Go see Little Boy!

Just a short note on this glorious Sunday-

Little Boy, the movie, was AMAZING! Half the time I go to faith based movies I’m disappointed in the super bad acting. This one didn’t leave me disappointed. I also have trouble finding good guy movies for my boys. They’re usually too mushy for their tastes or girly fairytales.   I was hoping maybe Avengers for my older son, but due to some of its content and his age it was a no-go. So, I looked up Little Boy and it looked pretty good, so we all went off to see it today as a way to ease the sting of no Iron Man or Captain America.

First, I think this is an awesome father/son movie! It showed a good relationship between father, mother and sons – for the first time in a long time, no dysfunctional family theme. Yay! It was also a great story about faith. How many times do you see a movie where the town priest actually suggests the Corporal Works of Mercy to build faith??? Heck, how many times do you see a movie where the town priest doesn’t look like an idiot! It was GREAT!

It was also full of typical boy themes – the town bully, super heroes, imagination, learning to stand up for yourself, etc. but with the added bonus of faith! I’d say 10 and up – any younger and they might lose interest after awhile – although the main character is supposed to be 8, but be forewarned that it does contain some violent scenes. In other words, don’t come at me with pitchforks – do your own homework. Unlike Avengers, there was no sexual content, bad language, or bashing of Catholicism. We will own this one someday!


4 thoughts on “Go see Little Boy!

  1. I haven’t seen it yet but I so want to! However I live a 40 minute drive from anywhere…must check out the nearest movie theater or I’ll have to wait for DVD.

    The review I read someplace online was supposed to be panning the movie but the things they didnt like made it sound really appealing to me. And I thought the trailer was good.

    I really wonder what has become of the world when an uplifting movie with a positive message is called “manipulative” “artificial” “heavy handed” and the like.

    The movies I’ve watched lately that were supposedly based on the fairy tales of my youth have been corrupted with cynical messages and no real moral to the story. (And these are all more than several years old via Netfix. I have no idea what more recent movies are dishing up!)

    Ah, just checked it out–closest cinema is 50 minutes away. The joys of the hinterlands!

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  2. I had a “fan-boy” moment when the parochial vicar was wearing a biretta, though I was a little disappointed that they had him in the wrong vestments for the “burial” of his dad (I think he was supposed to have been wearing a cope).

    Other than that, I thought it was a good movie. I agree with a previous commenter: it’s sad that a movie with an uplifting message (rather than fake, manipulative CGI explosions, action, sex, etc) is called manipulative. Because no other movies ever made are manipulative, UNLESS they put Catholicism, morality, and God in a good light.


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