Picnic anyone?

In the area?  Don’t forget to attend this picnic on Saturday!  We’ll be there!  Don’t forget to wear blue to match all the cool Catholic kids.  Thanks so much to the SF planning wonders for putting on such a lovely day!  Let’s overwhelm the Archbishop with our support!

Archbishop Support Family Picnic


3 thoughts on “Picnic anyone?

  1. Welllll, the turnout was lower than I expected……but it was a wonderful day with “some” family and friends. Enjoyed two wonderful orthodox retired priests from Sacramento area. A few protestors with their rainbow flags (I love rainbows–God’s promise) on the fringe……looked like some beautiful souls were evangelizing them. Good for them!

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  2. I even read one ( relatively speaking) almost balanced news story. Is the media taking pause and realizing they have been shills for the vocal minority?

    Probably not.

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