that – He’s “The Fixer”, “is nationally known for handling some of most significant public affairs and crisis communications issues of the day”, “a master spin doctor” and one of his jobs has been labeled “best handled crisis of the year.”  Sounds like you are really in trouble and desperate when you hire Sam.  It makes perfect sense that he’d represent the people who are taking on 2,000 years of Catholic Tradition.  I mean, this is likely the case of his lifetime.  Why stop there, Sam? Imagine it – Sam Singer vs. God!  I’m reasonably sure that’s crossed his narcissistic mind.  Sam might want to read the end of the Bible to find out how that one turns out. Whatever did happen to Herod anyway?

Anyway, Sam’s been flinging spit balls at the wall to see what sticks.  Nothing really has, as much as he tries.

Morality Clause-Gate: This is where the fight really started.  Unfortunately (for those opposed to the Catholic Church), it’s the first in a string of non-issues.  Of course schools want their teachers to project Catholicism.  Some teachers, however, wanted to have their cake and eat it too.  They want to teach at a Catholic school but they don’t want to actually teach Catholicism.  In fact, some want to teach against it.  They want to sell abortion, birth control and same-sex marriage. The problem is, the rest of the world says, “Hey! There’s a place where you can get this.  It’s called public school!”  They think they picked a fight with the Archbishop, but I can tell you that they picked a fight with all of Christianity, and even some non-Christians who believe their faith should be freely taught in their schools and that this shouldn’t be impeded by those with some other agenda.

Fr. Illo-gate: Sam is trying so very hard to make Fr. Illo and Fr. Driscoll an issue and yet it’s another one that’s just not sticking.  It may stick around for the “100 Prominent Catholics”, Singer, and the liberals at the Star of the Sea School, but I was just at Star of the Sea for a “Mass Mob” and the Raymond Arroyo talk they sponsored, and support amongst the parishioners and the 500-600 that showed up at each event is not waning.  Anyone who has actually bothered to talk to Fr. Illo knows that none of the caricatures of him ring true.  It also doesn’t help Singer that all of the stuff he’s coming up with (altar boys, Examinations of Conscience, etc.) are very, very old news stories that didn’t come out until the Archbishop’s “morality clause” made news.  Everyone knows that, if it was truly a big deal, it would have been immediately in the news, not months or years later.  You also don’t bring up 10-year-old stories if you aren’t desperate.  BTW, Catholic World Report did a crack job filling in the details that were so conveniently left out. Hat tip to them!

Sprinkler Gate: Kind of a big faux pas to try to accuse a church that does more for the homeless than any other denomination of being anti-homeless people.   The church does have the right (and an obligation) to keep its property clean.  They also have a duty to keep people from harming themselves on the property. Preventing them from being in a place where they feel free to shoot up is a good thing!!!  Everyone knows that the homeless are always allowed on that property. They are just not allowed to use it as a bathroom nor a drug house.  Also, and this is really huge, where is the anger from those “100 Prominent Catholics” for the power washing of the homeless done Monday – Friday in front of their businesses on Market St.???  Those people are actually hit with power washers if they don’t move in time.  The readings are really high on the hypocrisy meter right now!  The Cathedral sprinkles two doors where excrement and needles are regularly found (the doors away from traffic, which makes for a perfect place to do such things) and doesn’t touch the rest of the property, and the Archbishop is evil? Riiiiggghhht!  I’ll tell him next time I see him out there washing down the property or trimming the bushes.

The last debacle for poor old Sam (and the biggest indication he should head for the nearest door) – THE poll!  Sam had his minions at SF Gate run a weekly poll on whether or not the Pope should remove Archbishop Cordileone.  Ouch!  That one really didn’t work and might possibly be his most epic miscalculation. I’m not even sure that I thought it would be the awesome landslide it was at 88% for Archbishop Cordileone staying and only 12% thinking he should go.  Supporters of his ouster are desperately pointing out it’s not a scientific poll.  Somehow we had some magical way of creating more of a landslide then they could (we’re Catholics, not magic fairies).  I’m sure there was nationwide support but they had the same week to garner support and it didn’t happen.

