What the heck?

See?  Already made a mistake.  Please bear with my learning curve.  Moving this from posts vs. pages.

I feel kind of bad (well, not really– I’m actually quite giddy). I just entered the blogosphere and I really guess I didn’t think people would actually read it – or like it. So, sarcasm is loved by more than me? Forgive me for not checking my email, approving comments, etc.   Wordpress doesn’t give you a lot of information. My husband’s just shocked I put it together without him.  I think I’ve figured it out now so things will happen a lot more quickly in the future.

Some have asked how often I’d publish. At this point, I’d bet on 2-3 times a week. Did I mention I have a bunch of kids who I’m supposed to be educating? I know, wimpy excuse but, unfortunately, they don’t raise themselves. Topics? Catholicism is usually up there, but I can tell you that my trips to Wal-mart usually evoke a whole lot of commentary too.

One request – There’s a little button to “like” One Mad Mom on Facebook. Apparently they give me some special address or something if I get 100 likes. I’m always up for a prize.  Thanks people!

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