The Weekend Post! – Thanks!

To say my life has been strange is an understatement. I’ve had so many weird circumstances in my life, I think I’ve lost track. So, the fact that this little blog blew up overnight (well, no explosions, but you get it) is par for the course, although still a bit of a shock (just like all the other twists and turns).

I cannot tell you how thankful I am to all the other blogs that have spiked me and to the people who sent it to them. I was totally unprepared for that. My husband would tell you I’m doing my best Sally Field around here “They like me! They really like me!” (Who am I kidding? My husband has no idea what I’m referring to, and I can’t stand Sally Field anyway.) I’m reasonably sure that you like my blog simply because I’m just echoing what’s already in your head.

Somebody made this comment: “Wow. Father Z and Pewsitter? Most of us were around for years before we got that kind of publicity.”

Uh, yeah, and don’t think I don’t know I owe those little, insignificant blogs (yes, that’s sarcasm) a serious debt of gratitude. Day 1, 256 visitors. Day 4 , almost 3,500! (I’m sure Fr. Z and Pewsitter are laughing at those stats since they are – well – AWESOME!) Thanks also to all the other blogs that have shared. It’s simply crazy but echoes what I’ve said a million times. Everyone needs to do this! Don’t think your thoughts are any less significant than mine. Say a prayer to the Holy Spirit and jump in! Start out with Facebook and see where it takes you. At the very least, you can pass along info from others (a certain woman’s blog perhaps) and educate your friends. There’s so much great info out there to be shared.

The internet is not evil. It’s a thing. Use it for good and it can be an awesome tool. We are living in the first age where you don’t have to have funding to get around the media or the liberals to get the word out! I’m still quite deficient in some areas. I have a personal twitter account but really don’t like it and rarely use it. I will learn how to use it if it helps my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren (you get the idea) more readily find true Catholicism. #onemadmomblog

We laity need to get over our fear of “activism”. We should all be active in some way! The clergy, heck, the Church need our defense. Of course we need to pray, and some of you are super stellar at it.   (I am the worst contemplative person on the planet. To say my mind wanders is an understatement. It’s on an all out vacation half the time. I’m in awe of contemplative people!) Organize an awesome Holy Hour and get more people with that very necessary skill of praying. No, not everyone has to be blogging, preaching on a street corner, etc., but I encourage you to do something outside of yourself. Leave the comfort zone. There were many different saints who did many different things and reached many different people. Some will say to you “You should do it this way!” or “You shouldn’t do it that way!” (I’ve heard both, many times.) Don’t let that discourage you and try not to discourage others. People need to realize that they may be called to do something completely different then someone else. It doesn’t mean their way is wrong, it just means it’s different. It’s entirely possible the Holy Spirit is guiding them to reach people you may be missing and vice versa. Get a good confessor, pray to the Holy Spirit and do SOMETHING no matter how small or insignificant you think it will be!

One last thing…People are actually commenting on the posts – a lot! Love it! I’m going to have to be a big girl and accept that I can’t answer all of them (which is super hard because I love to converse). Please know that I appreciate all the kind words, comments, pointing out my syntax errors (I do have two editors in the house but sometimes we’re all tired) and most definitely the prayers! Keep them coming!


5 thoughts on “The Weekend Post! – Thanks!

  1. Thank you for being one voice in the wilderness. I say one voice because I’m sure there are others–we just need to connect! Maybe the wilderness isn’t such an overgrown mess. Maybe “they” just want us to think that!

    I recognize people commenting here! Yay! I don’t know who you really are, but I know we are brothers…er…sisters…no, make that siblings in arms. We need a place for SF Archdiocese supporters and those from elsewhere who support them to connect.

    Let’s have a picnic!

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  2. Dear OMM,

    I have been following you since Fr. Z asked us to come over. From what you have posted so far I am sure I will not be disappointed! (he-he)

    Glad to “spike your stats”. BTW, we are homeschoolers, too. :^)

    May the Lord bless your efforts.

    Catechist Kev

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