Sam just isn’t getting it (although he might be starting to).  Can he really think the Catholic Church, which has survived 2,000 years of persecution (yes I did mention those pesky 2,000 years again), is somehow going to bow to him?  Probably – I’m sure that’s what megalomania does to a person.  He’ll continue to dredge up ten- year- old stories that we all know about as if they are something new and salacious or maybe, if he’s lucky, he’ll find out that one of these holy men forgot to turn off the water while they brushed their teeth.  What a scandal that would be with California being in a drought and all!  Whatever it is, I’m sure he’ll keep spitting into the wind until someone gets tired of throwing their money into the fire.

Go see Little Boy!

Just a short note on this glorious Sunday-

Little Boy, the movie, was AMAZING! Half the time I go to faith based movies I’m disappointed in the super bad acting. This one didn’t leave me disappointed. I also have trouble finding good guy movies for my boys. They’re usually too mushy for their tastes or girly fairytales.   I was hoping maybe Avengers for my older son, but due to some of its content and his age it was a no-go. So, I looked up Little Boy and it looked pretty good, so we all went off to see it today as a way to ease the sting of no Iron Man or Captain America.

First, I think this is an awesome father/son movie! It showed a good relationship between father, mother and sons – for the first time in a long time, no dysfunctional family theme. Yay! It was also a great story about faith. How many times do you see a movie where the town priest actually suggests the Corporal Works of Mercy to build faith??? Heck, how many times do you see a movie where the town priest doesn’t look like an idiot! It was GREAT!

It was also full of typical boy themes – the town bully, super heroes, imagination, learning to stand up for yourself, etc. but with the added bonus of faith! I’d say 10 and up – any younger and they might lose interest after awhile – although the main character is supposed to be 8, but be forewarned that it does contain some violent scenes. In other words, don’t come at me with pitchforks – do your own homework. Unlike Avengers, there was no sexual content, bad language, or bashing of Catholicism. We will own this one someday!

The Weekend Post! – Thanks!

To say my life has been strange is an understatement. I’ve had so many weird circumstances in my life, I think I’ve lost track. So, the fact that this little blog blew up overnight (well, no explosions, but you get it) is par for the course, although still a bit of a shock (just like all the other twists and turns).

I cannot tell you how thankful I am to all the other blogs that have spiked me and to the people who sent it to them. I was totally unprepared for that. My husband would tell you I’m doing my best Sally Field around here “They like me! They really like me!” (Who am I kidding? My husband has no idea what I’m referring to, and I can’t stand Sally Field anyway.) I’m reasonably sure that you like my blog simply because I’m just echoing what’s already in your head.

Somebody made this comment: “Wow. Father Z and Pewsitter? Most of us were around for years before we got that kind of publicity.”

Uh, yeah, and don’t think I don’t know I owe those little, insignificant blogs (yes, that’s sarcasm) a serious debt of gratitude. Day 1, 256 visitors. Day 4 , almost 3,500! (I’m sure Fr. Z and Pewsitter are laughing at those stats since they are – well – AWESOME!) Thanks also to all the other blogs that have shared. It’s simply crazy but echoes what I’ve said a million times. Everyone needs to do this! Don’t think your thoughts are any less significant than mine. Say a prayer to the Holy Spirit and jump in! Start out with Facebook and see where it takes you. At the very least, you can pass along info from others (a certain woman’s blog perhaps) and educate your friends. There’s so much great info out there to be shared.

The internet is not evil. It’s a thing. Use it for good and it can be an awesome tool. We are living in the first age where you don’t have to have funding to get around the media or the liberals to get the word out! I’m still quite deficient in some areas. I have a personal twitter account but really don’t like it and rarely use it. I will learn how to use it if it helps my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren (you get the idea) more readily find true Catholicism. #onemadmomblog

We laity need to get over our fear of “activism”. We should all be active in some way! The clergy, heck, the Church need our defense. Of course we need to pray, and some of you are super stellar at it.   (I am the worst contemplative person on the planet. To say my mind wanders is an understatement. It’s on an all out vacation half the time. I’m in awe of contemplative people!) Organize an awesome Holy Hour and get more people with that very necessary skill of praying. No, not everyone has to be blogging, preaching on a street corner, etc., but I encourage you to do something outside of yourself. Leave the comfort zone. There were many different saints who did many different things and reached many different people. Some will say to you “You should do it this way!” or “You shouldn’t do it that way!” (I’ve heard both, many times.) Don’t let that discourage you and try not to discourage others. People need to realize that they may be called to do something completely different then someone else. It doesn’t mean their way is wrong, it just means it’s different. It’s entirely possible the Holy Spirit is guiding them to reach people you may be missing and vice versa. Get a good confessor, pray to the Holy Spirit and do SOMETHING no matter how small or insignificant you think it will be!

One last thing…People are actually commenting on the posts – a lot! Love it! I’m going to have to be a big girl and accept that I can’t answer all of them (which is super hard because I love to converse). Please know that I appreciate all the kind words, comments, pointing out my syntax errors (I do have two editors in the house but sometimes we’re all tired) and most definitely the prayers! Keep them coming!

You need to take your family on a picnic!

Trust me when I tell you that this is a very important event!  Don’t miss this chance to support Archbishop Cordileone!  It’s guaranteed to be a gorgeous day in the Bay!  You know the West Coast Walk for Life?  Same people but in May and no walking!!!  Please spread this one far and wide and join us if you can!  FYI from a mom – The Embarcadero BART station is right there so the kids can enjoy a train ride too.  Here’s a tip – 4 and under are free and you can get discounted kids (and over 65) tickets at select retailers (NOT at most BART stations).  Find a retailer here:

Archbishop Support Family Picnic


Every once in a while you read something and you just can’t help but laugh at the lunacy (although “once in a while” is probably pretty darn generous when it concerns SF Weekly). Here’s the article. Read it and then come back.

Back?  Alrighty!  (Did you know that’s not a word? It should be.)  Now that you’ve read it, first -how about the title?  “’I want education, not indoctrination’: Catholic Teachers and Students Protest Archdiocese.“  A graduating senior made that comment.  Hellloooo???  Kind of ironic don’t you think?  I guess indoctrination is fine as long as it comes from someone who’s leading a life contrary to the Faith? Do you think he realizes that the main point of a Catholic school’s existence is to teach children Catholic Doctrine?  Do you think he knows Canon Law exists?  To be fair, I probably didn’t at that age, but I went to 12 years of Catholic school so… I’m going to geek out on Canon Law again here:

Can. 803 §1. A Catholic school is understood as one which a competent ecclesiastical authority or a public ecclesiastical juridic person directs or which ecclesiastical authority recognizes as such through a written document.

  • 3. Even if it is in fact Catholic, no school is to bear the name Catholic school without the consent of competent ecclesiastical authority.

Can. 804 §1. The Catholic religious instruction and education which are imparted in any schools whatsoever or are provided through the various instruments of social communication are subject to the authority of the Church.  It is for the conference of bishops to issue general norms about this field of action and for the diocesan bishop to regulate and watch over it.


Can. 805 For his own diocese, the local ordinary has the right to appoint or approve teachers of religion and even to remove them or demand that they be removed if a reason of religion or morals requires it.

Can. 806 §1. The diocesan bishop has the right to watch over and visit the Catholic schools in his territory, even those which members of religious institutes have founded or direct.  He also issues prescripts which pertain to the general regulation of Catholic schools; these prescripts are valid also for schools which these religious direct, without prejudice, however, to their autonomy regarding the internal direction of their schools.

  • 2. Directors of Catholic schools are to take care under the watchfulness of the local ordinary that the instruction which is given in them is at least as academically distinguished as that in the other schools of the area.

So, my young graduate-to-be, the Catholic school to which your parents chose to send you is actually supposed to impart doctrine to you, but you have apparently been indoctrinated in ANTI-Catholicism.  Just so you understand, the Archbishop is actually bound, legally (by the laws of the Catholic Church) to make sure sound doctrine is imparted to you.  He actually doesn’t have a choice to turn a blind eye to it.  (I’m kind of wishing his predecessors had noticed this so we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.)

The second important thing to notice in this article is that 100-ish teachers – heck, let’s be generous and say 200-ish – parents, union peeps, and parents showed up at this rally.  (In fact, the largest rally/vigil I saw yet seemed to be about 200 people TOTAL.)  Let’s do a little math here, and not that insane Common Core stuff. Based on the number of teachers listed in previous articles for the four high schools (315 teachers) who are involved in the new and improved morality clauses in their contracts, and the student enrollment listed on Wikipedia for the same four schools, that’s just over 4,000 people.  That doesn’t include the parents of said students.  Let’s be super conservative and say that they are all one-parent families and some of the students may actually share the same parent (and remember, a lot will be two parent families – or at least I would hope so.)  Given that, there should be at least 7,000 people involved, right?  So, out of these 7,000 people who should be super concerned with the morality clause, about 200 showed up???  That’s less than 3% of all the people (my husband did that math for me) who supposedly lie awake at night over the “morality clause” (what most of us call THE FAITH)!  What does that tell you?  Why are we worried again?!?  Heck, that number doesn’t even equal the number of teachers in the four schools.  The press would have you believe that ALL of the teachers at ALL FOUR SCHOOLS are contradicting the teachings of the Catholic Church and are worried about their jobs.  I don’t think so.  The rally was comprised of students, concerned parents, AND OTHER UNION WORKERS.  That means there weren’t even close to 200 teachers at this rally. (If you were following along, there likely weren’t even 200 people at the rally.)  Why are we falling for this?  Is it because “100 Prominent Catholics” with a liberal agenda say that there are tons of people concerned?  What Archbishop Cordileone is proposing is pretty much a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. You exemplify the Catholic Faith in your public life (or at least don’t stand against it publicly) and you are fine.  Once your private life enters into your public life (because you want to advance you or your agenda), there is trouble if it’s contrary to the Faith.  If you feel the need to make your private life public, that’s your choice.  Choices have consequences.  I’m sure there are many other schools that would loooooovvvveee to hire you. The Archbishop canonically, however, cannot have the Faith undermined at his schools by the teachers. (See above.)

Now, I know people think it would be so easy for the Archbishop to say “You’re fired”!, but I’ve met him and talked to him, and he is a really loving guy.  He doesn’t just love the people who agree with him either. Firing someone would be painful for him.  He loves all in his care.  He doesn’t want to make anyone’s life hard and he wants to fire people in this day and age even less, but the Faith comes before all else or all else is lost anyway. They just need to work with him. If they’re going to push an agenda, there’s not much else he can do.

One last thing that our young, graduating student doesn’t seem to understand is hate speech. This kid wouldn’t know hate speech if it bit him in the behind. He regurgitated the liberal indoctrination very well. I’m sure some teacher out there is proud. I’m just wondering if he actually knows the Church’s true teachings on abortion, homosexuality, marriage, etc.? Wouldn’t that be nice? Yeah, yeah. I’m a dreamer, I know.

There’s a reason I homeschool, people. (Remember? 12 years of Catholic education.) I’m hoping (send up some prayers) the Archbishop can bring his teachers around to understanding and that these students will finally get a quality, Catholic education so they may finally know the beauty and fullness of the Faith. I know that’s probably his constant prayer.